Women partnered with Muslim men are eight times more likely to become victims of violence than other women

AUSTRALIA: Two recent news reports featured Muslim men reacting violently after their non-Muslim girlfriends dumped them.

Herald Sun – (H/T Rod F)A young non-Muslim woman formed a relationship with a Turkish Muslim man they had a daughter and were engaged to be married, but then the engagement ended; it seems likely the girl broke it off.  The man, Ramazan Acar, abducted and violently murdered their toddler daughter.  It is worth remembering that under Australian law when a de facto relationship of this kind breaks down, the mother would normally gain primary custody of the child; whereas under sharia a Muslim man always has custody of any children he fathers.

THREE days before he murdered his toddler daughter, Ramazan “Ramzy” Acar told the world via Facebook how much he loved her.

“Yazmina + Ramzy 4 lyf,” was his message. On the day of her death Acar, 24, posted: “Bout 2 kill ma kid.”

After kidnapping Yazmina, 2, a pitiless Acar gave her mum Rachelle D’Argent updates on his plan to murder their daughter as she desperately tried to persuade him to bring her home, Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard.

He used Facebook, SMS and phone calls to taunt her. In one phone call he told Ms D’ Argent: “I’m going to do it. Do you have any last words for her?”

Yazmina came on the phone and said to her mum “I love you” and a weeping Ms D’Argent replied “I love you too”.

Acar then stabbed his only child with a 30cm knife, watching her bleed to death. He told Ms D’Argent “I killed her to get back at you.”  Another FaceBook message read “It’s ova I did it”, another said “I h8t you” and a Facebook message read “Pay bk u slut”.

After his arrest Acar — who pleaded guilty to murder yesterday — was worried only about his own fate, crying and asking an officer at the scene “how long do you think I will get?”

An Australian Muslim man sliced open both sides of his partner’s mouth, cut her tongue in half and beat her with a rum bottle after she refused to repair their relationship.

Daily Bhaskar – Mohamed Tasleem Tahir, 21, is now in custody and faces charges of torture, committing acts intended to disfigure and causing grievous bodily harm to 20-year-old Catherine Jessica Cameron in Gold Coast city in Queensland.

Police said the woman fled South Australia state and came to Gold Coast six months ago, leaving Tahir and changing her name and phone number. She told police Tahir confronted her at her house around 1.30 a.m. Saturday, wanting to repair their relationship.

Tahir beat Cameron repeatedly with a bottle before pulling out a knife, holding it to her throat then putting it in her mouth, slicing her cheeks open and cutting her tongue in half, police said.

He also tried to strangle Cameron on a bed, and hearing her screams, neighbours alerted police.