THAILAND: If the government won't do it, Buddhist vigilantes will deal with Muslim insurgents themselves

What is it with these Muslim barbarians? They move to a non-Muslim country and then demand a section of that country be made into an Islamic state? You know it’s bad when peace-loving Buddhists have to start killing Muslim insurgents in the street. Good for them.





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  1. Let’s return the favor!!

    Muslims want to convert or kill everyone in the world?? Let’s kill every Muslim that wants to convert everyone else to Islam!! No questions asked, just put a hollow point in their head if they say “Allahu Akbar”!!

  2. I have friends that are Islamic converts, they told me they would be beheaded if they were ever to go back to their own country, he read excerpts from the Quran to me & basically if you’re not Islam you’re meat for the slaughter. I hate their religion, I say let them blow each other to hell, enough is enough! They were sly pre 9/11 with infiltration, then people stood up & started to notice, is it going to take another horrible incident like that to make the civilised world wake up and smell the stench of Islam

  3. Good to see that the Buddists are fighting back against the islamic disease, muslims are brainwashed Zombies that beleive they can do whatever they want.. when ever they who ever they want..Thailand is a Country that i have always dreamed of visiting because of the wonderfull hospitality og its Citizens, but now when i read of all this muslims, murdering and killing people then it seems that i will never go there or not untill the Thai people get back real control of their Country

    • You can still come here, this stuff only happens in a small region in the south bordering Malaysia. The rest of the country has a VERY small moozlem population.

      • TG, I wouldn’t call it genocide, but Buddhists in Myanmar (Burma) have gotten so fed up with soaring crime and murder of monks not to mention rapes of Buddhist women by Muslims that they are killing them themselves. Enter “Myanmar” into the Search Box here and you’ll see a lot of posts about it.

  4. Soon the whole world (even non christian believers = me ) will arm up and turn against the sick muslim assholes that behead little children etc… you fuken muslims better go back to your fuken raghead deserts and hide,the world has had enaugh of your killings. Allah will not save your sick souls.

    • It is a very powerful propaganda to portray the Muslim of Southern Thais as the party that did all the evil things.Just by making accusations and allegations the unsuspecting mind will be conditioned stereotypically.

      The Thais of Southern Thailand people are substantially different by ethnicity, culture and religion to the central and northern Thais. After World War 2,The British awarded the Siam government then with this strip of land ( in exchange of some favors of-course).But they are loyal to King Bumiphol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit.No doubt about that.

      Islam prohibits the killings of woman,child and old men in any war.Islam also prohibits the destroy of plants during war.

      Islam also prohibits the exploitation of dead bodies.

      There is a strong suspicion among the muslims in this region that these killings of children,bombings and exploitation of dead bodies are actually done by some quarters who are not familiar or negligent about the pillars of Islam.

      So these crimes point to those criminals or politician who want to capitalize and reap the political mileage from this propaganda.

      And there is political problem in Bangkok. Whatever happen in the South will in some ways affect the powers in Bangkok internally and externally.

      Think.When you see someone wearing the oxide yellow robes of a Buddhist monk or a green robes of a muslim clergy man, what level of certainty that you can assure that they are not a militia or insurgent in disguise?

      Please don’t spread hatred.That is evil deed.

    • Islam will be embraced by more and more Americans from time to time.Not stoppable.That destiny is written. It is a fact now and will be continual in the future.It is strange though but something very attractive hidden inside that make people keep coming to it.Unstoppable…

      Taking the Nile or Amazon or Yangtze or Mississippi rivers flow as example.Unstoppable…for thousand of years….

      Like it or not. Be it in Texas or Detroit or Florida.There will be converts among thee..

      – Ye olde smokin hut.

  5. Islam is a vile evil disgusting cult, consider: honour killing (murder) stoning to death, female genital mutilation, beheading, public executions, flogging, These vile scum have been on a killing spree for over 1300 years. Time to bring them to heel and give them a double dose of what they would give us.

    • Islam is 500 years behind us and maybe it is worse. In many (most) ways it is definitly worse. However, go back 500 years in Christian belief and things were (just) as bad. I’m not excusing them, far from it, as everyone should learn from that which has gone before. Unfortunately, islam is a bunch of old guys clinging to the power they are used to. It will change! Give it time. As countries get wealthier the people will see things differently.

    • Sure thing but who would dare to do that ?Americans …? No..way. They have already forgotten 11/09. May be they received blood money for those innocent victims of the trade centre incident.

  6. I love it. Islam spreads through violence. Let us all fight back with their methods.

    We’ll expedite them to their Allah, to their 70 virgins.

    We’ll do them a favor. And we’ll do us a favor, and
    to all people of the world who want to be free of these bloody ghouls.

    • What you say is only half the truth – simply because it is a totaly male orientated culture. And I’m a male saying this! With 14 years living in arabic countries (never again). It is all about power over women, children and any male weaker. In the western culture it is a way of gaining power for those suffering from poverty and social problems – mainly black or those from an ethnic background. However, it is definitely the minority of these people. The fact is if you give sad guys an excuse to convert – not for any religious reason but more for power – then they will. The answer? I’m afraid I don’t have it……I truely wish I did.

  7. The world needs to know just how far down the Islamic way has gone. Praying will not help,Direct action and publicity may be a start but I dare not even say what I believe the answer is.

    • William C. Walker,
      I’m pretty sure that family understood perfectly. As soon as the rest of the world undestands maybe these things can be prevented to a greater extent.

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