GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson (Gary WHO?) says that he WOULD hire Muslims in his administration

Former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson, in distancing himself from other GOP candidates, said he would not stoop to ‘Muslim-baiting’ Islamophobia (as prompted by left wing rag Think Progress interviewer).

(In addition to Johnson’s shameless dhimitude), the newest entrant in the Republican presidential field, is a libertarian-oriented Republican best known for supporting marijuana legalization. Johnson argued against child labor laws because, as he asked rhetorically, “I use the example of the kid fixing your computer for a couple dollars an hour, is that taking advantage of a child or is that giving a child a real motivation and an understanding of earning money and providing a good or a service?” He noted that if child labor laws were just “loosened up,” you’d see more “10 year-olds or 13 year-olds” working for wages “in a good way.” Think Progress & Salon