How "My Brother the Islamist" who hates Britain enjoys over $2,000-a-month in welfare benefits and a rent-free luxury flat.

The subject of a BBC Documentary, ‘My Brother the Islamist,’ a middle-class security guard who converted to Islam to preach hate towards Britain lives in a $1,600 tax-payer-funded luxury flat. Rich Dart, 28, worked for the BBC before he became a Muslim and changed his name to Salahuddin to brand British troops ‘murderers’ and peddle Muslim extremism.

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UK DAILY MAIL –He has been branded a ‘hypocrite’ after it emerged that he takes benefits off the same state he claims to despise. The Islamic radical was pictured hanging out the washing on the balcony of a $490,000 two-bedroom apartment next to a picturesque canal in Bow, East London.

He claims $1,600 in housing benefit and receives $105-a-week in Jobseekers Allowance to maintain his lifestyle, according to the Sun. The total figure amounts to over $2,000-a-month but the borough is one of the most deprived in Britain, with soaring rates of child poverty.

The plush, open-plan flat is said to include a designer kitchen and glass-fronted sliding doors that open onto a balcony. An $800,000 roof garden is included in the complex which gives panoramic views across London.

But the religions convert is currently unemployed, choosing instead to spend his time preaching against the West. He has even complained about his upmarket flat. ‘It’s quite luxurious compared with other ones, but you’re crammed in like sardines and I can hear my neighbour coming and going. I don’t enjoy living among non-Muslims,’ he told the Sun.

‘Under Islam things would be much better. You could have a detached bungalow for each wife, maybe four bungalows if you had four wives. I have to live here – and it’s very hard to have four wives.’

Preaching anti-British Islamic extremism while living off the state


He said that if he was offered a job with salary of $82,000 he would accept it if there ‘wasn’t loud music and naked women everywhere’. But ‘Rich’, who once dreamed of becoming a builder, said that he was ‘caught in a poverty trap’ as the rent on the flat is so expensive that getting a job would not be ‘financially viable’.

But he was pictured earlier this week at an extremist rally in Barking, Greater London. ‘When the Taliban defeat the allies we will establish Sharia law and take the fight to the enemy,’ he blurted through a loudspeaker.

He refuses to use his right hand to shake hands with step-brother Robb Leech from whom he was inseparable last summer on a family holiday to Cyprus. Instead he uses his ‘dirty’ left hand – the same one he uses after going to the toilet.

During a documentary that was filmed by Robb, ‘Rich’ continues to shock his step-brother with a series of comments and gestures that would rile most Britons.

During one visit back to his hometown of Weymouth in Dorset, he criticises local men for ‘looking like women’ – before decrying homosexuality. In another he refuses to allow his mother to appear in the documentary without a veil as it would bring him dishonour.

He regularly takes to the streets of Whitechapel, East London, where he now lives, to conjure support for the fight to create a global Islamic state. He has helped recruit new members to the religion, many of whom are also white, middle-class citizens who have turned their backs on the society they grew up in.

And alongside this band of new white ‘brothers’, he regularly takes part in angry confrontations while protesting against Western society.

The documentary also captures him on camera condemning soldiers as ‘murderers’ as they march through Barking, East London, on arrival back from Afghanistan.

But despite his views on the West he continues to live a rent-free life supported by the state.

One owner in the block of flats said they spent years saving to buy their home.’I’m shocked to find someone like that here – always slagging off the West. What a hypocrite,’ they added. A spokesman for Tower Hamlets council said: ‘If he is unemployed he will be receiving benefits.’ (Ain’t socialism great?)

Once inseparable: Rob Leech, right, decided to make a documentary to try and understand the transformation of his half-brother Rich, left