Self-hating Liberal Judenrat, Max Blumenthal, discusses root causes of 'Islamophobia' and its Zionist influences

Where is the Mossad when you need them?

PRESS TV (Iranian-owned) Press TV talks with author Max Blumenthal who illuminates a hate campaign against Barak Obama by the Republic Party that targets Obama’s religious identity as a Muslim and how this campaign is having real life consequences on the entire Muslim community inside America.


Max Blumenthal: ‘Islamophobia’ goes back to the 1930s and 40s when the American public was bombarded with anti-Arab/oriental images in the pop culture through cartoons and Hollywood movie productions for example. The movie Exodus (1960) with Paul Newman was about the foundation of Israel and the reason the film was made was because the American Jewish public was insufficiently sympathetic to or interested in Zionism and the establishment of the state of Israel so it portrayed Jewish terrorists as heroic and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem collaborating with Nazis portraying the Palestinians as Nazis.

There was already a pre-existing context where Americans were cultivated to hate and demonize Arabs. And after 9/11 it turned into a full-on political campaign. Through my research this campaign really started in the 1990s in earnest with a documentary called Jihad in America, which was broadcast on public television with a self-styled terror expert – Steven Emerson who claimed in this documentary that there were terror cells inside the US.


But it really took the election of Barak Obama, whose middle name is Hussein, to make this campaign into something national and much more coherent and powerful than before and it’s because it has become part of the Republican campaign to attack Obama.

So by attacking Muslims they are actually waging a political campaign they think will have consequences in 2012 (election time) and so they see every Muslim in the US as a symbol of the Federal government, which is something we’ve never had before, because of this misperception of Barak Obama as himself a Muslim.  50% of Republicans according to a recent poll believe Barak Obama is not an American.

The far right is obsessed with Muslims and believes there is a secret plot to install Shariah law in the US. In fact they’ve been passing laws in states that are heavily controlled by Republicans like in Oklahoma to ban Shariah law as if there is attempts to make Shariah somehow affect the lives of Americans. And so you see this hysteria playing out and it starts with cynical partisan considerations, but then it has real life consequences.

Look at what happened in Yurbelinda, which is a conservative outer lying suburb of LA, San Diego where some Muslims gathered at a community centre to raise money for homeless Muslim women (NO, for ICNA, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood dedicated to imposing sharia law on America) and they were surrounded by hundreds of people that I just consider to be the modern-day Ku Klux Klan who were shouting “Go home” and calling them terrorists; and these were just families walking by with children.

I heard from one of the Imams who helped plan the event that harassment has continued in supermarket parking lots in that community and in schools and where Muslim families are finding their property defaced. A lot of this isn’t reported because first-generation Muslim immigrants feel intimidated by law enforcement because law enforcement is being typically used against them so to report these hate crimes is a big step.