THAILAND: Muslims behead a 9-year-old boy (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Then they hanged or beheaded the rest of his family. Yet another example of Muslim on Buddhist violence in a country where Muslims are only a small minority.


Live Leak – More than than 4000 people from police and teachers to monks and children have been killed in the past 7 years by Muslims in southern Thailand, but hardly a word in the mainstream media. In Southern Thailand Muslim gunmen continue killing and threatening innocent citizens. The Muslim insurgents have threatened to kill 20 teachers and have distributed fliers that said, “WANTED: 20 Deaths of Buddhist teachers.” Muslim terrorists object to the education system which teaches Buddhist culture that is not acceptable in Islam. The attacks are intended to force Buddhists to leave the region because Muslims want to create an independent Muslim nation in the three southern provinces.








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  1. Religion, religion, religion.. This is all I see when I read these comments. Do people not care about these innocent people being murdered, due to a person’s beliefs? That people are being raped and murdered for “Religious reasons?” Religion has been the cause of many issues between many. People cannot seem to look past a person’s BELIEFS and DIFFERENCES, and simply live together PEACEFULLY. What is the point for all this arguing and fighting over one’s own belief? Stop caring about the religion as a whole, and simply focus on groups that are killing and mutilating people who did nothing wrong. It is sad that it takes a 16 year old girl to tell this to the world, but this was needed. In these comments, I have seen more people arguing among themselves than actually trying to find a solution to the problem at hand here.

    • Annoyed, It’s about religion because the perpetrators of these heinous acts are doing them in the name of their religion, which is Islam. To ignore this and act like ISLAM has nothing to do with it is absurd. What do you think the solution is to the problem of Islam? I don’t see you bringing up any solutions.

  2. Buddhists and the world needs to rise up and do whatever to drive out Muslim, and stop expansion. Thai government is so weak now and Islamic influence is increasing in Thailand including in media and government, creating a lot of tension and real fear to Buddhists. We loses so many Buddhist life in the south everyday and no one dare to do anything. When the prominent monk Apichart Punnajanto spoke out, the council shut him down. We need more people like him to counter Islam.

  3. Really!! I have read a lot of the comments on here and none of them make sense to me! Religion to me..any religious book is an olden day fairytale book and mostly just a set of guidline s to control the masses! But the main point being that there are 2 children, CHILDREN, who have been murdered on the video/picture! No matter what anyone claims that is not a religious act, it is barbaric and a taking of poor innocent lives! What did those children to to anyone? Nothing. What will those little children grow up to be? Nothing. It’s heartbreaking but you can all rant on about religion! I’m gonna think about the loss of 2 little children, may their would rest in peace.

    • Sadly, many groups feel that by killing the children that they are in a way preventing the next generation of “insert religion here” from becoming adults. Its a form of Genocide, if you kill all the kids and those of breeding ages, then you kill the group as a whole. Why kill old men, woman, and adults when you can kill their young ones, and in a way, ensure they don’t live long enough to become adults who have kids of their own. Thus they are committing Genocide against the young in hopes of destroying the group as a whole. Its a sick way for long term goals.

  4. People in this world ha
    ve a right to choose whatever religion they want belive in, but when other religions try to be the dominant one over any other religions and they do it by violence, then the government should step in and eradicate that group that brought violence. Especially when innocent people are killed.

  5. These Muslims need to be seen as an ANTI constitutional, traitorous, seditionist group, rather than mere a “religious” group, exercising its “freedom of religion.” IN fact Muslims persecute and attack those of all other religions and all other ways of life; they do not uphold and defend “freedom of religion” at all. They do not allow freedom of religion, even for their own members. They kill “apostates” who choose to leave Islam.

    When you view Thai Muslims that way, they become (1) noncitizens (2) enemy combatants (3) insurgents. Muslims are trying to dominate, and ultimately destroy, all of the democratic nation of Thailand, to replace it with an Islamofascist hellhole. Thailand authorities cannot allow Muslims to dominate. It’s a matter of basic survival.

    • And why exactly do they need sent there? When has it become Americas job to be the world police whenever there is trouble somewhere else? Yet still have more then have the world hate us? It seems other nations LOVE our money, aid, and military, yet only when they are in “trouble” or in need. Other then that, they tell America to “Stay out of our country” Its sick. America has murders, shootings, killings, rapes, crimes against kids, and so forth just as every other nation does. Yet, who is America to send their videos and photos to for aid from another nation? Makes me sick, sick, sick to see people think that America should step up and fight for everyone else. When it seems our nation already does more then enough. Nearly a BILLION in aid per year to Israel? If the USA didn’t step in to prevent the Genocide in Rwanda, or the mass killings in Sierra Leon, why would you think they would step in for Thailand? In fact, America needs to END ALL AID TO OTHERS, AND FOCUS ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE!!!

      • Angelo B. Couldnt have been said any better!!! I’m sick to death of so many country’s begging USA for help & when we do the job & lose our own soldiers, they turn on us saying we are occupying their country & burn our flag & tell us to go home. We send billions of dollars & aid to many country’s, to fucking many ! And what do we get ? Not a fucking thing except hatred ! We need to stop sending money & take care of our on here. Sick of these idiots hating westerners. If it was me I would bomb the fuck out of Isis & any country chanting kill America , kill the Westerners. Fuck em.

  6. This is horrific beyond words , My wife is Thai buddhist and we got married in Bangkok ten years ago on July 23 /05 …These Muslims are are curse on the world,I’ve traveled Thailand very extensivly over the last 15 years some times the Thai’s have their moments But nothing compaired to these muslim animals. I like to see the Thai army go into the south declair marshal law with a shoot to kill curfew like they did in the Sudan

  7. How is it that all of these Islamic radical leaders go on and on yet they have there patsy’s put on explosive vests and do what they don’t have the balls to do them selves.They promise rewards in heaven.Go get the reward your self you evil piece of garbage.They take the lowest of the low,the mentally disturbed ,the poor with nothing to lose people and promise them pleasures for these cowardly acts.These leaders are the most evil people on the planet.

    • Its simple really, this goes on and those in power are seen as profits by those who want to blow themselves up in the name of God (Allah) for they are selected by trained spotters. A spotter will go to various groups holding services, and start watching the people, after a few meetings, he will then approach a possible selection, slowly start to get to know them, and if the man/boy seems to be a loner, unsure of himself, and who seems lost. They will then act all friendly, caring, and slowly working on isolating the person. At that point, they will start talking to them about doing work for Allah, how the West is evil, and so forth. As they isolate the person from family, friends, and those who will and can help. They will start to speak of other acts of bombing, killings, and so on. Then after a few months to a year, or so. They will slowly start working the man/boy up into a anger, and fill him with hate and faith. Then will start talking about what the man/boy can do for Allah and their religion. As the man/boy is unsure of himself, he will be easy to talk into things, they will start with smaller things, the whole time this is going on, there will be other members of the group showing love, kindness, always being there for them, always showing love and that they care. Soon the man/boy will be cut off from those who really love them, then feel down, and then be approached about doing “Work for Allah” and then about 4-8 months later the man/boy is blowing themselves up for Allah and a ideal. Being he was just a mark, the “Leaders” lose no loved ones, they can keep finding new “marks” and that in my opinion is how this keeps taking place.

  8. only a coward would do such a thing ,they hide their cowardly faces then run off ,yelling god is great.Remember that when you stand before your god.

  9. If you download free PDFS file of the eye witness account of Mohammad Bin Qasim’s entry into land called Sindh near Karachi in the year 711 AD with a powerful army, everything becomes clear about Islam’s spread in the East. The book is called Chachnama, and it is written by a Muslim scribe accompanying Mohammad Bin Qasim’s. I shall list few highlights from the first few pages of the introduction:

    1. The big city of Alore (ruins still found), was ruled by King Dahar Rai in Sindh. He was a Hindu. The population was made up of Hindus and Budhists. Sindh ( present Hindustan) was known as Golden Sparrow because it was very rich in gold, rubies and wealth. But people had heart of a sparrow- the sign of weakness, people not having courage to fight and defend. Qasim’s beheaded top leaders of Alore and sent their heads as a war trophy to Jajal in Basra along with two virgin daughters of Dahir as a present.

    The temples and budhist monasteries were plundered, idols of Hindu gods made of gold were looted. Total gold taken to Basra was more than 1500 ton, slave women and children were headed to be sold in markets of Basra, Baghdad at a price less than vegetables – really cheap. Mosques and minarets were built from SINDH TO KASHMIR WHERE TEMPLES ONCE STOOD. THIS is entry of Islam in India.

    Guess who brought an end to the barbarian rule after 1000 years of slavery? The Sikhs under command of Guru Gobind Singh, who taught his followers the art of fighting like a hawk. He turned sparrows into Hawks. After suffering untold persecution at hands of Muslim rulers, Sikhs took baptism of the double edged sword from Guru Gobind Singh and struck at root of the barbarian elements and introduced a soldier who was saint at heart.

    He specifically told Sikhs not to dishonour even women folk of the enemy. Instead treat her like a sister, daughter, or mother. This character was molded after enduring beheading of innocent Sikhs in bazaars of Lahore, Sirhind, and Delhi because they refused to convert. Guru Gobind Singh instilled new spirit amongst Hindu masses and made them into an idea Human being who would not submit to fear, and would not terrorize the weak or non Sikhs. Where did Sikhs got the spirit of universal brotherhood and love for all human kind?

    They got it from Gurbani enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib – the holy book which any person can open at random anywhere, and shall be amazed to find pure love and wisdom of supreme beauty. A human being that can absorb one line from this holy book shall be delivered from total hate, envy, jealousies, and feeling of duality from their heart. The only scripture that is capable of delivering any human being from shackles of fear, duality, hate, weakness of mind and body.

    Sikhs are living example / model human beings that could deal with bigotry at the subtle root levels. Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh along with saints of Indian sub continent give the message of love, and inherent dignity of humans: Manus ki zakat sabhai aikay pehchanbo…consider human race as one, of one God, one common father of all.

  10. I am so sick of these scum bags! lets start beheading them with knives dipped in pigs blood and piss on their corpses….. eye for an eye….tooth for a tooth and head for a head!!!!!

  11. What is the use of a religion that cant survive by itself.It need s force marketing and blood sacrifices to survive.Their dream of caliphate and one world religion will be dead as ash.Their blood thirsty desert god would not mind if we nuke these bastards like he doesnt mind these bastards murdering innocents.

    Blessed is he, who nukes

    • Jesus warned us that false prophets shall rise, and deceive many. and i cannot think of a greater false prophet than muhammad. muhammad himself stole scripture from the Bible and plagiarized them.
      People should know that the Holy Bible came first, and by centuries. Not the quran. The quran has the burden of disproving the Bible and because the writers of the quran used stolen verses from the Bible makes it impossible for muslim scholars to prove the Bible is false.
      Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion.
      Islamic law permits Muslims to lie anytime they perceive that their own well-being, or that of Islam, is threatened.
      Sharia-compliant Muslims routinely use deceptive “wolf in sheep’s clothing” type tactics to polish Islam’s image while at the same time avoiding, obscuring, or omitting any of the negative aspects of Islamic doctrine, history, law, and scriptures. This is often done with prospective converts as well as with audiences Muslims hope will be gullible, like academics, government officials, members of the media, and the public at large.
      In my view, radical islam is a crime to humanity, and I cannot think of a greater display of hate when they chop off the heads of others. Especially the head’s of young Children.
      muslim that are Killing Children like this makes islam a vile sic demonic cancer of the world, and if you think i’am wrong than where are all the non-radical muslims slamming down and denouncing the Child killers?

