PAKISTAN wants INTERPOL to arrest qur'an-burning Florida pastor

And now that Barack Obama has exempted Interpol from the same legal constraints as American law-enforcement, they will be able to come onto American soil and arrest anyone they like.

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DAWN –ISLAMABAD: The government told the Senate on Monday it would write to the Pope and Interpol for action against an American pastor over the burning of the holy Quran before the upper house unanimously passed a resolution calling upon the United States to bring the controversial preacher to justice.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik (photo below) informed the house after a fiery debate at the start of a new session that he was addressing the letters to Pope Benedict XVI and Interpol Secretary-General Ronald Nobel on the directive of President Asif Ali Zardari, who had himself called for UN action over the March 21 incident in his address to a joint sitting of parliament on March 22.

The letter to the Interpol chief, he said, would demand that international police treat the matter as case of “criminal violence” and take measures to guard against any future desecration or blasphemy.

The Senate resolution, which Leader of the House Nayyar Hussain Bokhari said was agreed to by all parliamentary groups, strongly condemned the incident and called upon the United States to take legal action against pastor Terry Jones, who oversaw the burning of the Quran at a church in Florida.

It also urged all Muslim countries to convey their outrage to the United States and asked the United Nations to take notice of what it called “heinous act”. Some two dozen senators from all parties spoke on the issue, some of them calling for a proactive role by Pakistan like proposing a special summit of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, and some others, particularly those from religious parties, holding the US government responsible for allowing this act to take place.