[UPDATED AGAIN!] ‘Pro-Palestinian’ Italian aid worker kidnapped, then killed in Gaza

They threatened to execute him if Hamas didn’t release Salafis from prison. Apparently, Salalfis believe that Hamas is not Islamic enough. LOL!


UPDATE 1: Too late, he’s dead. Oh well, guess he isn’t so pro-Palestinian anymore.

BBC –An Italian pro-Palestinian activist has been found dead in the Gaza Strip hours after being abducted, security sources in the Hamas-governed territory say. Vittorio Arrigoni was seized on Thursday morning by a radical group seeking the release of their leader, who was arrested last month.

Hamas said Arrigoni was found hanged, after police received a tip-off. He was the first foreigner kidnapped in Gaza since BBC journalist Alan Johnston was snatched in 2007.

At least one person has been arrested, and others are being sought, a Hamas official said. Arrigoni had been dead for several hours when he was found, the official added.

Arrigoni, 36, was seized by Salafist radicals, who have often been in conflict with Hamas, the BBC’s Gaza correspondent Jon Donnison says. They consider Hamas, an Islamist movement itself, too moderate, our correspondent says.

UPDATE 2: Hamas accuses Israel of engineering the murder of the abducted Italian pacifist Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza.

And considering that there are no Israelis in Gaza, that’s a pretty amazing feat.

Palestinian sympathizer before being hanged

DEBKA (H/T Islamofob) counter-terror sources report that the Hamas seized the opportunity to exploit the Italian’s kidnap and murder by Al Qaeda’s Al-Tahwir Al-Jihad to go back to its missile barrage.  Friday, April 15th, Hamas launched two Grad missiles that exploded in the port-towns of Ashdod and Ashkelon – just five days after Israel agreed to the Palestinian extremists’ plea for a ceasefire.

Arrigoni had been living in the Gaza Strip for three years after arriving aboard one of the pro-Palestinian, anti-blockade vessels. The Al Qaeda group, suspecting him of spying for the West, is believed to have tortured him to death. Shortly after his body was found in a derelict building near Gaza city Friday, Hamas spokesmen came up with the charge that Israel had engineered his murder in order to deter more pro-Palestinian flotillas in whose organization Arrigoni was involved from setting out for Gaza.

Israel disdained to answer this accusation of the lowest form of terrorism, which even Al Qaeda had never ventured to utter. However, this silence gave Hamas the pretext it sought to resume its missile offensive.

UPDATE 3: Oh, BOO HOO. Al-Jazeera says, ‘Arrigoni risked his life to protect Palestinian’rights.’ But now he’s dead. Killed by his beloved Palestinians, because in the Muslim world, non-Muslims have no rights. Sucker!

UPDATE 4: LIKE MOTHER LIKE SON. Mother of murdered Italian activist plans to visit Gaza. Will they murder her, too?

YNET NEWS – The mother of Vittorio Arigoni, the Italian activist who was murdered in Gaza last week, has vowed to visit the Gaza Strip. “I want to see where my son lived and died,” she told Ynet in her first interview with Israeli media.

One of Arrigoni’s friends, Maria Elena Delia, told Ynet that Beretta was very proud of her son’s work. “It was hard for her that he was always away, but she was strong and proud. She wants to follow in his footsteps and told me immediately after the murder ‘I want to be on that ship’.” (flotilla) (Ok, so the Israelis will kill her instead)