Discussion with a Muslim about how to sexually enjoy your baby wife

Notice how the Muslim doesn’t deny that Islam allows you to marry a baby girl, it just tells you not to have intercourse until the girl reaches puberty. But touching all her private parts is just fine and dandy.






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  1. I cannot imagine the horror for these little girls…sex at 9? These are pedophiles..very sick people and their cult encourages it. They stone women for adultery yet they take *temporary wives* and they let their little children *comfort* their soldiers/jihadists.

    Remember the ayatollah Khomeini…what a great man the fools thought he was…you need to see this:

    Can you imagine a father allowing this to happen to his baby girl and listening to her sceaming during the night? I wonder if she even survived the damage that would be done to her.


  2. Mohamed the profit was a filthy man a pedophile a rapist and a gay, all he did was wrong and he is brainwashing all Muslims! I feel sorry for Muslims they can’t even question their religion because there Is no proof for it, Muslims consider Mohamed to the the best human on the earth, do you really think the best human would have multiple wives not only that but marry a 6 year old ( oooohhhh and Mohammed being so caring thoughtful and nice waited till his wife was nine to have sex with her considering he was 50 !! how nice of him ) it’s discusting, could you honestly tell me Mohammed did not rape her, why the hell would a 9 year old want to have sex with a 50 year old man !!!!!!!! mohamed was not a profit he was a pig! he brainwashes you , go question your religion ‘ it is wrong ! I feel sorry for muslims. Jesus Christ is our only saviour !

    • coco your are barking like a dog.you have no religion and having no sense of respect for others believes.you are nothing but only a barking dog in a street.Muslims also believe in Jesus.From your comments it is clear that your are not the follower of Jesus Christ.your are the flower of devil and he will guide you to the hell where you will remain for ever.

  3. BNI: LOL! I was going to make a snarky comment to Osa but yours can’t be touched. Too funny and quite “aMUSESing!” I wonder if she even realises that “Jesse” -n- Sandra are no longer an item? Lol.

    Ah, silly muzzturds! sometimes they do provide for some comic relief. Usually when they’re not trying to be funny. Not that I’m trying to imply that their useful or anything. Just sayin’.

    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ “Laughing at islam. Muahahahahahahahah!!!!!

  4. Hi
    I think you have wrongly understand the Islam !
    We believe every messenger that has been sent from Allah (the Lord) even Muses and Jesse(WE BELIEVE Christianity and Jewish but not like your believe) !!!

    • Osa, we understand “the islam” just fine. Muses and Jesse were not prophets of islam. There was no islam when they were around. Of course you don’t believe Christianity and Jewish like Christians and Jewishs do.

      Tell us, Osa, were your parents siblings?