BOO HOO! Poor little Dhimmi-who-would-be-king feels 'abused' for the ridicule he gets for promoting Muslim outreach

Prince Charles has complained about the ‘ridicule’ he says he receives for promoting diversity, multiculturalism, and accepting people of the Islamic faith.

See, this is what happens when you’ve never had to do a day’s work in your entire life.

UK DAILY MAIL-He was speaking with Islamic scholars at the Qarawiyyin University in Fez while on a trip to Morocco where he said that people find it easier to focus on the negative.

After going to see some 12th century manuscripts, he said: ‘One of the hardest things is to remind people of the great truth of traditional Christianity, not distorted Christianity, and we know there are problems in both religions.

The Prince, who is not averse to being mocked – he once admitted that he talks to his plants – also spoke about wanting to promote student exchanges between Britain and Morocco.

Even the Muslims in the audience are bored to death at the Prince's speech in Morocco

‘It’s the issue of stereotypes that is difficult. It’s so easy to concentrate on the negative and not the positive. But what I do is remind people of what we share in common. ‘I find a certain amount of ridicule has come my way but respecting other people’s cultures is the only way to achieve unity through diversity.

Speaking about his ideas for religious exchanges, he said: ‘If scholars can come to universities in Britain to study for a year or two, perhaps broaden their horizons, and people from Britain can come here and understand the context of Islam, we have a better chance in the future of ensuring better tolerance and understanding.

‘I’m one of those people who respects enormously diversity so I try to encourage the consultation of local people. Human society seems to function much better at a community level.’