  12. Ok; I have read the Quran and its amazing how similar it is to the holy bible the christiens read but with slight variences. The Quran does in fact tell islamists to smite the necks and fingers of non beleivers. To kill and otherwise irradicate Jews and cristians alike. Mohammad contadicts himself on occasion in their bible. So in my opinion, he is a false prophet that these radical lower than pond scum muslims beleive in. Lets start a coalition to remove these THINGS from our country.

      • There is no similarities between the Quran and the Bible. The God of the Bible offers people a choice – choose for or against Him. No such choice exists in Islam. No comparison whatsoever.

    • Obviously you haven’t read the bible since there are NO similarities between it and the koran.. And why do you capitalise “qu’ran” and not “holy bible”? And if you think there aren’t already100’s of “coalitions to iradicate” them from the country, then you aren’t paying attention.

      • well their not doing a very good job are they, i,m sick to death of people bowing down to them and giving in to their constant demands when are we going to slap these scumbags down and erradicate them from the face of the earth,you can,t bargain with these low lifes they only know one thing and thats voilence,l say nuke the whole lot of them, nice doesn,t work with these scum bags

      • No, the Christian bible is not contradictory, it is the only truth! Read it thoroughly. the Qur’an is contradicting throughout the whole thing. There is only one God, one true God and his name is Jesus Christ. He died for you. He gives you a choice. Live in peace, worship him only. The muslims are of the devil and will burn in hell because they reject the truth. They would rather believe the devil. They are a wicked, evil bunch of devils seed and will not see heaven unless they repent and ask forgiveness and turn to Jesus. That goes for all of you out there. Hell is for eternity for which there is no escape, no I am sorry. It will be too late.

      • I am not religious so dont belive in any of the religions discussed here, but last time i read the bible, jesus was the son of god , so truther how can you say he is god? Not that i really give a shit either way, but at least if you are going to argue with someone , you can get your facts right

    • So killing toddlers is the go now!? Fuckin cowards I hope someone slowly peels there skin off an bathes them in vinegar.i am filled with rage at the moment starting to lose faith in humanity these days, pathetic excuses, an a waste of precious life imagine the terror in that little kids mind.r.i.p to the innocent ones

  13. From what I’ve experienced buddhism is the most tolerant of religeons. Spent time in the most southernly holiday region recently – Krabi area through to Phi Phi Islands

    Many sites have been claimed to be religeous by muslims , therefore no alcohol /fun allowed nearby. In the larger commercial areas like Pattaya , they have their own districts (more than doubled in size over the past 10 years) where this charismatic bunch take advantage of the local infidel girls .

  14. Southern Thai does not belong to Thai, it was taken from the Langkasuka empire. Their culture, language and food belong to northern Malaysians.

    And yet, Thai government reluctant to let go of southern Thai because of natural oils.

    Thai government = US oil rats who wants nothing but oils.

    Therefore, don’t act like holier than thou as if you are a noble country. You are as greedy as US government who realized you can not survive without sucking natural resources of muslim lands.

    Thailand is famous because of the foods created by southern Thai muslims. Massaman curry, rated no 1 on CNNGo is a southern Thai food.

    • presa1200
      Thailand is my country.I know muslims separatists in southern Thailand. I believe they learn violent way from wahabi salafi in school from Pakistan. Stop talk about stupid food story.
      Bonni Where Russia Bears 1987 please tell him about this.

    • You idiot, are you trying to say the U.S. is stealing oil from Thailand?? The U.S. isn’t occupying Thailand, therefore they’re not stealing, but rather BUYING oil. It’s idiots like you who parrot the statements of other idiots, who know nothing but nonsensical propaganda. You poor muslims, always the victims, until it comes to world wide atrocities committed by muslims. Where is your voice now, the one that criticizes all except the muslim barbarians. I pity the muslims on the Judgment Day, when God, the Christian God, casts you all into the fires of hell. Yes, you’ll meet mohammed, he’ll be sitting next to Satan.

      • Your all delusional !! The so called Christian followers of Jesus christ verbally bashing people over religion , lifestyle and beliefs ! Do Christians attack Jews for murder of Jesus christ , for choosing to save the life of Barbarras ( a self claiming murdering savage ) over a man who talked about peace , love and forgiveness ! No they don’t but they have every right to

      • Daffy Duck will be sitting next to Porky Pig in Heaven. Jane Mansfield’s knockers will be available to good boys and Ron Jeremy’s Johnson will be for the girls.
        Kaitlyn Jenner will be performing in the Men’s Room and Mohammad will lap up the overflow.


    • I’m not exactly the smartest tool in the shed but , and forgive me for making you look more stupid than what you have done for yourself ! When the hell does MASSAMAN curry have anything to do with murdering children ! And WHY in gods name would even mention the two words together in a sentence ????

    • Langkasuka (langkha Sanskrit for “resplendent land” -sukkha for “bliss”) was an ancient Hindu-Buddhist Malay kingdom located in the Malay Peninsula.[1] Another possible source of its name could be the combination of (-langkha Sanskrit for “resplendent land” – and Ashoka in tribute to the legendary Mauryan Hindu warrior king who eventually became a pacifist after embracing the ideals espoused in Buddhism), the ancient kingdoms of the Malay Isthmus – Langkasuka having been one of them – believed by some scholars to have been first founded or rebuilt by emissaries or descendants of Ashoka from Magadha in India.

  15. true, muslims did this and that, other religion or non religion followers can do that as well. i can say buddhists are terrorists too based on what happened in Myanmar, how would buddhists feel?

    if Islam is to blame just because of some wrongdoings of muslims, then there is no true religion in this world, because every religion has criminals. not even the so called respected Buddhism.

    sadly, people tend to stereotype and put all the blame on religion but never really look into its core teaching.

    Islam prohibits killing and threatening of innocents, it is clearly said in the Koran. if muslims insist on committing crimes, can we all blame on religion and mislead the world to distrust on Islam?

    • What Buddhists did in Myanmar was retaliation against Muslims who are raping and killing Buddhists. Well deserved. Muslims crap up every country they are in. Islam must be eradicated from the earth.

      • I completely agree with the Buddhists. I am an American and think it a time to start grabbing Muslims off the streets and start beheading them on you tube just as what they do. I’m tired of sitting back watching the slaughter of innocent people, especially Buddhists, and other religions being tortured in front of a camera. It’s time to for pay back. Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. Americans need to form a group and take a 9 year old just as I witnessed and slice hid damn head off in front of the world internet for all Muslims to see. They are not the only ones with balls. We will do the same. Which is let their people live in fear and terror!

      • Afgan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Maldives all these were Buddhist countries some time back. MUslim butchers masscared the Buddhists and captured the land. Still you may find ruins of Buddhist monestries in those countries. NOw Muslims targeting on Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Muslims came as traders to these counties and destroying the host. If you give food to a bog, it will never bite you, but never expect that kindness from Muslims who believe only shit

        • Sub, this is their pattern wherever they go. They are quiet when their numbers are small. When they get to 10%, they start making demands. At 20%, they begin their efforts to convert or drive out the native population.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. Where the hell do these people or “savages” come from? They certainly were not around 2,000 or 3,000 years ago. In fact, didn’t Mr. Muhammad come 400-500 years AFTER Jesus Christ’s death? Another WANNABEE, like so many that have followed after Jesus Christ.

    • Presa1200 — DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT EVER say : Islam prohibits killing and threatening of innocents, it is clearly said in the Koran. The Koran has been translated! WE HAVE READ IT. WE UNDERSTAND THE HADITHS…WE KNOW TAQIA…You have shamed and discredited yourself with your BS…now, go away.

      • Thank you!!! The Koran is literally the scariest book ever written and every seed of terrorism was planted in it. Mohammed was nothing but an illiterate child molesting murderer who’s “visions/prophecies” were completely wrong and so he had a chip on his shoulder. How can you possibly read it without seeing all of the hatred and anti-Semitism?

    • the same excuse that we are fed up think people do not read your book?. we read it and understood perfectly. i BET we will hear and see the same shit over and over again TOMORROW. these aren’t muslims? bad muslims?they are a PRODUCT of islam. they are not doing it for steeling money. not even for vengeance. they are are doing for it the name of allah. they are shouting “Allah-akbar” islam is the CAUSE. here are some verses from ONLY 1 sura

      9:5 Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

      9:73 O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites! Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey’s end.

      9:123 O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).

      that is not even the tip of the iceberg. what will verses like these cause?

  16. mrs.barenaked Thailand That My country I know this is shocking news for so long.

    Violence in the three southernmost provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat.

  17. Thailand I beg you to shoot ever Muslim on sight! Before they wreck you lovely country! Eradicate Islam from your country! Bring justice to those poor citizens that were under you protection! Destroy Islam!


      • I have worked in these asshole muslim countries for more than 30 years , Now that means i had to live around them , whitch in turn meant that i was treated like a piece of garbage by them , and also subjected to many situations that were to say the least very scary. Take the Omani people now , the asshole western high flyers suck and kiss their asses for money and say , Oh the Omanis such gentle nice people , well here is a fact i was there in Oman on the 9/11 attack , and guess what they were out in thier cars and in the streets going beserk with joy and delight ranting and chanting that the imbecile rag head Allah is great , and were beside themselves with joy because more than 3000 inocent people were killed in the name of the child molester , i also was witness to the way that all of them regardless of possition or age in the company were writing threats on The desks and cars of the expat non muslims that they worked with for years. And showed thier true mentallity, i have met some excellent muslims all in the morgue , now it is time for all non muslim nations to stand together against them and do exactly what they do . Screw all these accademic do gooders that know FxxK all of the reality and these poloticians that suck up to them it is time to strike back 1000 times more against the religion of perversion and gays cowards . There simply is not one good muslim on the planet totally eradicate them now, Men Woman and thier evil spawn bastards i hate muslims they are pure evil

  18. “””Muslims killed 800 million Hindus+150 million Black Africans”””

    More then 750 million Hindus (childrens,women,olds) people were killed by Muslims in Sindh, Punjab,Kashmir,Bengal,Rajastha n,Deccan,kerala,Afghanistan,kh yber Pakhtoonkwah,Gilgit Baltitstan,Maharashtra,Gujrat, Assam,Orrisa,Bihar and Karnataka.Muslims were ruthless gangster from Muhammad bin Quasim in 711 AD to Bahadur Zaffar in 1700 AD for 1000 years,then Muslims killed millions more Hindus during British rule and after partition,Muslims killed 50 million Hindus in Pakistan and 48 million Hindus in Bangladesh till 2012,Hence actual figure of Hindus killed by Muslims in Afghanistan,Pakistan, India and Bangladesh is way over 600 million,if you don’t believe then just observe the history of Aurangjeb,or just look at an incidence when Nadir Shah killed 100 thousand Hindus in Delhi in 24 hours.Just calculate the number of Hindus killed by Muhammad Ghori, Muhamma Ghajni,Shahajahan,Babur,Akbar, Himaiyun,Muhammad bin Quasim,Tipu Sultan,Sikander in kashmir,Jahangir,Nadir Shah etc ,number of Hindus killed by muslims goes upto 800 million

    • islam is a sick and disgusting thing that entered this planet. Too many deaths brought on by these vile followers of mohamids sickness. I heard the stories by a Hindu friend of the past atrocities and I also know from my faith what islam is capable of in the way of violence towards Christians. islam is just about hate and killing.

