FRENCH Air Controller stabbed to death in airport tower allegedly by his 'friend' and colleague

The suspect, who stabbed the controller several times in the throat, lung, and chest, has been identified as a FRENCH ALGERIAN MUSLIM. Gee, what a suprise, another case of sudden jihad syndrome.

Karim Ouali Aderfi, 34, was seen hurriedly leaving the tower

UK DAILY MAIL  (H/T herr OYAL) – An air traffic controller has been found dead in a pool of blood in the control tower of a French airport this morning.

The 34-year-old was found by an airport employee in an office adjoining the control room on the tenth floor of the tower shortly after 8am at the EuroAirport outside Mulhouse, France, near the Swiss and German borders. Police sources said the married father-of-one, John Meyer, had been fatally stabbed  in the throat, lung and chest. 

France Soir (Google translate) – An autopsy performed Thursday showed that John Meyer was killed “eight to ten stab wounds, including three fatalities, which had punctured both lungs and cut the carotid artery. (Ah yes, every Muslim’s favorite smite the neck method)

The suspect is a friend of the victim. (Not anymore, I guess)  On Friday, police issued a search warrant against Karim Ouali Aderfi, 34 years for stabbing Jean Meyer , 34, also on Thursday while the latter would take his place in the control tower.The man, unknown to police, worked for 18 months EuroAirport. 

On sick leave for three months Karim – or “Aderfi” as he calls himself – Ouali was seen coming out of rush control tower in which he had entered with his service badge.

The control tower of the Franco-Swiss Basel-Mulhouse airport where a senior air traffic controller was found dead this morning