OH LOOK! This is what the Muslim-in-Chief is doing with your tax dollars in Libya

US officials say the Obama Regime has decided to give the Libyan opposition $25 million in ‘non-lethal’ assistance after weeks of assessing their capabilities and intentions. Libyan (al-Qaeda trained?) rebels are executing, beheading, hanging, and mutilating Gaddafi Army soldiers who have already surrendered.

URUKNET (H/T TaterSalad)


Muslim rebels show off the mutliated bodies of their victims. So where are the reports on this from Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow and all the other phony liberal “born – again war-mongers?” 


This shows the interrogation of captured pro-Gaddafi Army soldiers. Near the end, all the soldiers are lying dead in pools of their own blood with their hands tied behind their backs


Muslim rebels play with charred corpse & remove the heart of one of the soldiers. One of the celebrating insurgent terrorists even took a bite out of the heart later.


Gaddafi soldier is hanged and beheaded here to the cheers of the crowd.