  19. Just because a few Muslims kill for Allah does not mean ALL Muslims are bad people. This religion has been twisted and fantasized into a satanic like cult by some idiots who had nothing better to do. It’s those who should have their heads chopped off very very slowly and surgically to ensure they go through the most horrific pain just like their victims do. Also the people who are caught doing these unspeakable acts to innocent men women ESPECIALLY children should be lined up and shot in the head or have their eyes surgically removed along with their hands then thrown in a prison. Fucking disgusting acts of Allah. Allah would condem u for your actions. Any Muslim who causes pain and suffering to a fellow human being in the name of religion or a god should all be killed. Its truly disgusting and no word could ever explain how small u look for hurting and taking the life of a child. I am glad I faught in Afghanistan and I actually did do my bit and shoot and kill a few insurgents and I did my part in a war against them faggot’s

    • Muslims are animals not human beings. They have no mercy for anyone whatsoever. I have lived with them in Iran for 11 years and know exactly how they are. I am so glad my father took us out of that country when we were young, I went back in 2006 to visit some relatives and it was still the same shit! They are all brain washed, hate filled, two face, animals that have now heart! I pray Jesus comes back soon for the second time and judges these people because they all deserve to go to HELL!

      • I’ve seen animals show mercy to others. So please don’t use the word “animals” to insult the human diarrhea that kill and injure innocent people (ESPECIALLY children). Animals are good and faithful companions. These toilet scum are just that… toilet scum.

    • You are wrong. ALL muzzies are bad. There are NO ‘moderate’ muzzies. They ALL believe what’s written in their shitty hate book kuran so they ALL think we infidels are dogs and pigs and we need to be killed and our women raped. If they appear non-violent, don’t fall for it, it’s taqqiya. It’s EVERY muzzie’s duty to fight jihad and kill kuffars. You can NEVER, EVER trust a muzzie!

    • Paul if what you say is true We would see the muslim word league and international islamic council speaking out against such things happening in the name of islam. The silence from the islamic leaders world wide is a clear indication that the murder of children by muslims is exactly that. and it is more like 40 million muslims that believe that non muslims should be killed.

      Lets make it clear. if you convert to islam, you are supporting the muslim ways, their belief according to the quran. Muslims must also give money to charity that winds up in the hands of muslim brotherhood and other islamic terrorist. When muslims go shopping for food, they are looking for the ha-law mark on the package, those food companies in turn have to pay a very hefty price to have that mark. and in turn a portion of that money winds up in the hands of the head choppers.

      The question remains. Are not ALL muslims bad people?
      Or are they by your Definition just idiots that cannot see what they support?

    • it’s not abt muslims it’s abt the cursed quran and ahadith of the profit of islam, they are forced to follow the quran and tge ahadith if not well you know the penelty for not being islamic enough, a head shorter than the rest of your family

    • You blame the actions of the few upon the many. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and this video shows the actions of a few disturbed Muslims who don’t deserve to even be called religious. The fact of the matter is this: people are capable of committing horrendous acts. They always have, they always will. You cannot logically make a connection between a fifth of the world’s population and evil. Whether it be the horrors in Israel, Nazi Germany or USSR, there will always be an evil component to humanity that cannot be simply blamed upon one group of people. Basically there are good muslims and bad muslims, good christians and bad christians etc. Humanity, as one, must learn to advance as a race and look to overcome these social prejudices and generalizations we have constructed, lest we seek to repeat the actions of our ancestors, and lead ourselves into another war torn century of pain and pointless conflict.

      • You are a fool aren’t you! That is unless your just kinda leaning towards the Muslim point of view-but then, that still would make you very foolish! All Muslims are just that, Muslim. They are all taught ,and have instilled in them hatred for women and death to ANYONE who does not follow their “Allah/Mohammed”. They have ALL had the same thing drilled in their heads from birth, century, after century. They are ALL disturbed.In fact, they are ALL possessed by demon spirits-called the Anti-Christ. (If you don’t believe that then, just believe, they’re savage animals) ” Christians on the other hand, are not taught to kill and destroy or, hate. Yes there are crazies everywhere, unfortunately, not everyone that professes to be a Christian is truly a Christian. There are good Christians, those who strive to be good-as God teaches but, The Muslin tyrannical political system-it is not a religion!- it teaches nothing of being good and kind of freedom, of rights! The only right they have is to follow what they are told or, die. Do your home work man! I don’t know even then if you will get it. There will always be some group or, some person, hungry for power and control, who will want to take over. Believing war or, prejudices, or some people not liking others will end forever is a dream. As long as mankind embraces sin these things will never end. I know this is hard for some to wrap around their seemingly small brains but, these “good” Muslims, they are quite now, maybe even friendly, they are taking position in our colleges, prisons, schools, businesses, the work place even our government spewing their trash(their ideas and teachings) into our society, into peoples minds , trying to change our laws, one day when the call comes, what do you think they will do? Do you really think these nice neighborly Muslims, who follow this teaching to kill the infidel, Rule by force, fear and threat, and enslave and abuse the woman (do you have a wife? Hope you’ll like her in a berka!) won’t give up their neighbor? Do you think they’ll stand up for you? Anyone with an inkling of common sense knows, they aren’t going to rebel and have their head cut off, their families murdered. They will stand for what they have had drilled into them, with those you call the extremist-you will see how extreme they all can be! There could never possibly be peace with them-it would take centuries to change what they are-the peace they speak of, is when all follow Allah!

      • Society prepares the criminal. criminal just commits it. This what your society of muslims teach to your co-religionists. The actions of your so called “few” reflects upon the entire communitys behaviour and teachings.

      • Ray Keebler, I some what agree with you & yet I don’t, because Nazi Germany,USSR, was NEVER acted upon their faith, they were just crazy & demonic posses. Now in Islam, EVERYTHING they do & act upon is solely driven from their Qur’an where they ARE INSTRUCTED to do what they do. Maybe you are one of the Muslim that hasn’t,t read their Qur’an from cover to cover. I have read much of the Qur’an & honestly I can’t believe what is in that so called holy book. So, it’s very unfair for you to compare the Nazi’s actions (which was NEVER acted upon their god-but acted from being inspired solely from Satan himself. Which now brings me to the Qur’an, I sorry but this is NOT a book inspired from God, not my God, not my prophet Jesus Christ, that NEVER picked up a sword, a knife, a stone, etc. To ANYBODY. Jesus my great & only true prophet taught genuine pure love. He didn’t even offended anybody, not even with His thoughts, not EVEN when He wasArrested in the garden, Peter raised his sword & cut off one of the soldier’s ear off & He gently full of love & compassion placed the soldier’s ear right back. This is a TRUE LOVING PROPHET, NOT one that lived continuously by the sword, marrying 6 year old little girls, killing in the name of a god (Allah). This my friend IS NOT love, this is demonic. Sorry, but the truth hurts & Satan has blinded Muslim’s into buying this lie for hundreds of thousands of years. Also Islam is a much younger religion than Christianity. Mohammad was a merchant that met with many people from different religions which is how he started Islam, because he had already prayed to Allah, him & his family. So, how can Islam be the so called true religion when it was actually originated mostly from The Torah, which is the first five books of the Bible?

      • Simply put, YOU Sir, are a blind, ‘co-exist’, ‘let’s all give each other big hugs’, fucking moron! The entire Muslim ‘beliefs’ and ‘manifesto’ supports, enforces, indoctrinates, and demands such actions, to include stoning of women, dismemberment, decapitation, mutilation of the female genitalia, ………..! Only a sick, twisted, goat-humping bottom feeder, such as yourself, would support or defend such a group of pedophilia-obsessed, anal-raping bastards

      • Ray Deeble: “You cannot logically make a connection between a fifth of the world’s population and evil.” Yes, you can. Read the koran, look at what it promotes and commands them to do. All muslims must read and follow the koran. Therefore, if they study and follow evil, then they must in fact be evil. QED.

      • Why you mention Israel? There are 14 million Jews in the world compared to about one billion Muslims. And somehow the Jews always kick your ass. You faggots call for cease fire when you are about to be decimated, the UN of course agrees, and then the Jews have to back off to give you faggot Muslims time to regroup and re arm. If Israel wanted to, with it 6 million citizen soldiers, men and women, they can take over the whole Middle East in a few weeks. It’s true. All Muslims are pussies. Remember the first Iraqi war. Once they knew they were done…they came out with white flags begging to be saved. They wanted to kill, but once backed into a corner they were begging for their lives. That’s how all Muslims are. PUSSIES! That keep their women silent. We’ll here in America your gonna see a change quick. Muslims brought in front of a camera, begging for their lives, and beheaded with a dull hunting knife so it takes 20 minutes for their death. You Muslims wait. Pay back is a bitch. And we are doing it in the name of GOD, and JESUS. So be ready, innocent or not, cause I don’t hear the innocent so called moderates speaking out against their own brothers. Time for vengeance. Join me my fellow Americans.

      • there are no good muslims- to even be one you are an enemy our lord Christ Jesus-how then are you judged good when you’re marked for an eternity of damnation by God himself !

      • You need to open your eyes and educate yourself. You’re being fooled. These aren’t terrorists. They’re true Muslims following the quran perfectly and enjoying it because it isn’t a religion. It is an ideology.

  20. How can any one think that islam or muslim is good after seeing young kids Beheaded by muslims…
    The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.
    You that think islam is peacefull should read your Quran.

    • It’s a pity that western governments don’t take the Islamic threat seriously……or maybe they don’t want a religious war on their watch. What ever the reason they will be judged guilty in the not to distant future, when our children and grandchildren are left to confront these religious zealots and bigots. These are the real nazis of the 21st century.

      • Mike Do you know that obama is a muslim and that he has been removing non-muslims from office than replacing the vacancies with muslim brotherhood…

  21. not all muslims are bad people. i have several muslim freinds and they went out of there way to help…they did preach to me about there religion. all it is, is ignorance on there part. its just like children raised by the kkk there raised to hate but its a small portion of the population. the old saying goes -one person fucks it up for eveyone else

    • You’ve missed the point, kaneda. No, they are not all bad, but there is enough in the barrel to ruin the entire lot. It would not be so bad if they came here and saw how great America was and said they wanted to be like us, but they come here and take advantage of our generous, charitable nature and DEMAND that we take on their culture. They are now adults, kaneda, and should be able to reason enough to know that their hate-filled cult is not wanted or needed here.

    • You need to re-educate yourself on Islam, it is a not a religion, it is a way of life founded on hatred for the non-muslim and practiced in violence

    • to Kaneda1981
      You know what, twat? You better go back to that ‘small portion of the population’ that you belong to.
      And don’t forget, when asked if you are a muslim, to give your answer. And then to bow again, worm.

    • Keneda, the real issue is that those who truly follow the teachings of their prophet will do these horrendous things. Those who are moderates are not actually following their Koran as they should. Real Islam is the brutality that is everywhere where the muslim population rises over a certain level. It’s about to start in France, and probably here in the UK too. Already it’s considered ‘racist’ to criticise Islam… pardon? Islam isn’t a race. It’s a religious political system. People can criticise Christianity as much as they want, or Nazism, but not Islam?! Sign one right there that things are about to get nasty… oh wait! Muslims brutally beheaded a British soldier on our streets just last year… This is the true face of Islam. The Moderates are either ignoring their holy book as they know it’s wrong, or lying to you (as allowed BY their holy book) to deceive you.

      The scary thing is is that your friends could honestly be your friends… or they could be out and out lying to you to deceive you until they feel strong enough and safe enough to strike. How can any of us tell the difference?

    • A good Muslim will pray five times a day, allow that which is halal and avoid that which is haram, will speak calmly and kindly to you then slit your throat!

