FINLAND: Priest charged with racial hatred for describing one of the world’s most wanted Islamic terrorists as a "terrorist."

A Finnish priest is being persecuted after speaking out against Russia’s number one terrorist Doku Umarov and his internet propaganda arm. The pastor also claims he’s been receiving constant death threats from the leader of the Chechen militants. However, Finland insists the priest is the real criminal.

RT –Police have questioned Pastor Juha Molari after he gave an interview to RT in which he discussed Doku Umarov, the man behind the Moscow metro and airport bombings.

Russia’s number one outlaw Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov is also high-up on the international most-wanted list. But it seems one of Russia’s neighbors isn’t interested in helping bring him to justice.

“I use the word terrorist. They use the word president,” Molari explains.

The pastor has been a long-time
critic of a website called the Kavkaz Center, where extremists freely express their views.
The site was the first to publish the terrorist’s words on the attacks claimed by Umarov, and is banned in many European countries but freely operates in Finland.

Apart from facing being defrocked for speaking out against Doku Umarov and his internet mouthpiece, Juha Molari is receiving threats of a different kind.

“We advise you to stop your activity against the Kavkaz Center. If you don’t come to your senses we’ll cut off the heads of you and your family”, one of them says.

Double standards promote international terrorism, says Gennady Gudkov, the Deputy Head of Russia’s State Duma Security Committee. Gudkov also remarked it is alarming that Finland is among the countries which call Chechen terror a liberation movement.

“Terrorism is terrorism, no matter how it’s disguised,” says Gudkov. “It is a menace to all of mankind. Double standards are the reason terrorism still exists. Once a country labels militants from illegal armed groups who commit terror attacks against innocent people as terrorists, for another country to proclaim them freedom fighters is just despicable. I never expected anything like this from the Finnish authorities.”

“Europe does not understand, most of the open countries do not understand that there is a clear link between terrorist action and terrorist propaganda. And that terrorist propaganda or information is a part of global terrorist action,” he said.

“Some people in the intelligence community say: look, we need to keep them open because by keeping them open we could scrutinize what they do, could get a global view on their acquaintance, we can see exactly with which organizations they are in touch and that helps the global counter-terrorism struggle. This is an argument I heard even before the Internet existed and I was never convinced,” shared Claude Moniquet, adding that just collecting intelligence on terrorists and doing nothing is a counter-productive policy.