ISRAEL: 13-year-old Israeli boy returning from school was critically wounded in Hamas rocket attack on his bus

The school bus was traveling in Israel near the Gaza border when it was hit by an anti-tank missile fired by Palestinian militants, Israeli authorities said.

CNN – In response, the Israel Defense Forces said it “targeted several sites in the Gaza Strip.” Palestinian security sources said two Palestinians were killed.

The boy was the only passenger on the bus at the time, said Avital Leibovitch, spokeswoman for the IDF. The boy is in critical condition, and the driver has moderate wounds, the IDF said. It was not immediately known if the bus was targeted, but Leibovitch said it looked like “a direct hit.”

Fifteen rockets and mortars were fired into Israel in one hour alone Thursday, the IDF said.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak “instructed the IDF to quickly take all necessary measures and respond to the terrorist attack,” a statement from his office said. “He added that he holds Hamas responsible for all terrorist attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip.”

The IDF’s Leibovitch said the attack was part of “ongoing terror directed against innocent Israeli civilians” emanating from Gaza. The IDF said that in the past Palestinian militants have fired anti-tank weapons only at Israeli military targets. It’s the first time Palestinians have been known to fire one at a civilian target, an IDF spokesman said.