[UPDATED] "Hello, my name is Mohamed and I'll be your server tonight."

“That’s what YOU think!” A Muslim banquet waiter is suing the legendary Waldorf-Astoria hotel because he was forced to wear different name tags at work to prevent the guests from being scared to death over being served by someone named Mohamed. (And rightly so!)


NY POST – Mohamed Kotbi said the first time he was asked to do so was on Sept. 13, 2001 — two days after the attacks on the Twin Towers. Kotbi, who has worked for the hotel since December 1984, said he was given a name tag that said, “John.”

“I put it on. I was in shock,” the Muslim man said. When he later went to complain to hotel management, he said he was told, “We don’t want to scare our guests.” He filed discrimination complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2005 and 2009, and was eventually given a name tag with his last name, Kotbi.

This past November, however, he was given a name tag that said, “Edgar.” Kotbi said he complained and was told by a manager, “It’s better to be Edgar than Mohamed today.”

Now he is suing the Waldorf for religious and racial discrimination, charging that hotel management has created a “hostile work environment” with the nametag shenanigans and its failure to stop a group of co-workers from tormenting him.

The suit says co-workers have repeatedly called him “terrorist,” “al Qaeda boy,” and other names. “It’s like I’m guilty, like I did the attacks on September 11,” the Moroccan-born man said. (No, it’s just that you look like everyone who did)

“They won’t do anything to stop this,” said Kotbi’s lawyer, Jonathan Bell of Bell & Kilada. He said the taunts weigh on Kotbi heavily, but he is “a family man” and “can’t afford to just up and leave.” (There are thousands of other restaurants in New York City, some that even serve Middle Eastern food. Go there)

Of course, now that Terrorist Front Group CAIR is involved you can bet there will be a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the hotel for hurting Mohamed’s wittle fweewings.