Explosion in Minsk (Belarus) subway, at least 7 dead and many injured

Muslims have been behind all the terror attacks in Russia in the past several years and most likely are behind this latest one, too.

RUSSIA TODAY –Rescuers, ambulances and police are heading to Oktyabrskaya metro station in the Belarus capital Minsk. Five Seven people are reportedly dead and at least fifty others injured.

The administration of the Belarusian President, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has confirmed the blast has claimed lives and wounded several people. He added that it is too early to label the incident a terrorist attack until the official investigation is concluded.According to RIA Novosti news agency, the explosion went off at 17:56 local time

Meanwhile, blast produced a huge crater, witnesses claim.  People were wounded by the blast and also the debris of the crumbled structures.

Conflicting reports suggest the blast took place either right on the station platform, or in the transfer tunnel near the stairs in between Oktyabrskaya and Kupalovskaya metro stations. .

Some reports say the explosion went off when trains on both sides of the platform were in the station.

“I saw a number of bodies covered with cloth at the entrance to the station,” an eyewitness told Interfax. Another witness said he saw approximately 30 injured people evacuated from the station.

Latest video of blast victims (GRAPHIC):