What they didn't tell you about the kid charged with a hate crime for bullying a Muslim girl

A 12-year-old Staten Island schoolboy viciously attacked a young Muslim classmate and tried to tear off her religious headscarf in an unprovoked rage that ended with him being busted on hate-crimes charges yesterday. What most reports failed to mention is that the boy himself is a MUSLIM.

CAIR will be so disappointed. 

NY DAILY NEWS –Osman Daramy was arrested yesterday and charged with felony assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime. The boy’s dad – who had bought a ticket to send his son to stay with relatives in Sierra Leone – was furious his boy was kept behind bars.”That’s not justice. Why lock up an 12-year-old kid?” Frank Davies said. Earlier, Davies, 32, said Daramy couldn’t be responsible for a hate crime because he’s Muslim. “How could a Muslim have another hate crime against another Muslim?” Davies asked. “[Osman] is a Muslim. … He’s just a regular African kid. That’s why they are out to get him.”


A 13-year-old Muslim girl whose head scarf was yanked by an 12-year-old punk told Thursday how fellow students on Staten Island terrorized and beat her. “They just attacked me,” she said outside her home in a hushed voice. “They called me ‘terrorist.’ They called me ‘Muslim.’ I’m afraid they might come back and beat me again.” She said her harassers were an unidentified girl and Osman Daramy, the 12-year-old hit with hate-crime charges this week.

Muslim 'victim'

The most vicious attack was the first, a January ambush that left her with a busted lip and a tattered religious headdress. The girl said she was on her way to pick up her younger brother at a nearby school when the bullies jumped her. “They kicked and punched me,” she said.

“I said, ‘Leave me alone.’ And he said, ‘I won’t.’ He tried to pull off [my head] scarf, but I grabbed it and it didn’t come off.” After she was harassed again this weekend, she decided she’d had enough and identified the pint-size perp to an assistant principal on Monday.

Prosecutor Theresa Wilson described Daramy as a preteen terror. “It was not one incident,” Wilson said, noting that Daramy had been suspended three times this year, once for 30 days. “It was a continued course of behavior.”