‘BOMB MAKING, NEXT DRIVEWAY’ reads the sign on a lawn next door to the newly built mosque in Amherst, NY

The person who did this has a promising future in the advertising business. LOVE IT!

WIVBYesterday, worshippers at a local mosque Jaffarya Center, a newly built Shiite mosque on Transit Road in Amherst, NY, were first observers of a truly anti-Islamic sign put on the lawn of a neighbor near the mosque. This mosque is set to have its grand opening on May 14th, 2011 and this is a reminder of the anti-islamic sentiment held by some more and more Americans.

Across the street, patients of Dr. John Athans expressed shock upon viewing the sign, questioning the timing of it. It went up this past weekend, only days after the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Members of the local American Muslim Community have since been working hard to distance themselves from Bin Laden and his supporters, educating the community about the peacefulness of their faith. (Peace in Islam is only for Muslims)

The purpose behind the sign is unclear at this time. There is no answer at the home, or the neighboring mosque.