Should the Jews riot in the streets, burn embassies, and kill people over THESE cartoons?

JEW-HATING cartoons have emerged all over the Arab world after Justice Richard Goldstone’s retraction in which he reversed the most serious accusation against Israel in the libelous Goldstone Report (the UN Human Rights Council-mandated investigation into Israel’s 2009 military operation in Gaza) –  that Israel intentionally targeted civilians.


JPOST – Judge Richard Goldstone’s Washington Post mea culpa, retracting several findings of his United Nations-sponsored inquiry into Operation Cast Lead, has ignited new flames of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in the Arab world, according to the Anti- Defamation League.

JORDAN; In Arabic Goldstone Report

“Just as the original report was celebrated by Arab cartoonists as ‘proof’ of the evil nature of Israel and Jews, so too has the decision by Judge Richard Goldstone to reconsider his findings inspired another round of hateful caricatures and stereotypes in the Arab media,” said ADL’s national director Abe Foxman.

SAUDI ARABIA: The figure on the right represents Judge Goldstone and it is the "Gaza War Report" that he is eating

“Newspapers across the Arab world have responded to the Goldstone developments with a series of hideous caricatures, many of them viciously anti- Semitic,” he said.

QATAR: al-Jazeera Justice Goldstone stabbing justice

Caricatures in Arab newspapers depicted illustrations of conspiracy theories that suggested “the Jewish lobby” had pressured Goldstone to change his findings.

QATAR: al-Jazeera Jew Goldstone

In the Hamas newspaper Filastin on April 5, two days after the Goldstone op-ed appeared, an editorial cartoon showed a Jew, depicted with a large nose, beard and black hat and labeled “The Jewish Lobby,” holding Goldstone’s tongue (labeled the “Goldstone Report”) and scissors.

SAUDI ARABIA: Goldstone burying bodies

Most of the depictions, many of them blatantly anti-Semitic, offer grotesque explanations for this reversal—showing Goldstone being bribed with “gold” by an Israel solider, or being subjected to tremendous Jewish/Israeli pressure.  Others feature Jews with stereotypical features such as a beard and a hat controlling Justice Goldstone.

QATAR Blood libel
UAE: Goldstone is erasing his report with his tongue, and what seem to be written on it are "Goldstone Report", and "The Israeli War Crimes in Gaza".
JORDAN: "Backing down from the Goldstone Report".
UAE: Describing things "Then", the picture on the right shows the Israeli soldier saying "No to the Goldstone report". Describing things "Now", the picture on the left shows Judge Goldstone saying "No to the Goldstone Report"
UNITED KINGDOM: "Goldstone backs down from his report".