FLORIDA: Islamic Imam lecture cancelled after parents raise Hell!

CAPE CORAL – The idea of a school’s Islamic guest speaker ignited an uproar at the Lee County School District and as a result, his appearance was been cancelled before it even began!

FOX – The principal of Trafalgar Middle School in Cape Coral called off the scheduled visit from an imam. He made the decision after several parents threatened to pull their kids out of class.

Imam Mohamed Al-Darsani, from the Islamic Center for Peace, says he is disappointed and hurt. (Who cares?) Al-Darsani says with a religion that already faces so much discrimination, this is just another blow. (Discrimination deserved)

“If you pick one religious that’s not a good idea whether it’s Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish,” said George Miller.  He is speaking out about plans one Trafalgar Middle School teacher had to bring in a guest speaker to discuss the Muslim religion.

But that Islamic leader set to speak at the school says not everyone against his visit has been so politically correct in their criticism. “It’s more to it than just not wanting us to speak they believe the message of Islam is a message of hate and terror and that’s absolutely false,” said Imam Mohamed Al-Darsani. (No, it isn’t, you can’t fool everyone anymore, we know what Islam is all about and we don’t want any part of it. Get out of this country)

Al-Darsani believes the negative impression about the culture is the reason for the backlash and that the entire religion is paying for the actions of a few and in a response to the public outcry the district canceled the event saying it was a part of world history lesson on the worlds three main religions (CRAP! Then why was only one religion invited?)

“They deprived the rest of the school from participating in something constructive. Why you wanna keep those barriers up we thought this was a chance to break the barriers at an early age with the people but some people don’t think the way we do,” said Imam Al-Darsani. But those who pushed for the cancellation say that’s not the case.