British Police arrest a man for burning the FILTHY Qur'an

A senior member of the British National Party has been arrested for allegedly burning a copy of the Qur’an in his garage. Sion Owens, a BNP candidate in the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections, was charged under the Public Order Act.

UK DAILY MAIL -He was said to have soaked the Islamic holy book in kerosene, set fire to it and watched it burn. Footage was then apparently circulated among extremists.

The alleged act, considered highly offensive to Muslims, comes after dozens died last week in riots fuelled by a similar Koran-burning incident in America.

The alleged incident involving the BNP is believed to be the first time anything similar has happened in Britain. However, police had feared far-right extremists might attempt to emulate the Mr Jones’s actions.

Owens, 41, who previously stood for a council seat and has been pictured with BNP leader Nick Griffin, was unveiled last week as the party’s candidate for the South Wales West constituency.

Last night, the Home Office ‘absolutely condemned’ the Koran-burning incident.

But when  British Muslims do this in the streets of London, hardly anyone in the government is outraged.