      • “Slit your throat”! Typical muslim… Just because you are born as a human being doesn’t mean you are one. You don’t have to be a genius to know what’s right or wrong. You have a brain to think and process rather than brainlessly follow someone or something in a book. If you guys (muslims) are to behave, I have nothing to blame. Don’t go slit others’ throat just because they are not muslim!!!

    • They are inserted in a country, befriend, and act as if they are innocent of teachings they grew up with and follow. They are deceivers. They fool the, the weak minded and uneducated (as in, uneducated to what and who they are, their true beliefs, teachings, history, their goal). The ignorance? Is on the part of those who trust them. Their ignorance is in following some greedy, power hungry, control freak from the desert for centuries, wasting their lives to fulfill this mans goal! Tell me, why would people continue to believe and follow a practice, and the writings of a man, that teaches such things as the Koran,? History-they infiltrate a country, set themselves up and then, take control. Americans want everyone to be nicey nice and get along so, they tell themselves they need to do this, believe trust, tolerate, accept-this is not these peoples plan-their actions are temporary. I hope one day you don’t find out how unfriendly they can be!

    • The thing is other well meaning muslims do not try to stop such attrocities or even speak publicly against it. This is what makes islam different

      • It is more complex than that. The moderates are browbeaten into submission by the extremists else they become the first targets of attack. Fear of being charged with apostasy is always hanging over their heads. The society itself is full of insecurity and fear.

      • Brian don’t you Dare turn a legitimate passage into your islamaphobic quote of the month !!! The phrase has nothing to do with Islam but pure evil in all forms ! (Quote ” The only thing that can let EVIL truely triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing “) end quote ! And if you need further proof of that quote then perhaps you should watch tears of the sun!!

    • Kaneda, the sad part is that the ones that came year years ago, especially from Iran, when their government was thrown over, they came to escape what we are seeing now for more than 20 years. Their mission is to befriend us & try to win us over to Allah. They are waiting for their Mahdi (which we, if you are a believer in Christ Jesus, are waiting for His second coming) to come. Now their Mahdi is actually the antichrist. Now they ARE instructed to befriend us by their Qur’an & try to win us for Allah, they’ll even do business with a Jew, but ONLY till their Mahdi comes, once their. Mahdi comes you’ll find out how quickly these so called nice Muslim will continue to befriend you. It will be more like, they will behead you not befriend you. This is why they NEVER keep ANY peace treaty with Israel, usually never the 7 years that they can keep the peace with Israel according to their Qur’an. They are instructed to NEVER keep a peace treaty with Israel or any infidel nation for more than 7 years. Do research & see how many times they have broken their peace treaty with Israel. Sorry to tell you, they can not be trusted, you really have to fast & pray for The Lord’s leading when it comes to these people. If you do research how this demonic religion was started you’ll then see what the rest of us sees. You can befriend them & speak to them about the One & Only true God, Yeshua-Jesus Christ, & allow The Holy Spirit to do His work, but I honestly will not trust them.


    • I still have a few friends among Muslims; they are not going to be any problem as they have adapted well enough into their new country and they all dispice the few fanatics among their own religion. I’m not a racist, nor do I have any admiration for Nazi’s, Neo-Nazi’s & facist, but the two religions just don’t mix well together!
      In any take-over bid: I know that sooner or later the less fanatic ones will be forced to take up arms and join their fanatic brothers in their fight against the ‘Infidels’!
      Western countries should worry about removing these fanatics from the world and annihilate them, before they do it to us! Sending in ‘drones’ is not part of that idea in my book, but something has to be done pretty quick as it is already too late for the majority of Western Europe and even Canada is already well on the way towards the same model of state!

    • Cynthia, I didn’t read your comment, but based on what you said, it’s not that they didn’t like it, it’s that this is an occult religion, demonic control, so satan has them blinded to the truth. You know I firmly believe that many of them know deep down in their heart that their faith is not of The One & Only True God-Jehovah, but they are so blinded that they rather to continue in their ignorance & continue to follow their demon religion, some through fear because they kill each other in a second, a father will even cut his daughter’s throat if her head is uncovered. So with such pressure that’s instilled into them, they continue in their false doctrine & only through prayers can they be set free.

  22. It is so sad that those who profess that Allah is god do not even know their own roots. Who is Allah…
    Allah is the name of the only God in Islam. It was also the name of the chief god among the numerous idols in the Kaaba in Mecca. Many believe the word was derived from the middle eastern word “el” which in Ugaritic, Caananite and Hebrew can mean a true or false God. According to the encyclopedia of Religion, Allah corresponded to the Babylonian god Baal, and Arabs knew of him long before Mohammed worshipped him as the supreme. Allah was the god of the local Qurish tribe of whom was Mohammed’s tribe before he invented Islam to lead his people out of their polytheism. Allah was known as the Moon God, of which he had 3 daughters who were viewed as intercessors for the people into Allah. Their names were Al-Lat, Al-uzza, and Al-Manat, which were three goddesses. Hubal (Ba3l) was the chief God of the Kaaba among the other 360 deities. The Kaabah in Mecca is also named Beit-Allah (House of Allah). The Koran Tells us that Mohammed drove the other idols away; he made one God now the only god and he was its messenger. Mohammed used the name Allah, which was of a specific idol without ever distinguishing it from the idol the Meccans were already worshipping… These names show the devotion of Mohammed’s pagan roots, and also prove that Allah was part of a polythiestic system of worship before Allah was made the supreme and only god from the other God’s. This should be proof to the pre Islamic root of the name of Allah to the Muslim, remember they were pagans who use this name. The crescent moon was the symbol of the moon God Allah and is used as a symbol of Islam today. Today there is hardly a Muslim that knows it’s origin. It was an ancient pagan fertility symbol that is found throughout the middle east. Mohammed made Allah into a single being who unlike the Bible’s God has no son. This God has never revealed himself to man but revealed only his will. This God is so removed from man that it is impossible to know him in a personal way he relates to man only through his will and law. Muslims claim that the name Allah can be found in the Bible. Allah is not called Yahweh once in the Koran but neither is Yahweh called Allah in the Bible. So they can’t be the same God. Neither is the word Elohim which is applied to Yahweh over 2,500 times used in the Bible. Neither is he called I Am, which he said would be his name forever to Moses. God is called the God of the Jews an impossibility with Allah. Nowhere is the name of Allah to be found in the Old or New Testament. Because of Islam’s dominance Allah became the common name of God. The translators of the Bible gave in to the religious pressures and substituted Allah for Yahweh in the Arabic Bibles, but this is not the name of the God of the Hebrews nor of the creator who made heaven and earth because of its source in paganism.

    • Yes, I did an intense study on Islam & taught all this in my church. I also witness to many Muslims in the streets, stores, etc. & many don’t even know what’s in their Qur’an, nor the history of Islam. But let’s not go that far, what does The Lord say, “my people perish through LACK of knowledge”. We have the same problem, when it comes to the knowledge of The Living Word. Many think that being a Christian consist of going to church on Sunday & very few even go to the mid-week Bible Study, then they are wondering why things are going the way they are, they only got the ticket into heaven & absolutely no growth. Sad, because we will be judge for our time spend here on earth. We must not just read The Word of The Lord, but study His. Word, it’s in the studying that makes us strong in Christ Jesus.

  23. Please, everyone, this website is run by racist people that have no sense of truth in their heart. The admin is racist and can’t see Muslims for what they really stand for, peace and tranquility. This video is just someone that IS NOT EVEN A PRACTICING MUSLIM. People like these make the religion look bad. To all the people that think Islam is a bad religion, have you even met a Muslim and tried to get to know him? I think you are all living under rocks and are lazy people, because If you got to know a PRACTICING Muslim, you would see that they are nice people. Please do not let the people that are not following the Islamic teachings and call themselves Muslim let you give a bad impression of the Islamic religion as a whole. Yes, there are “self-claimed” Muslims that are terrorists, but I can go to ANY religion and point out many people that are also terrorists. George Bush HIMSELF planned the 9/11 attack. There were NO Jewish people in that building that day, even though there were many that worked there normally. Think that as a coincidence? Obviously not. I know I am going to get HATE from the racist admin/leader of this stupid website that hates Islam just for the sake of hating, and they don’t look for the truth, but please get to know someone that is a PRACTICING Muslim and you will get to know how peaceful they are. Also, please read ANY part of the Quran with an explanation and you will also see, through that, that we believe in peace. Our greeting means peace, does that not tell you something?!

    I will pray that you see the truth and will come to realize that you are following false propaganda that was made by hateful people. Ameen (which is our version of Amen).

    P.S. Go ahead and send all the hate you want, it will not affect me in anyway whatsoever and I will still keep trying to spread the truth about our religion; how we go by peace and do not force anyone to come to Islam (this is said in the Quran)

      • Please Muslims are accused of being this thing called terrorists we are not doing anything these are Israel that are killing those little kids the Palestinians are fighting for there. Land Israel is trying to take the land Muslims are not who you think they are who do you think made this world yes sure u think Jesus but we believe in him as a prophet not a god.dont judge people and obviously don’t believe in people’s dumb tricks if your not smart enough to fall for it don’t judge people for those lies. By the way those kids died from war I guess and those children are Muslims they were murdered by another religion because it’s beyond haram for killing others for no reason. Don’t believe in what the dumb internet is telling you follow your heart and see what you think why would people kill children for no good reasons don’t even try saying the god damn word terrorists be careful what you say what u think and what you do.

        • Sir/Madam you are expressing your hate to him. Islam is not religion of hate. Infact anyone who behave immorally or involve in any criminal activity doesn’t matter what religion he has or from which race he belong should be punish and thats what Islam says, Thats what Quran says. but if you judge Islam and Muhammad(صلى الله عليه و سلم) by those people you see on television is like Judging Prophet of ALLAH Jesus by the acts of Christians.

      • Hay BNI, Islam is not only a religion. it is a complete way of life. and if you ask what race is Islam, than its answer is simple Islam is the only race that finished all the inequalities cause by race

        Following passage describes the importance of social equality in Islam:

        “O’ ye people! Allah says, O’ people We created you from one male and one female and made you into tribes and nations, so as to be known to one another. Verily in the sight of Allah, the most honored amongst you is the one who is most God-fearing. There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab and for a non-Arab over an Arab or for the white over the black or for the black over the white except in God-consciousness.”

        Dear If you learn Islam from a proper mean you’ll know it but if you follow that crappy media it’ll ruin your imagination. and make you a victim who hate. May God Guide you before it’s too late

        • Abddulla, you’re right, Islam is not a religion, it’s a mysogynistic,supremacist death cult.

          I have read the quran, hadith, sunna and know a lot more about Islam than any media do.

          And don’t call me dear.

        • Hey Abdullah, I’d love to see you buried with a slice of ham on your lips for all those lies you continue to spew. Mohammad was a sick pedophile and your religion is just a fictitious piece of propaganda designed to enslave other cultures. May you and your ilk burn in hell.

        • Islam is a religion that dominates the entire life of it’s follower. Islam promotes and condones rape of any non-Muslim. For that alone, I condemn Islam.

      • Well maybe you are right Hassan, But where are all you so called good muslims when it comes to uniting with everyone else against the evil jihadists?. No muslims are standing up in the streets against these people who call themselves muslims are they, No so called good muslims are turning the bad ones into the police are they. So you obviously are as bad as they are otherwise you would be standing against those who supposedly make other muslims look bad. You are all as bad as each other as you all turn a blind eye to something that you really support from the cult you belong to & believe the evil words of a book that incites evil!

