MUSLIM OUTRAGE over alleged qur'an desecration at Minnesotastan prison

A 31-year-old Federal Medical Center Rochester inmate who leads Muslims in prayer says a prison officer “defiled and defamed” another detainee’s Quran last month.

Post Bulletin –-Inmate Dwayne Travoy Dillard sent letters to officials at the prison, as well as U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minneapolis, (Oh, that should prompt a federal inquiry, maybe even a congressional hearing) saying the allegation against the officer is the culmination of a recently deteriorating relationship between prison officials and Muslim inmates. The 952-inmate facility on Rochester’s east side provides specialized medical and mental health services to offenders (Well there you go, a bunch of inbred Muslims with mental issues)

Dillard is serving a 15-year prison sentence following a conviction in U.S. District Court in Minnesota for conspiracy to possess crack cocaine with intent to distribute. His estimated release date is May 19, 2015.

FMC Chaplain Ricardo Alcoser and other officials have apologized for the “especially sensitive and egregious act,” Dillard said, a move he called commendable. The prison’s Islamic community still finds it necessary, however, to pursue “any and all, but not limited to, administrative and/or legal remedies” due to the nature of the officer’s actions, Dillard said in a March 29 letter. (Since when is defacing a book a crime in this country?)

The prison will take appropriate disciplinary measures if the allegations are substantiated, Cansino said. (Oh please, disciplinary actions for exercising one’s first amendment rights? Outrageous) He declined to comment specifically on what Dillard is alleging the guard did with the Quran. 

In his letter to Ellison, Dillard said he’s in the process of escalating his allegations to the Bureau of Prisons’ regional and national offices, as well as filing complaints in court.

Dillard said in his letter to prison officials that the officer’s alleged act was a conscious abuse of her position and authority in order to “intentionally defile and defame” the holy book and Islam. (A woman did this? Even better)

Terrorist Front Group (CAIR) Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said he hasn’t heard about Dillard’s allegations. CAIR gets “quite a number” of prison-related cases, he said, and it isn’t possible to comment on Dillard’s complaint without having details about what allegedly happened.

“In these kinds of things I think intent is the key,” Hooper said. “You wouldn’t expect a corrections officer to have a full understanding of how Muslims treat the Quran, and regard it in terms of handling.” (And why should we care?)

Muslims tend to place the Quran on a high shelf or a high point in the room when they are not reading it, for example, Hooper said, and a prisoner could take it as a sign of disrespect if an officer searches a room and unintentionally places the Quran at a lower point than it was originally shelved.(How about if they place it in the toilet?)

It’s a different story, however, if the guard does something such as tearing the holy book in half, throwing it on the ground, and stomping on it, Hooper said. (Then what would you do, stone him to death?)

Now you know why when Muslims get the crap kicked out of them in prisons, guards look the other way.