Horrific tales of abuse of migrant domestic workers by Arab Muslim employers

More than 3 million foreign nationals seek work as domestics in the Arab world, many at their own peril.

al-Arabiya-Recorded incidents of physical abuse and even death are not unusual, especially in Saudi Arabia where there are no laws governing the relationship between families and servants. Not only are they physically, mentally, and sexually abused by their employers, they are often not paid for weeks, and asked to do things covered in their employment contracts.

UAE: Ethiopian maid beaten, burned with boiling water, forced to perform sex acts on camera.

SAUDI ARABIA: Indonesian maids scalded with boiling water, starved, sexually abused and threatened with death. Indonesia’s answer? Give the maids mobile phones (which Saudis confiscate as soon as they get there).

SYRIA: Employer hit her with a hammer to break several ribs, distorted her face and nails with sharp instruments, extinguished cigarette butts on her body, and stabbed her with a knife.