      • Err, Hassan , you say get to know a muslim you need to read my post i know them in their countries for over 30 years , in short you are a typical muslim ashole , and once again the bullshit about 9/11 you are just one of the two faced rag heads that follow a pervert that screwed children

    • Hassan, if your *religion* is so full of peace and tranquility, why are your own people not doing something about this savage brutality? Why are you not picketing western governments to get rid of these thugs from our shores and only you, the good guys, can stay. Why do your imams not preach against this behavior and tell these nasty slimy people that they are EXCOMMUNICATED from your religion because you cannot condone their activities. YOUR SILENCE FROM THE MOSQUES IS YOUR UNDOING.

      I have MANY muslim friends…MANY…I have lived in Iran and still have muslim friends from there. As the jihadists start to spread throughout the world and as they destroy more of our world and our people, the muslim clergy needs to speak out against these radicals, but they are not. VERY ODD.

      I must tell you…I have a muslim friend in Oslo. He was always VERY moderate, VERY VERY moderate, but the last email I got from him sounded a bit different. I have decided that I will wait a long long time to email him back. Oslo has such a strong muslim influence that I am concerned that he might be changing his political stance.

      If it came down to the rest of us non-muslims and jihadists….who would you choose? That is, actually, a rhetorical question…I KNOW who you would choose because one choice lets you keep your head and the other comes with no guarantees.

      George Bush HIMSELF planned 9/11. Aw, come on, if you want to argue, come up with some good arguments.

      I had some muslim friends from Iran come to Texas once. One of them is very moderate and a lot of fun to be around…the other was a Hajj and we called him Hajji…don’t know if I ever knew his real name, but he would sit and just watch and never talk while we were laughing and having a good time. He made me very uncomfortable…I always had that feeling that he would just as soon kill us as look at us.

      If you moderate, peaceful muslims want to be accepted into our society, you need to somehow get every moderate, peaceful muslim to stand up and speak out against the savages and their nightmare they are living. You need to march peacefully with signs saying you detest jihadists and without carrying a jihadist banner. Heck, in Iran, I couldn’t even fly my American flag…it was forbidden, yet muslims in this country march in our cities wearing jihadist clothing and carrying their flag/banner. How disrespectful is that?

      You know what….WE THE PEOPLE of this country just want to live our lives in peace as Christians…raise our children, go to our jobs, take care of our homes and neighborhoods and not have to worry about running into madman jihadist and worrying about being torn apart. WE are not going after your people, they are coming after us.

      My husband & I looked forward to our retirement so we could travel all over the world again, but now we dare not. People are being savagely treated by jihadists all over the world and we are of an age where we could not run or easily defend ourselves so we have to limit our travel to our own country and those areas we are extremely familiar with.

      YOU are the lazy one because you are not trying to see things from our perspective and you obviously don’t want to try. THINK…how would you like being under constant threat by madmen? That is what is happening to us and you are too lazy to understand that.

      You are also very young….you are unable to really think for yourself yet and only repeating what you hear your imams tell you.

      • Very, very well said, they uphold their book Hadith (which are the thus sayings & instructions of Mohammed) over the Qur’an, the Qur’an are the thus sayings of Allah. It is in their Hadith book where they read to understand & learn what the Qur’an is instructing them to do, & it is in the Hadith where Jidad is expressed highly & full of hate to all infidels, it is from this book that they indoctrinate the children in schools. So this hate is pour into their brains from early childhood. This why they always tell Westerners,”show me where in the Qur’an does it say it”. Because many Westerners are unfamiliar of their Hadith book. (The poision book, the evil book)

    • to Hassaan, the overly submissive

      Dear bastard,

      you try in vain to reach the peak of idiocy that the prophet Muhammad (Piss Be On Him [PBOH]) attained in his time. There is one slight difference though: while Mohammad did not know how to write at all, you seem to know how to write your name. With a double A.

      So, Hassaan, continue to ‘spread the truth about’ your ‘religion’ and please, as you say, do not attempt in any way to ‘force anyone to come to Islam’. We have enough idiots on this planet.

    • You know Hassaan, they’re are people who do know THE TRUTH and don’t play this new world, foolish, ignorant, be stupid, just accept it, way of thinking! There are those nowadays, that every time one turns around, are putting a label/name on anyone who doesn’t follow their idiotic new way of thinking. Many have fallen for this but, they’re are many who are just not going to let you type of people try and guilt trip us, makes us feel sorry, label us into, or convince us to accept warped ideas and beliefs. You can name call and label all you want, it’s only words. I’m a homophobic so what-because I know it’s wrong. I’m a racist because I won’t believe what you believe, because I don’t like what you believe, oh well. God loves all still He doesn’t like what people do or, have become, and He will not accept it-does this mean He’s a racist? He created all. Because someone doesn’t like what a person, a group, or a country does, does not make one a racist! You can try to twist this all you want. Your own Mohammed and Allah are racists-they want only followers of them to live! The only peace and tranquility your tyrannical system is for, will come after all infidels accept your ways or, are dead. This is what your Quran teaches! Your a Muslim, you tell me what you would do-now this is just make believe, of course-if your people rose up and came after your “all American” best friend/neighbor? What side do you choose? I’m sure you’ll keep your head on this one.

    • Hassan, first of all this website is NOT run by racist people, it is run by very well INFORM, very intellectual individuals who DO KNOW the TRUTH about Islam. Now, let’s talk about Muslim’s peace & tranquility, because the only ignorant one here is you. Apparently you yourself don’t know or does not understand or has Never read you Qur’an cover to cover, so my friend let’s begin your education on your own faith. #1). Al-Darr happens to be the 91st name of Allah. Why do Muslims get queasy when the 91st name of Allah Al-Darr is mentioned & even go as far as rejecting such a title. Al-Darr happens to be the SAME word used to address vermin & anything nasty. It literally means the causer of harm, the afflicted & CREATOR of all suffering. Now in my Holy Book (The Bible), satan is portrayed as the one who afflicts people with calamity & at times even with sickness & disease. Despite Muslim uneasiness & rejection of the title, would any Muslim subtract one of ninety-nine names of the beautiful names of Allah, to end up with only ninety eight? This in itself would cause some harm to the validity of Islam. I have travelled to Turkey more than 10X’s & Egypt a couple of times, I worked for an Iranian company, have a few Muslim friends & NEVER met a Muslim with the name Al-Darr, which is customary for Muslims to connect the word “slave of” with every name & title of allah-Abdul-Rahman (slave of the merciful), Abdual-Malek (slave of the King), xAbdual-Rauof (slave of the kind one), Abdual-Jabbar (slave of the mighty one). Yet when it comes to Al-Darr, I haven’t ever as of yet found a Muslim with the name Abdual-Darr. Now I ask you, how could such a name be one of the most beautiful names of Allah? Allah in Islam is understood to be the producer of not only good, but also of evil. Allah has a couple more of these evil names, I just used his 91st name but there are a few more. 2). Nasheed (a rhythmic poetry that is sung without musical instruments, which are totally prohibited in Islam). Your great prophet proclaimed musicians to be of the people dwelling in hell. Here is one of the most popular Islamic Nasheed songs: We are those who built our forts Out of the skulls Which we brought from the land of the tyrant, By force & on top of the booty Our messenger is the one who made us Noble builders of glory Our messenger is the sun of truth Who lit face of the world. Wow! this doesn’t sound like any songs that other religions sing in their churches. 3). The core of your faith is totally based on the foundation of your creed: “There is no god but allah & Mohammed is his messenger.” If I were to ask you or any Muslim, what is Islam, you would recite the creed, this is the first pillar of Islam. This creed to advanced Allah as the only god is CARRIED out through jihad, which begins by an invitation to Islam (political jihad). If the offer to take the mark of Islam is rejected, then advancing allah’s glory comes by jihad war, in which the enemy is decapitated. Islamic jihad IS religious conditions, using allusions of misery & glory days of the past in order to convert masses into becoming rage & pride-filled, remorseless killers & seekers of salvation by their own death. The goal is to re-establish a utopian theocratic world order where Allah & Muslims reign supreme & non-Muslims become subservient. That my friend is what Islam is. So, zakat is to advance the cause of Allah by supporting jihad & is one of the five MAIN PILLARS of Islam. And it is an obligatory aspect of Islam. This is the religion of so call peace & love. 4). Your Mahdi is believed to have the spirit of Mohammed, and so, he will have the same attributes, & will occupy the Temple Mount. Your believe is that Mohammed is the most perfect man that ever existed, you also believe that he shares many attributes & names with god himself. You actually believe that Mohammed is literally the best of all God’s creation. It’s obligatory by wajib, & one who denies it commits sin, is guilty of innovation, & deserves to be taught a lesson. Wow! I’m so happy that I have freedom to chose, not have one dictate what I should believe. 5). You speak of the German Hitler believed in Islam NOT Christianity. Hitler even learned genocide from Islam. From the book Al-Hidayah, the most widely read book of Islamic jurisprudence in the Muslim world, & used as a primary text in Islamic schools & seminaries, is a motivating factor in the call to jihad. 6). When I was in a taxi in Turkey I noticed 3 lanes & some Turkish writing above, then on the other side there was one lane & that lane also had some writing above. I said, “wow, you guys have an express lane like in America”, no one said a word, I noticed hoe the cab driver looked at me, but didn’t say a word & none of my co-workers said a word. So, I repeated myself thinking I wasn’t heard, again no response, so I just dropped it, only to learn later on back in the States, that the 3 Lanes read above “Muslims Only” & the one lane was not an express lane but a lane (which was on the right) for “Non-Muslims”. Why such a loving peaceful religion discriminates against Non-Muslims? No other religion does what the loving, peaceful Islam religion does. 6). Now let’s touch on your wonderful, beautiful Mahdi-Shi’a Muslims refer to him as sahib Al-saman, “The Lord of the age.” My friend this is exactly what my Bible calls satan: “The Lord of the age” (11 Corinthians 4:4). And this is NOT a coincidence. 1). Your Khilafa , your Mahdi doesn’t merely emerge as some vague great religious leader; but he will return to reinstate the office of the Caliphate. You are directed, that if you see him (Mahdi) go & give him your allegiance, even if you have to crawl over ice, because he is the Vice-regent (Khalifa) of Allah, the Mahdi, now here comes the kicker, for he will pave the way for, & establish the government of, the family(or community) of Mohammed…Every believer WILL BE OBLIGATED to support him. Now, you Hadith (or Sunna) which by the way are the records of both the words & the deeds of the “prophet” Mohammed. Your Qur’an is “thus says Allah” & your hadiths are “thus says ‘Mohammed”. And here is where the Westerners are very ignorant, because it is mostly in your Hadith IS WHERE ISLAMIC TERRORISM IS TAUGHT. Now I like to ask you a question, “Do you consider Mohammed to be the best authority to interpret the Qur’an? In other words, are the Hadith authoritative to all Muslims? “O you who believe, obey God and obey His Messenger and those in authority among you. Please go to your Qur’an 4:59. 7). The Sunnah is as important to a Muslim as the. New Testament is to a Christian: “The Sunnah is everything besides the Qur’an that came from god’s messenger. It explains & provides details for the laws found in the Qur’an.” There are NO serious scholars today who would deny the 200 or so commandments found in the Hadith, which PROMOTE nothing short of JIHAD by the. SWORD-including unprovoked invasions for the sole purpose of ADVANCING the worship of Allah. I really have so, so, so, much more about this demonic false religion, but I really have far more better things to do, so I hope your eyes were open.

