CAIR concerned that FBI is questioning Libyan transients in Chicago and other cities

Terrorist Front Group CAIR spokesconvert says, “Asking questions isn’t a problem as long as it isn’t “profiling.” Of course it’s profiling, all the people questionned are Muslims, as are all the terrorists threatening this country. Get over it.

FOX – Communications Coordinator Lindsey Stemm speaks with Fox News on how the FBI is questioning travelers from Libya in Chicago. The FBI said there are about 100 Libyan students attending colleges and universities in the Chicago area. Agents will be going through visas to find out where those students are, how long they’ve been here and what they did before coming to Chicago

“We have no specific concerns at this point and there’s no specific threat that cause these interviews to be conducted. It’s just it’s just out of an abundance of caution,” Ross Rice of the FBI, said. “We felt it was necessary to do that. Obviously, Libya under Mommar Gadhafi has a history of states sponsored terrorism.”