Formerly 'secular' Turkey bans 138 words from the internet

As IslamoFascism tightens its noose around Turkey, starting with the removal of the ban on headbags and increasing calls for alcohol and tobacco bans, now the no-longer secular Turkish leaders have banned from the internet 138 words cited as as ‘indecent’or ‘provocative’ which will mean thousands of Turkish and non-Turkish websites will likely be shut down.

(Well, you get the government you deserve. The Turks elected Erdogan and his fundamentalist Islamic policies. We elected a stealth Muslim and his Marxist, Islamist policies)

Hurriyet – Also, for reasons unclear, the number 31 is a slang term for masturbation. So, any domain with 31 in it is banned.

Other banned English words: Gay, beat, escort, homemade, hot, nubile, free, naked and teen. Some others in English have different meanings: “pic,” short for picture, is banned because it means “bastard” in Turkish.

Turkey has a history of blocking and censoring websites, including YouTube, MySpace and Google.

The Telecommunications Directorate sent the list to Turkish web-hosting firms on Thursday, ruling the words are not allowed to feature in domain names and websites that do use them will be shut down.

The affect of the decision could see the closure of many website that feature the banned words. For example, the website “” ( because the domain name has “animal” in it, a banned word and likewise “,” ( would not be able to operate under its current name because it has “anal” in it; also among the 138 banned words. Websites cannot have the number 31 in their domain names either because it is slang
for male masturbation.

 The past tense of the verb “get” is also banned because “got” means “butt” in Turkish. Haydar, a very common Alevi name for men, is also banned because it means penis in slang.

“Gay” and its Turkish pronunciation “gey,” “çıplak” (naked), “itiraf” (confession), “liseli” (high school student), “nefes” (breath) and “yasak” (forbidden) are some of the other banned words.