MEET HEIDI, the gutsy little German woman who caused a worldwide sensation for getting in the faces of a gang of Muslim thugs

PI NEWS Google Translate – A video filmed by mobile phone from the edge of Salafistenkundgebung in Frankfurt has developed in recent days to the big hit on Youtube. The video shows an angry woman, angry calls the passers-by to finally do something about people like Pierre Vogel.  It is now known as the “courageous German”, which has defiantly Pierre Vogel and his followers the forehead. PI has the brave “crusader for the West” now been identified. 

For anyone who hasn’t seen this video yet:

PI: Heidi, you are unwanted, overnight, one small “Internet Star” and become even Glenn Beck has his radio show about you reported. What does it feel? Is the buzz you uncomfortable?

Heidi: At first it was funny, I was wondering whether I did the right thing. But now I must always laugh. Some of the comments on Youtube, I feel as “below the belt”. A little more respect can you ask for it. Respect is a virtue that some may learn again.

Please tell us briefly how you event in Frankfurt have experienced the Salafists and what you said has led to?

Perhaps I should explain briefly why I am there appeared: When was the last time Pierre Vogel in Frankfurt am Main to his followers on the Rome mountain appeared, I was pretty shocked. The Protestant church was opened and the radical Muslims used it as base. That could happen in my opinion, only with the approval of the local church leadership. The atmosphere on the Römerberg was overwhelming. Women and men, girls and boys were separated. When I wanted to welcome young males with a handshake, as is customary in Germany, they refused me this. They perceive a woman as dirty and therefore do not give a hand.

This time I did not really want to be there again. A friend urged me from Lebanon, waiting for that day and kept saying emphatically: Heidi, we need to do something, we need to do something about it. When I came to the square, the atmosphere was very tense, all police officers with bulletproof vests. The actual venue was cordoned off with barricades.

The first time I was also proud of the Left, which have disrupted the organization effectively with slogans and flags of Israel. Although I do not represent the views of others. My personal motivation was simply to see and feel what’s going on in my city. Also, I have prayed. I want that Frankfurt is at peace.

How did  it come to the famous scene?

The debate on the video was the fact that I Muslim girls who proclaimed loudly before: trying to explain, “This is our religion …” how different Jesus and Muhammad with a sinner, that a woman handled are:

1. Jesus 
The religious bring a woman caught in adultery and stoned they want. Jesus replied that religious people “. He who is without sin cast the first stone” The sinner, however, he dismisses with the words “sin no more.” (The Bible, New Testament)

2. Mohammed 
A similar scene: a woman, again with no guilty man is caught in adultery. She is now pregnant, and Muhammad is presented.He dismisses them, until they gave birth to the child. She comes back and he dismisses them again until the child is weaned. Now you will be taken away from the child and she is stoned.

The behavior of Jesus and Mohammed are shown in these stories are very much resembling the essential difference between the two faiths. I’ve tried to tell these girls.

A Muslim in my right image could endure this conversation and not interfered aggressive. He was the reason that the fire broke through in me, otherwise I can not explain it. After that nothing mattered to me. I wanted to get just the truth.

So are you Christian?

It depends on how you understand. Actually, yes, but when I think of who calls himself a Christian and everything but is it not, then I would not be so designated. Many Muslims even believe Hitler, would they worship because of the successful extermination of the Jews so Christian. I’m not in any case.

If I use the term differently, however, when you say that a Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, that he loves Jesus and His Word, the Bible and she takes as a benchmark for his actions, I am a Christian and that with all my heart . For me there is no greater and more loving role model for my life as Jesus.

Many who have viewed the video itself, were impressed by your courage. Were you in danger of your appearance conscious of the situation and are you in any way been threatened after that?

The danger of what you call it “performance”, I was fully aware, but I knew I could not do anything. The police could have prevented anything, I was too close to the ground. The tabloid had a few months ago a slogan: “The truth always needs a brave, which they pronounce.” That I did.

A police officer in the situation directly protectively placed near you. Was there then a short talk with the officials?

Yes, he was very nice. I have also praised the other policemen.Many have told me that they would now prefer to sit at home on the sofa. I am proud of our police, the truck always attract those responsible must be out of the mud. I often regret doing it because they put themselves in danger and often pointless.Maybe they should strike again.

Was there a “eureka moment”, why you so committed to the Islamization problem?

It’s easy to answer. In that I have a lot to do with young people, most of whom are Muslims. Which of the terrible examples that move me still, should I tell?

The young of the Germans in Offenbach, who was blond and blue-eyed and insulted as a Nazi was, therefore, or of the veiled Moroccan girl who begged me for help because she was afraid that the brothers of her friend, who had taken refuge with a German friend, because she wanted to do something Mitwisserei, 
of the 18-year-old Sofia (with a German passport), which opens a day after her 18th Birthday, disappeared in the school no longer appeared, previously overshadowed by her brother for months, was because she had a friend who was Hindu. I have tried everything possible to help her. Without success! 
of the 19-year-old young woman from Pakistan who called me crying on the phone and told me that her father had beaten her and locked up solid in the apartment, just because some boy sent a text message. Or, or … Now you know what really moves me.

What danger do you think of a group, such as the piers of bird?

This too is easy to answer, as we on German soil in this area almost a century of painful experiences have made. We had the brown and white plague. Do not feel sorry, I thought this can not be described differently, because millions of people have suffered and to this day.

Our brain is the battlefield. We humans really are all equal.What makes us different is what we think, because then we act.Thinking is trial action!

Which operates Pierre Vogel is simply refined brainwashing, as it was with Hitler, Goebbels, Stalin, Honecker and how they all were called to the case. He turns it targeted to the young foreigners, because they have a problem anyway, often with their own identification. If you are between the world come from their families, and the German reality torn. You do not have it easy. Islam means to many of them to identify a piece with the other world of their ancestors. This is the open door, the bird used. He multiplied his bad ideas in these young people. This is the real danger. Everything else will then follow from it, which I think would still not at the moment. For this reason, I am also against Islamic teaching in our schools!

Press is also in another place to actively oppose the Islamization.  Were you in Frankfurt by chance?

No, I do not actively operate. I refer, however, position where I can.

What would you recommend the PI readers. How should they prevail against the Islamization of the military?

Hate is definitely the wrong answer. We can not answer hate with hate! I think we still have a chance. We must return to our Judeo-Christian roots, which are the blessings for our country today.

Many people, especially women, have fought for the rights that we all, including Muslims, enjoy today. These freedoms we must preserve. If we can not do it now, it will probably be too late. There are things that must take place within a certain time, we miss that date, then we can make mistakes very difficult to reverse.

We not only had two world wars. Germany is the land of poets and thinkers. It is the land of the Reformation. Here is the Bible of Marin Luther was translated into German. Then came the printing press. Many inventions, progress has resulted from our people. We should remind ourselves necessarily. I love my country, I love Germany, where they speak German. Because I love you, I am also prepared to defend the country and its people, as far as I can.

Someone has said: “Only he who loves his country will pay the price to defend it.” This is a truth, it is worth thinking about.Everyone must do what is in his way. But I know we must find a political answer to a spiritual Islam. The Christians in Germany and Europe need to wake up!

Heidi, thank you for your time and wish you all the best for your continued commitment.