"Royal Family you WILL pay!"

The Muslims who made this video calling Prince William a Nazi are the same Muslims threatening a terrorist attack on the Royal Wedding. So, why are they making videos instead of sitting in jail?

In a recent report published by The Telegraph, disturbing admissions were once again leaked exposing prince William’s yearning desire to commit acts of terror and Nazism, in Afghanistan; his deliberate and heartfelt expressions of melancholy and frustration at being prevented from joining his (crusading) brethren abroad, in imposing democracy by the bullet, are ample proof of the need to decry what is undoubtedly, the makings of a modern day Nazi.

With the body count in Afghanistan well into the tens of thousands, it is extraordinary that the association of any individual with military servicemen conscientiously bent on fulfilling Britain’s bloody foreign policy, should not be met with extreme rancour and bitterness; subsequently, it is almost bewildering that the British public continue to be lulled into a blissful ignorance regarding prince William’s blatant military position.