    • You are nothing but ignorant Muslim you may be good & peaceful but you are ignorant as well, you are completely overlooking what your ancestors did & still your brothers are doing around the world in the name of Islam. You keep spreading the truth about your religion & others keep doing atrocities on non-muslims but wont stand against them. You Muslims did the greatest genocide of Hindus & yet Pakistani Muslims want to do. Even in India in states near Bangladesh Muslims are persecuting Hindus cause now they are in majority. In 1 state they demanded ban on Hindus to ring bell in temple & bastard congress govt agreed to that, can you believe it!!!
      it was only because of Hindu nationalist organisation protested against after which that right was restored. You Muslim are only peaceful when you are small in numbers but when in majority you show your true self.

  24. please, dont fight over here, muslims get disturbed with these comments. Its obvious ur all christian, so am i but i didnt kno that my culture is so digraceful and stupid enough to kno that muslim is a peaceful culture, media puts on talibans only to make people think bad of muslims, ive got muslim friends and they r way better than us fuckin smokin christians. all u atheist that commented will be burned in hell in the day of judgement, the world will end as the angel crushes it, my culture may not be the one god wants but i do kno that he’s happy of me from knowing this much. im a theist.

    • I think you need to re-examine your faith. If you are going to identify yourself as a Christian it would behoove you to not use the f word in the same paragraph. Come on.

    • I am Sick and TIRED and DISGUSTED by MUSLIMS saying that they are peaceful and that these people do not reflect all MUSLIMS — Why are you not angry, why are you not outraged? WHY ARE YOU NOT CLEANING UP YOUR OWN HOUSE. You murdering LIARS and your jihad and caliphate and Sharia – SHAME on you, your religion, your race, your people, your children who you teach to hate. It will come down to a war you know this right? Over 1 Billion catholics, and almost 2-1 christian to muslim ration means you will be gone. I don’t know who will lead the cleanup, not me….but I will support the mission.

      • Islam is simple madam i.e. every Muslim should always keep in mind what ever he is going to do one day he have to answer about his deeds done in this world in front of ALLAH(the One and Only God). but if a person is forgetting this, it means, he is disbelieving Day of Resurrection. when he is disbelieving this he is neither God loving nor God fearing person. when he lack all these properties why would anyone call him a Muslim.

        • and all these thing they start talking about shairat .etc most of them use it to make false excuses or hide there doings. you better stop judging and start reading :)

      • ME !!! You might want to rephrase your comment on catholic talk until you yourself have researched all the facts until then your like a new born baby opening its eyes for the first time and be able to see clearly ! ( Google the black pope and the Vatican Papecy and them come back and preach to everyone how much you love your Catholicism !!!

    • Hi Islam, why dont you come and be a muslim and you can have sex with children, rape and plunder loot from the non-muslims, be just generally murderous, every depraved act you can imagine, you would love it, I can tell.

    • Sorry, but I have a very hard time believing that you are a Christian! If you are you better seek The Lord’s forgiveness &repent for your vulgar language & attitude. Now Christianity falls under a Big umbrella, so if you are a Catholic or anything other than a 100% Bible believer I then understand, because you most likely DO NOT have a personal relationship with The Lord, Jesus Christ. So you are a so called Christian. Sorry, but the truth is the truth. A Christian, a real Christian speaks in love.

    • Yes, I 100% agree with you! but the world would 100% be better off if they ALL had aPersonal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. A relationship is a far cry from religion.

    • I’m not sure that would be the solution to this problem. The propensity to be violent and perverse is just too great in some people. They just need a pretext. Some of them are seriously mentally ill.

  25. Wipe them out totally of this planet …kill in the name of Allah !!!!…..what the hell ???….they are so coward bastards it’s unbelievable that they always get away with this. Muslims today WHAT ever country they come from are a threat to the whole world. Wake up everyone !!!….Want to add 1 last thing,I live in
    thailand and have seen these monstruos things happen and even increasing year by year. WHY kill innocent people who doesnt have anything to do with this ???….Once again because they cowards and dont want face they army instead. You all are a VIRUS that get our lovely planet sick by your horrible actions against the innocent civilians.

    • I understand your frustration, Jari. I’ve been to beautiful, peaceful Thailand several times and wish I could go again. I feel so badly about what is happening to your people at the hands of these savages. Jari, if your people had guns, do you think they could protect themselves better?

      At least in our country, well….here where I live in Texas anyway, we have a lot of guns and the muslims are pretty quiet around here. I don’t think they would want to get tangled up with a mad American with a gun.

      I never thought one of the most peaceful religions in the world would have these atrocities happening to them.

      Good luck to you…I hope your government drives these savages into the sea.

  26. Just, no. Why the name? Why don’t you know that Islam and Muslim mean pretty much the same thing? Islamic people are called Muslim. Have you not taken a world religion class?

  27. USA and Europe must stay together to fight against islam.
    But now, the US needs to renew and strengthen our friendship, otherwise islam could get too strong….
    As we all know, islamic people have more children and are spreading too much.

    • THE west needs to abandon any relations with ISLAM and ISlamic states and totally 100% isolate these retards in their own regions and let them kill each other and rot in the desert. We the people of the WEST want nothing to do with you murdering LIARS who are so two faced, hypocritical and downright liars that it is incredible. You preach tolerance and murder other ethnic groups or religions. You say that you are peaceful and behead children. GOD, the true Christian GOD, his son Jesus, The Virgin Mary and all the Saints will have a place in hell for you child-murdering animals and all those who defend them.

  28. Muslim is the biggest prosecuters of other religions in the world. Especially Christianity since they see Christ as the biggest threat to their religion. The coran states that a muslim may not accept help from an infedel or befriend him. This will lead to eternal condemnation for them. So you can condem a muslim by helping him or being friends with him. I’m a Christian and I befriend and help as many muslims as I can. Hope they all rot in hell.

    • My god… So many lies in a single paragraph, to the point this fool actualy tells you to help muslims, and masquerade this idea under the disguise that by helping them you are providing condenation rather than effective promotion.

    • Seriously, jj….you expect anyone to believe that nonsense. The Koran states that muslims must kill all NON-believers and they are out there killing a lot of them. Your so-called helping and befriending does not make a bit of difference. And they will not rot in hell…they will burn in hell’s eternal flames.

  29. The US needs to be assisting governments such as the Thai one is fighting Islamic extremists. I`d rather fight alongside Buddhists against Muslims than Muslims against Muslims. Let them kill each other, it is their nature.

    • Bukyo, right now, the US is on the same side as Islamic extremists, i.e., Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Libya’s Islamofascists, Syrian FSA/al-Qaeda rebels. Turkey’s Islamist Erdogan. It will be at least 3+ years before we are free from the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, so don’t expect any help for Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, etc. before then.

  30. Ancient Hindu way of life is the only solution… NO ORGANISED RELIGIONS CAN BRING PEACE AND HAPPINESS , let the world follow YOGA , MEDITATION, NONVIOLENCE. VEGITERIANISM…

  31. Another thing to remember is this:
    If all the muslim immigrants come here to claim benefits only and not to work, that would suggest that the welfare system is not only keeping these people alive so to speak but also gives them a financial incentive (even encouragement) to have large families, and yet you cannot see a government link to that either!
    More Muslim families who produce more offspring and quicker than indiginous whites cannot support such families without the help of the zionist controlled government!
    That one is obvious, wake up!

    • pleb, I totally blame the governments that support these muslim parasites and encourage more to come. Again, I want to know the names of all the zionists who control the UK government. Cameron doesn’t sound like a Jewish name.

  32. The propaganda is strong, but what of the Talmud……, there is a book of hate, racism and prejudice if ever there was one 😉 …..Lets ask who was it that let all the Muslims into Europe and WHY? Which individuals “never let a good crisis go to waste” ? Who owns all the media corporations around the world enabling and thus giving “terror” a platform to change the hearts and minds of the hypnotized masses?
    If I made a beheading video, put an Islamic garment on while covering my face (showing my non-islamic features) and shouted “allah – u – ackbar” ….does this mean “Islam” was to blame?
    Remember if a gang of thugs came from 5000 miles away into your village and started trying to kill everyone there and YOU tried to defend the people of your village from this gang YOU would be labelled a Taliban TERRORIST, how many Afghans do you know of that are in your village right now walking around with guns?
    I thought not!

    • pleb, you are the reason the UK is quickly becoming an Islamic hellhole. Name all the JOOOOOOS who were responsible for bringing in millions of muslim scum to Europe. Start with your home – England. You are dumber than a stone. No wonder England needs the EDL.

      • Try the pro-isreal zionist government for a start! I might be dumber than a stone, you however along with everyone else will be called out by the very stone you use to hide yourself under, and your 7 Noahtide laws that YOUR government are now putting in place will not give you the same freedom to call anyone over anything. Good luck with that.
        By the way, the EDL do not speak on behalf of the UK, they are yet another small fractional group (like sharia4uk) who have a use to divide Muslims and Christians from uniting in the UK, something Christians and Muslims do not seem to benefit from, funny that huh, look around and look how much the average Muslim HAS benefited from terror and how further the pro-israeli agenda is moving along (who has gained the most from Islamic/european demographic switch) Friends of Israel…..
        You my friend obviously care about your fellow man to see a threat, however it takes a complicit government agenda to pull off the amount of immigration that has happened, Muslims could take the UK but not without the help of the Talmudists.

        • pleb, oh, right, blame Britain’s muslim savage problem on the Joooos. What is the percentage of Jews in the UK – 1% 2%? How many Jews hold high political office there?

          Somehow I find it hard to believe that the EDL are the reason Christians and muslims do not get along. Like the Crusades, the EDL are a reaction to the shit muslims pull wherever they go. I sincerely hope and pray for a new Crusades to finish off the muslim problem they didn’t all those years ago.

          The UK has no pro-Israel agenda and hasn’t for many years. Your leaders are beholden to their Arab masters.

  33. No Zyfe, Here’s how it is. Dumb is no excuse, and statistically, YOUR people are the most violent and repressive.

  34. whew. it was difficult to post here. need to go to the bottom of the page first.
    Anyways, people.. “Human Beings”.. Please!! Do not judge Islam Religion by what we so called Muslims here.. Muslims are human being. There are good Muslims there are evil Muslims. There are good Americans there are evil Americans. There are good Buddhist there are evil Buddhists. All Muslims are not the same. Same as all of the member of your own family are not the same. As I have known accdg to some Muslims..they are not taught to kill human beings for the sake of religion. Maybe those referred Muslims above mentioned are dumb people because they dont know how to understand what their Quran was actually teaching them or they are just super close/small-minded that they just really want to believe what they want to believe(selfish beliefs). Others are there commenting just for their own benefit like just to badmouth other religion(and that is super small-minded/uneducated/selfish). Humans shall be commented individually because every person is unique. Yes, wrong doers must be punished but not killed because only God has the right to take lives. Wrong doers must take responsibility with their actions. Right doers must not go ‘OK’ with the actions of bad doers. They must do something(but not kill..punish). Even punishing is a serious decision to make.. how and why.. that is why we have better things to think of than instantly judging religion! Judging without balanced and logical thinking, w/o proof, without being actually there, without hearing the other side of the story, and listening to lying and deceitful tongues is the way of small-minded people. The Universe is so complex. Think.

  35. Daniel, can you at least ‘judge’ (meaning, form an opinion) about a ‘religion’ from it’s scripture? There should be a rule: may the ignorant hold their peace. How many times do people like Daniel have to be hit over the head with a brick to realize something is horribly, horribly wrong here?

  36. We, as civilized humans, should respect any religion, be it, Islam< Christian, Hinduism, Buddhism and so on.. We can't judge a religion based on what certain people from the religion did. Can we condemn the whole teachings just because SEVERAL did something bad?? A religion teaches us to be GOOD, and the BAD things we did, is not what taught by our religion… In the end, we'll see who's right, who's wrong… Just not with bad words of insulting comments..

