How long before MUSLIM TERRORISTS attack France over the headbag ban?

“It’s only a matter of time before Islamic terrorists mount a successful attack on France.” “The recent burqa ban means all the ‘red lights are now flashing’ in regard to a possible atrocity,” domestic intelligence boss Bernard Squarcini said.

Live Leak – Speaking after the evacuation of the Eiffel Tower last week following a bomb scare, Mr Squarcini warned: ‘France’s role in Afghanistan, its foreign policy and the debate over the law banning the burka have all increased the risk.’

A grab taken from the video shows a photo of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and a blurred picture of what appears to be policemen pulling off a woman's veil to reveal her hair, in a new audio message from Bin Laden

He said security services foiled an average of two planned attacks every year, but added: ‘One day or another, we’re going to get hit. ‘The risk of a terrorist attack on French soil has never been higher and, objectively, there are reasons for worry.’

Leaders of al-Qaeda’s north African network have vowed revenge on France if it outlawed the full Islamic face veil from its streets. Muslim women have a six-month ‘grace period’ to adapt to the new burka rules without facing prosecution.

Meanwhile, security has been stepped up around Jewish institutions in Paris following the arrest of a suspected terrorist who planned to bomb an Israel defence forces fundraising event in the capital. There have been 47 attacks against synagogues, Jewish schools, creches and association buildings in France so far this year, and 190 threats.

Of course the left wing socialists are out in force, joining their Islamic terrorist pals in condemning the ban.

Left wing critics accuse President Sarkozee of persecuting Islam, to win back votes from the right. But in a country with Europe’s biggest Muslim population, the law risks igniting social tensions.

NOTORIOUS ISLAM SUPPORTER the Archbishop of Canterbury comes out against the burqa ban which should come as no surprise after he came under fierce attack in 2008 from the Government, his own Church and other religions after he advocated the adoption of parts of Sharia, or ISLAMIC LAW in Britain.

THREE radical Islamist groups invade Paris to protest the baghead ban. France arrests 61 so far.