She's not even fat or ugly. So why did she become a Muslim?


Lisa Zaynab Killinger is an educated woman, a doctor, if you consider chiropractors doctors. She’s even the department chair of diagnosis and radiology at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa. So what is she doing as vice president of the Iowa chapter of the Terrorist Front Group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)?

Reading this article, I find it very sad that an intelligent woman like this has bought into all the lies and propaganda inherent to Islam.

TH ONLINE – (Even Lisa’s very first sentence is a big fat lie.) “Although Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the U.S., it and its adherents often are misunderstood by the majority culture, said a Muslim woman working to dispel misconceptions about her adopted faith. (Islam is not the fastest growing religion in America, it’s just a popular lie propagated by dishonest Muslims)


Lisa Zaynab Killinger spoke to Loras College faculty and staff on “Muslims in the Workplace.” She praised the school for its “emphasis on tolerance and diversity.” Muslims are the current “whipping boys and girls” of American society, Killinger said, equated unfairly with terrorism and religious fundamentalism. (That’s funny, when Jews and Gays are nine times more likely than Muslims to be victims of hate crimes as reported last year by the FBI)

“When you hear the word ‘terrorist,’ who do you picture? When you see a woman wearing a scarf, do you think she is oppressed and uneducated?” Killinger asked, referring to widespread stereotyping. (Her first truthful statement)

The department chair of diagnosis and radiology at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport lived her early life in the majority white, Christian culture, then as a member of a misunderstood minority after converting to Islam 32 years ago. (Misunderstood minority? That’s rich, we understand Muslims all too well which is why we don’t like them)

(Next big fat lie) There are now at least 6.7 million self-identified Muslims in the US (although Killinger believes the number to be greatly under-reported), but most employers are unfamiliar with their religious traditions and cultural habits. (The 2010 US Census has just put the number of Muslim in the US to be no more than 2.6 million)

Killinger gave a brief overview of Islam and offered guidelines (for infidels) for visiting mosques, interacting with Muslim families and being sensitive to issues important to Muslim workers: modest attire, daily prayer, religious holidays, eye contact, gender relations, the Quran and other religious accoutrements.

Areas of workplace sensitivity for Muslims about which stupid infidels should be more accommodating: 

* Muslims pray five times daily (for between five and 10 minutes each session). 

* They fast (sunrise to sundown) each day of the month of Ramadan. 

* Adherent Muslims don’t eat pork or its byproducts or drink alcohol. 

* If a Quran is brought to the workplace, nothing must be placed on it, and it must be kept, covered, in an elevated place. 

* Muslims are discouraged from mixed-gender socializing and from eye contact with a person in authority. 

* Modest dress is required, and Muslim women are encouraged to wear headscarves or hijabs. 

Even applying for a job can be difficult for a Muslim, she said. “A woman who wears a scarf is outed and might not be hired for a front-line service job, and there is a lot of prejudice right now against all brown men.” (No there isn’t, only brown Muslim men)

Life in a misjudged  (offensive to Americans) religious minority is not easy, she said. 

“We are an easy prey for prejudice,” Killinger said. “Nationally, Muslim schools have had to close, arrests and assaults of Muslims have increased and civil rights complaints have gone up dramatically. In our own Quad Cities’ Muslim community, there are boys whose given names are ‘Osama,” and they’ve had to change their names.” (Better idea, leave the country. Problem solved)

Also, charitable giving is a basic tenet of Islam, but such donations have fallen off because many are afraid to be connected to any organization whose motives could be questioned.(Just say it, terrorist organizations as funded by CAIR, ISNA, ICSNA, MSA, etc.)

Here’s a clip of Muslimah Lisa speaking about the joys of polygamy: