Guess what the media didn't tell you about the school shooter in Brazil. (HINT: He wasn't a Tea Party supporter upset about ObamaCare)

The terrorist who opened fire at a public elementary school in Rio de Janeiro, killing at least 11 students before killing himself, was a MUSLIM!

FROM ELDER OF ZIYON -Earlier, police said at least 13 people died in the shooting, but Rio state Health Secretary Sergio Cortes said 10 girls and one boy were killed, along with the gunman. The ages of the children were not immediately known.

Officials said the 23-year-old gunman was a former student at the Tasso da Silveira school, located in a working-class neighborhood in western Rio. A motive was not immediately known, but authorities said the man left a rambling and mostly incoherent letter at the scene indicating he wanted to kill himself.

I had to go to Al Arabiya to find out that he was a convert to Islam, that the letter said that Islam was the true religion and that the letter glorified terrorism and suicide bombings.

“And quickly released the Brazilian media in their Web sites that the young man is a Muslim who converted to Islam some time ago, reinforced what it said summaries of the preliminary report prepared by the police includes what she said about his half-sister, and her name Rozhelain Oliveira, he was eager always on the lookout for Islamic Affairs, expressed several times tendency to link Islam and the Islamic militants and their news, it does not come out of the house a lot and did not have a lot of friends and used to spend almost all his time on the computer.” al-ARABIYA Google Translation

Brazilian media are frightened of a growing Islamist movement associated with Al Qaeda that is operation in South America, according to Al Arabiya.

It seems that the English-language media has already decided that his fascination with Islamist terror is not an important detail to mention in the thousands of stories already published on the incident.

The public school was in the midst of celebrating its 40th anniversary, and students’ handmade posters commemorating the day could be seen through school windows. When the cameraman Rede Record entered the school, it was a scene of horror: Children shot while waiting for help – the gunman’s body still lying on the stairs.

translation of suicide letter at godlikeproductions (H/T WTD)

“You should first know that the impure cannot touch me without gloves, only the chaste or those who lost their chastity after marriage and were not involved in adultery can touch me without gloves, or, in other words, no fornicator or adulterer can have direct contact with me, nor anything that is impure can touch my blood, nothing impure can have direct contact with a virgin without his permission, those who prepare my burial should take off all my clothes, wash me, dry me and wrap me totally naked in a white sheet that is in this building, in a bag that I left in the first room on the first floor, after they have wrapped me in this sheet they can put me in my coffin…”