  37. Islam is an amazing religion Muslims are as peaceful as anyone else every culture religion what have you have fucked up ppl and do fucked up things open ur hearts and eyes were all the same do we not bleed the same colour no one is better then another believe in what u may but don’t open ur mouth unless u have something good to say were u not brought up right to speak against ppl u don’t know about all this crap u hear about us Muslims is exactly what the media wants you to see they wont show you how we really are that’s y theirs so much violence because all you ppl talk shit and show false shit about us on tv like hello were just like you so leave us the fuck alone and pay a little more attention on ur own religion and culuter

  38. You guys are retarded bigots who all think Islam as an religion is bad… The Islamic religion is pretty much a combination of Judaism and Christianity. With different names for God and Jesus. Its not the religions fault it’s the extremists who use the religion as their reasoning…


  40. There are so many bad doctors in this world yet when you get sick you go to other doctors. Same thing submits on teachers there are so many perverts teachers would you say ALL teachers are bad or all schools are bad and we should not attend schools ?!?In every religion there are extremist dont blame the religion blame these PEOPLE.

  41. Kachina, it is quite believed that demons are living amidst us, but must the demon always come through muslims alone? take note of this< it is quite unfortunate that no one fight back at this muslim ever since they've started killing…

  42. Muslims are the most violent around the world. We all hear everyday in every country, Muslims killed Buddhists, Christians, Jews, etc. We all have to stand against Muslims and Islam.

  43. Islam will win? Not unless you suddenly snap out of the dark ages and invest heavily in education, literacy, and equality of women. The combined military might of all Islamic nations is nothing compared to ANY developed secular first world nation. The US in particular has more military might than the rest of the world combined. And it’s because we haven’t been putzing around stoning women and splashing acid in their faces for showing their hair or ankles. We’ve been doing science.
    If we really had need of it, we could reduce all Muslim countries to glass using only conventional weapons, without any casualties at all on our side. That’s how far behind you are. However because we care about your people, we probably won’t do that. Not unless you arrange to make that the only way to keep our secular nation.

    • I vote for selective GLASS. The sooner the better. Unto ages of all ages. Amen.

      Can the U.S. pull it off? I seriously doubt it. You underestimate Islamic countries and Islam. They will continue killing little ones, and their parents who have dreams for them. They will continue maiming and torturing non-muslims. Such is their way.

  44. So you don’t know what “fundamental” means in your citation of the second definition.
    In this context, it means unquestionable, unchangeable, unmalleable, held to be true without evidence and despite all evidence to the contrary.

    Yes, religion must go. Faith is being wrong on purpose.

  45. Buddhists are some of the MOST PEACEFUL people on this earth. Muslims continue to prove that they are the most vile and evil. If they don’t want the reputation of being violent murderers, then they should quit doing what they are doing. They earn their own reputation continually.

  46. Just wanted to let BNI know FB is blocking people for posting this on Facebook. I run Barracuda Brigade & at least 4 aminds have been blocked from posting, because of it…

  47. it is so barbaric in nature….. i don’t even know the state God is right now..cos we human are crazy to ourselves, this has started when country are descriminating themselves…. it is bad, well, it is a sign that Jesus Christ is coming back again… I just pity those lifes that have been wasted through this crisis without knowing Christ… may God help.. Amen

  48. Susannah should visit France, several of my friends went there and took a walk, and ended up in a Muslim area and stones were thrown at them and they were chased and called terrible names and said they would be raped. Lucky they were in reasonalbe shape. It ruined a wonderful trip and wanted to go home. They could not relax after that. Susannah may just be a paid troll to go on sites and cause problems. The Muslims I know of first hand here in US are on the Government dole.

    • I work in Medicine and met a Muslim lady. We started talking and she said they cover up in a Burka for protection from the perverted muslim men. She stated it has nothing to do with being conservative and not showing skin. Muslim men come to Thailand and gang rape 10 at a time a bar girl to save money. I’ve seen night vision clips of them having sex with sheep and donkeys. Muslims do not assimilate into any culture. They need to be deported back to their country. Europe turned into a shit hole from them being there. All Muslims are held responsible and accountable for the terrorist acts of their religion. We do not accept a culture that does not assimilate and accept our culture. If your a good Muslim why would you want to be part of this sick religion? Get out before it’s too late. It is a Satanic Religion full of wack jobs.

  49. My comments apply, whether you are male, female, black, white, Christian, Muslim or atheist. Only fools become what they abhor.
    Live the change you’re trying to create. Religions from all corners of the world can join to make a stand against horrendous acts by minority extremists in their respective faiths. Every Muslim I have ever known has been lovely. As a religion, they give more money to charity than any other. That is why the homeless line the streets of the heavily Muslim populated area of Edgeware Road in London.

    Terrible acts like the one you first mentioned where the little boy was murdered are carried out because they listened to somebody who was inciting religious hatred. Be careful, it looks to me like that is exactly what you are doing here. I shall be reporting your incitement of religious hatred under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006. Let’s hope more Countries follow suit like this to put a lid on other bad apples like yourself – whatever their religion, ethnicity or beliefs. We’ve had enough suffering. Stop perpetuating it.

  50. Dear barenakedislam,

    On this msg threat, you have single handedly shut down and bullied logical, informed and cultured people from a whole range of religions. You’re right, there are sadly a minority of extremist Muslims who have committed shocking acts like the one you have mentioned here. I am an agnostic and I am saddened by them, in the same way I am saddened by you …you are a fellow extremist – brainwashed by an awol interpretation of a very similar Abrahamic faith. Maybe it was your upbringing or your time in the army that causes you to spit bigoted hatred and racism all under the guise of ‘Christianity’. Shame on you. And shame on those who helped shaped this ignorance you enjoy. I’m sure other Christians will read your words and say ‘not in my name’, just like other Muslims look at the Taliban and say the same.
    I was encouraged to read msgs 7 & 8 where Dini and William engaged in a tolerant and insightful exchange about the differences and similarities between Christianity and Islam. They, unlike you are progressive thinkers who are operating on a higher level – one which denies living only inside our own small upbringings and cultures, and embraces the chance for peace and unity.
    You draw parallels between Muslims and the Nazi’s. Really, you cant hear the irony in your own words? Hitler victimised the Jews and made up lies about them for his own political gain. He used propaganda to make the common joe on the street support his hate campaign against that particular race.
    Dear Common Joe, Mr ‘barenakedislam’, member of the Islamic hate campaign — I hope one day you will try to educate yourself and realise your own extremism. Judaism was the first Abrahamic faith. Christianity then began with the addition of the new testament to the Jewish Old Testament. Then again, Islam stems from further writings from Mohammed, adding to the latest writing which were the Bible. Jesus is regarded within Islam as a special prophet who’s name is mentioned in the Qur’an 25 times – more times than Muhammad’s. I’m disheartened by individuals like yourself and the ones who beheaded the poor little boy who are so easily susceptible and weak to indoctrination and this kind of extremism you’ve both displayed of your own respective faiths. My hope is that Islamic extremists, and fellow extremists like yourself will one day have the freedom, independence and strength to break from your respective hateful cults, and have the guts to start practising your own critical thinking, for a less troubled world.

    • I pity a religion that cuts the clits off their women and stones them when they are raped! Beheads non believers (infidels) in a soccer stadium in front of large audiences. We are a nation of people that are willing to protect our country against you and are itching to make it happen.

  51. It’s with horror i look on at whats happening with a people so devoid of knowledge in a time when information is so much at hand,,,the time will come even if it takes 200 years from now ,,like hitler and d nazis ,,these countries will suffer shame for its illiteracy,,snail like is d evolutionary process for change,,

  52. There is one thing that should be taken into account. Muslims behave well as long as their number is small and so they can enforce by force (excuse the pun) their beliefs. One minute after they reach a critical mass (or they realize they can exploit some law of a democratic nation), then the massacre begins. It could be a small thing as removing ham and pork meat from a school canteen, or obtain “only-women” schedule for public swimming-pool. But then and soon it billows to devastating pubs where spirits are sold, smashing girl-attended school, harassing women not wearing the veil (independent of the woman’s religion). And you now the rest of the story: nations where you are forced to be Muslim whether you want or not. To the many Muslim who wrote pathetic lines here, I reply: it is very easy to say that true Muslims behave in a different matter. No! True Muslims behave well only if they deem they are not enough to subdue, kill, behead who is not of their sides. Do you want the proof. As a Muslim go to a Muslim country (even so-called moderate country) and publicly say that you want to convert to a whichever religion. Then, let some of your kin write here after he/she receives your body (or part of your body) back what occurred to you. And I don’t even try to change your mind because you were so brain-washed since you were a little child that open your eyes is tantamount to what the ancient Pythagorean experienced when square root of two was discovered!
    Last to those “good” Indians, let me remember you that what you do and did to Muslims, you did and do to Christians (just look at Orissa). You are butchers as all the others because as soon as you can exploit the mere force of numbers, you slay and burn!

  53. when a muslim kills 10s of other peoples no muslim argue but when one kills even a single muslim, it becomes an international genocide news… like in myanmar…. where were these muslim anti-genociders when muslim terrorist killed hundreds of innocent peoples… islam respects people like osama bin laden… a muslim women who showed adultery was gunned down… two young school lovers were beheaded and sent to their respective houses in afghanistan…

    • koyote, I don’t like proselytizing here on behalf of any religion. You may comment, but don’t post long comments filled with Bible passages

  54. it wont stop that easy .. 3 of my friends died there couple years ago,they were buddhist and totally were the victims who got chose by em but lately those sh*thead kills everyone they wanted to .. no matter buddhist or muslim

  55. I feel like an alien trapped on a strange and demonic planet. I have never had any religion, I just dont care about it, I do not belive in any God, I`m just me and that is all. And I have never had any problems with it, its going fine. But when i look around at religious people I get a feeling a should get off this planet asap. I dont care what God you belive in, you are all frikkin crazy. Every religion is just as bad, religion is the cause of 90% of all problems but people just refuse to quit. Why I dont know, a religion-free life is a beautiful thing.

  56. So I have read a number of these posts.
    And my heart weighs heavy sadness.
    The problem is not religion.
    It is the hate in the hearts men.
    It’s the people, that believe there religion is right, and all others must convert or die, be shunned and harassed, or damned to hell fire.
    Do you really think Budduah has a problem with Muhamad?
    Does Jessues wages war against Jahova ?
    Then why is it our nature to lash out and strike our brothers for own opinions.
    I believe that we should all study religions around the world, not for worship, but for knowledge.
    So that we may be able to understand our brothers and sisters.
    In the bible it ses “first remove the plank from your own eye, before you can speak of the splinter in your brothers”
    And Buddah once said “in order for us to make peace with our brothers of other religions, we must speak to them with the pursuit of knowledge and understanding in our hearts, rather then the notion of of convertion”

  57. you cannot talk with these mentallly reataded islam …that an idiots religion ,sorry not a religion ,the way of death ,these are example of un cultred barbarians who lie for another dicks power ,siurely they burnig in petamnet hell but they dont that ,islam is sub missin to madness that is nevr a religion ,it as insult to god if god is realy there ,muslims will burn in permanet hell forever ……….hahahhhah i pity on islamic people ,becuase they nevr knoe The GOD.and the world shits on Quran ,mulsims ,mohmmwd permantly repaetedly.may world (muslims and nonmuslim)shit upon momo permanatly repaetacldy .AMIN

  58. all muslims are son bitches,satans may permanant hell be upon them,and mohemmed.
    all muslims go to hell ,non muslims go to heaven.all non mulsims peace be upon you and great curse be upon mohmmed and mulsims .the momo will born as pig permanantly .sure pigget mohmmed lol .

