Why is the Obama Regime allowed to honor members of CAIR and regularly consult with them on national security issues?

For newcomers to BNI, this 3-minute video tells you all you need to know about CAIR, a terrorist front group posing as the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Ask yourself why CAIR is allowed to have an office in this country, let alone in several cities? And why CAIR is advising our Homeland Security Department on how NOT to profile Muslims?

Eric Holder is wasting time hunting down aging Mafia types but never investigates CAIR, an organization of unindicted and convicted felons working to get shari’a law into every state court in the country. Members of Congress keep opening investigations of CAIR but nothing ever happens, even after the FBI has cut all ties with them.



Oh Hell, there are too many stories about CAIR to list here. Just click on this link and scroll down the headlines and you’ll be shocked at what CAIR is getting away with under the blind eyes of law enforcement and government officials: cair-nazis