AFGHANISTAN: Video of Canadian tourist being held by the Taliban

So, what the Hell was this guy doing as a tourist in a war zone in the first place? Must be a liberal Muslim-sympathizer. I guess we can expect the beheading video to be released next.

Live Leak – A Toronto man held in captivity by the Taliban says in a video released Sunday by the militant group that he went to Afghanistan to visit historical sites. Colin Rutherford, 26, says he was interested in “history and historical sites, old buildings, shrines” when he flew to Kabul.

Colin Rutherford

He spent a few days in the capital, then headed to the eastern city of Ghazni, where he was captured by militants the day after arriving, he says in the video.

In an email accompanying the release of the video, the Taliban threatened to put Rutherford on trial for espionage if Canada does not meet its demands.Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid did not list the demands, saying the Canadian government was aware of what the Taliban want.

The footage released Sunday on a Taliban website shows a young man with dark hair and a moustache, wearing a winter jacket and sitting cross-legged with his hands on his knees. He gives brief answers to a series of questions put to him in accented English by a man off-screen, and shifts his solemn gaze from the man to the floor between them and the camera.

In February, the Taliban maintained they took Rutherford because he was working as a spy to track down their fighters. They claimed to have confiscated documents from him proving he was a secret agent.

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