Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour's HAMAS problem

Cross this guy off your list of potential Republican 2012 Presidential Candidates. Barbour heaped praise on the Islamic Relief group that is associated with Hamas and al-Qaeda.

AAH – Americans Against Hate (AAH), the anti-bigotry, terrorism watchdog group, has released a a video criticizing Haley Barbour  for praising the Hamas-related Islamic Relief (IR) less than two weeks after the Israeli government took action against the terror group.

In June 2006, following the Hurricane Katrina disaster, at an event held in New York’s Central Park, Governor Haley Barbour took photographs with Islamic Relief’s Operations Manager for the Northeast Region, Yousef Abdallah, and stated, “If you look at an organization like Islamic Relief… they have been critical to our recovery.”

This was less than two weeks after the Israeli government denounced Islamic Relief as a front for Hamas and deported IR’s head of Gaza Operations, Ayaz Ali, for “funneling money” to Hamas. In the past, IR had also been reported to have both received money and given money to groups associated with al-Qaeda.

AAH Chairman Joe Kaufman said that IR’s assistance in relief work for Katrina amounted to nothing more than “blood money” and contrasted Barbour’s actions with IR to then-Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani, who refused to accept a $10 million check for help with 9/11 from an anti-Israel Saudi Prince.