  59. hey assholes..!!!
    Lemme get dis straight ok …we muslims have nthng 2 do wid beheading thingz ….these r bloody acts of u people ….u do these things and put d blame on muslims…..we muslims are very strict ….u cant stand straight in front of a real muslim ….n as far as this story iz concerned u all r wrong….n its a war between certain place people why d hell do u guys involve islam in it ??…well i know bcoz u shit heads dont have a god nor do u have a religion of ur own….shame on u LOOSERS..!!!

  60. Surah Al-’Anfāl (The Spoils of War) 8:12

    (Islamic drivel deleted)

    I told you before not to post that crap. Now you are banned again. Come back again with a different ISP and you won’t be allowed to comment. —BNI

  61. Surah Al-‘Anfāl (The Spoils of War) 8:12

    [CONTENT DELETED] Save it, sweetie, nobody here has time to read longwinded passages from the book of hatred. —BNI

    • BnI, people like you always have no time for the truth…too scared to know the truth…By the way..people like you also mentioned by ALLAH as the sign of becoming end of days. ISLAM will win by the name of Allah..The QURAn is ALLAH matter how hard you guys try to destroy ISLAM & MUSLIM..the more of ISLAM & MUSLIM in earth. The no. of Muslims increase everyday..

      • LIARESS!!!!!

        Islam is NOT from God but Satan!!!

        Allah = SATAN himself (Shaytan in Arabic).
        Mohammed = ANTICHRIST himself!!!
        Islam = EVIL (and a waste of time, energy, everything)!!!!
        Moslems = EVIL!!!!
        Qu’rân = PACK OF LIES, HATE, CONTEMPT – utterly EVIL BEYOND ALL WORDS!!!!! [The same with the Hadiths!!]

        The true God is Yahweh (YHWH), Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour is His Only-Begotten Son – the Lamb of God – who took ALL the sins of the world upon Himself to present us sinless before His and Our Father, the Bible is God’s True Word and shows us how to TRULY LOVE both Him and our Fellow-Man!!!

  62. Really? Wow! well actually, that is after you guys insult Muhammad, flush the Holy Quran and some burned it…and etc…
    thank you barenaked..for the surah & sentences for me to refer.
    Mr. misunderstood Quran’s time, you read The Holy the whole surah..and read everything. if you can’t find ULAMA or IMAM to help can get Tafseer and put beside you..because it is important to understand the context of all this Surah and the situation under which this verse was revealed. I’ll go one by one with the way, I’m not afraid being banned by you..I’m only afraid of ALLAH!

  63. geNtlemeN, to those who claimed has read the QuraN & fully uNderstaNd it,..please tell me iN what Surah, iN which seNteNce you fiNd Islam allow killiNg innocent people??
    let me ask you somethiNg, if i iNsult your Jesus/Got/family/couNtry or what so ever about your religioN…or seize your right, will you just sit & smile?? if I make posters sayiNg ‘JESUS SUCKS!’ ‘JEWS PIG ASS’ caN you still sit & smile??

    • rM. yes, we can sit and smile and we do. Your supporters, the leftie Muslim-apologists, who hate Christianity do it all the time. Sometimes they even make museum exhibits using a cross soaked in urine, and a lot worse. That is what freedom of speech is. It protects ALL speech, and especially the offensive kind.

      If you tell me these are out of context, or are bad translations, you will be banned again.

      Qur’an 8:12

      “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.” “So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”


      “Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. He gave you a country you had not traversed before.”

      Qur’an 8:59

      “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.”


      “The Prophet said, ‘If a Muslim discards his religion, kill him.’”

      Qur’an 5:51

      “Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends.”

      Qur’an 9:005:

      So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

  64. STOP JUDGING ISLAM FROM WHAT YOU SEE OR HERE frm others specially like this page. besides Not oNly muslims had doNe such crime..other religioN had doNe it too! iNvolved iN crime such as rapiNg, robbiNg, killiNg..lots more..blamiNg ISLAM is wroNg!’s humaN fault that failed to use their braiN wisely..they let aNger coNtrol themselves..they let sataN conquered their miNd.
    to uNderstaNd ISLAM, read the QuraN. wheN you have doubt or questioNs..doN’t go aNd fiNd a priest or rabbi..they fail to give correct aNswer..fiNd for ULAMA or IMAM..iNsyaAllah, they will help you uNderstaNd it..wheN you waNt to read a QuraN, pray to your god..say: dear god almighty, please show me the truth..bcoz the GOD you’re askiNg for is oNly oNe..The GOD of iNjil, God of Torah..The God of QuraN..WHICH IS ALLAH..if you doNt beleive me..try it yourself…specially you bareNaked.

    • Oh shut the FU!! Your death cult only dhimmis can’t see through is the ONLY one incapable of reforming itself and that keeps killing in the name of who knows what, so don’t you come here crying and whining because you crazy nuts are despised: it’s well deserved.

      Tell you what, if was was God, I’d wipe you all out to oblivion in a blink of an eye, if only to teach you not to do all your crap in my name!

      But then again, all you bunch of degenerate wouldn’t even have enough intelligence to even learn that lesson. Get lost!

      • Alain, thank you for the comment =). I will pray for your long live till you can see the becoming of end of shud pray too you proof what you’re saying here is true.. =)

        • Agnostic me don’t need nor want prayers from you. Only those from people I care about are accepted and appreciated.

          Shall I be around when that day comes, pray we never cross paths then.

  65. barenaked, i am banned for being stupid AND boring?? well, what a surprise!!!!! i think that it’s not were afraid of truth..and you are afraid others here will see the truth… maybe i’m not the only one you banned…you banned all of us that can bring up the truth…thats really shows you a coward…..stop foolish yourself to will became one of them too..actually, already became like one..

  66. These Thai folk just have to hire me as a mercenary. I would kill a whole bunch of these Muslims. I would do a Jihad ahainst teh Muslims in Southern Thailand.

  67. This is totally unacceptable!!!! the muslims are the minority culture in Thailand they do not belong there! Thailand is a free country !They should learn to live in peace with the Buddhists!!.. The muslims are all terrorists !!hate them!!.. God will punish them for that!!That´s barbaric! I am Catholic and I respect other religions–Why is it soo difficult for muslims to do that? why do they have to kill innocent children to adquire power????…
    If I were the king/queen of Thailand I would expel them outside the country!

  68. Peace Brothers!,Peace sisters!

    Today the world has errupted into a violent and anti-sociable world.but some justice is allways found.even when the crops fail and the rivers and oceans dry one seed will remain and fro that a crop will grow.

  69. WTF? That is up close and personal. Not like Hiroshima etcetera. That is unfuckingbelievable. The perps are worse than the Israelis.

  70. i cry for this boy. let God may rest his soul. Trully islam terror the world . all parts they doing bloodbath. i cannot accept this is a religion from god. this is a cult which make people ONLY EVIL

  71. Islam does have some problems, but Mr. Obama is wiping out the terrorist ones, while helping the good ones. But currently, the world’s greatest terrorists and genocidalists are the caucasians, and the only solution is to either sterilize or euthanize all caucasians.

    • Mike, there are NO good Muslims, starting with garbage like you. Obama is half caucasion, do you want to euthanize him too? Or does his being a Muslim give him a pass?

    • I’m ready to be euthanized when your ready to do it Mike.

      “”Islam does have some problems””

      YA THINK!!??? Lmao! Islam could have some problems as a child lays with no head…maybe he might be right!
      Dumb ASS…Who will feed your worthless ass and replace your daily welfare stinky diaper? Truth is your inbreeding half ape people would have starved to death with no hard working tax payers to keep sending aid to keep stuffing your faces. Now your on welfare sucking off us while screaming we will dominate the world. Mike, you would all starve and be sitting around in shitty diapers all day if was not for the caucasians. As part Native American I say till you stinky parasites grow some balls and start to euthanize someone stfu. Take a bath too every now and then before you call our dogs dirty or even our pigs! They are cleaner than any of you on their worst day!

    • Hey ever thought of revising that evil book of satin? You know so that idiots don’t read “Kill the infidels everywhere you find them” “Smite their necks and fingers and toes”
      What has any so called “Moderate Muslim” done to fight the extremist part of islam that is growing.
      Fix your evil cult and do something to help YOUR religion and to stop YOUR people from making YOUR religion a evil cult. Mr Osama hasn’t done a damn thing!

  72. YOU ARE A LIER !
    I can’t read all the comment but i can tell that many stupid people believed what you said



    and by the way : i can make a video about a crime and say ” JEWS/CHRISTIANS…etc, KILLD A CHILD AND HIS FAMILY ” >>> ONLY smart people will not believe that before a fast search in google then make a decision .

    last thing you said in About “Islam is NOT a religion of peace. By its nature Islam is radical, it has no shades.” BELIEVE ME many many many people said that before you and they coudn’t prove it , DO YOU KNOW WHY?? because ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE AND HAVE THE ANSWERS TO ALL THINGS IN YOUR LIFE .

    look here about the prophet Muhammed PBUH
    and here

    • Abdullah, don’t feel ashamed! there are others in this world who do believe you. there is no hard proof that states whether Muhammad was real or was just faking other than others words, but that doesn’t mean we should loose faith. there are a lot of stupid jerks out there who will say anything to make you loose faith. don’t hate them, Abdullah, just accept the fact that they are wrong and are only trying to bring you down. You don’t have to love what they say, but you should love them because they are mortal and sinful, just like us.

  73. khalid you are right my friend!!!!!!!If muhammed was really not a prophet then he could have easily said all other prophets except him are fictitious & only he is the true one!!!! Do you know that islam is the one and only religion except christianity in which jesus is considered a true prophet??? He taught all the muslims to praise the same god of abraham, jesus & moses!!!!!!

    • And in that way he DENIED Jesus for who He REALLY Is: the Only-Begotten Son of God Who Laid Down His Life for ALL Our Sakes!!!!

      Mohammed PERVERTED both Judaism and Christianity to his own most sinister ends!!!

  74. I don’t know what is happening in Thailand but i know one thing that we r fucking muslims in India Like hell.For example see gujrat riots video in youtube. As we know muslims very well i know these people are worst in every espect and they are very extremist. They cannot live in peace and they multiply like hell.Whichever country allow muslims, they don’t know what mistake they did.

  75. time has come to uproot this demonian cult of the barbaric Arabs.Sikhs,Budhists,Jains & Hindus are the different branches of one tree named the Great Vedas.Let us unite to terminate each & every footprint of this pedophile,barbaric,illiterate & drunkard cult of so-called prophet.

  76. You all are taking this issue the wrong way!!!!! Not all Muslims are murderers. I have a very close friend who is a Muslim and he doesn’t try to behead me or kill me because his religion tells him to. Muslims are people! Muslims have feelings! They are like the rest of us. They go to school and do homework and play with friends. The only difference between Muslims and other people is that Muslims pray to a God named ALLAH and they must do special prayers to him. I am a Christian, and I believe that everyone is created equal. Muslims who read this, know that no many how many people make fun of you because of what you believe, know that I will be praying for you. And if God allows it, you will always remember that no matter what, if you think something is important and you want to pursue it with all your heart, DO IT!!! The only thing that is stopping you from living your life out fully and the way you want it is you! I may not understand your religion, but I understand that YOU probally don’t go killing people for a living. And for all of you who are Athists or Buddists or that other religion I cannot remember the name of, Jesus loves you. Andno matter what you do, he will never leave you or hurt you like other Gods will. The only difference between my belief and all the others is that I do not have to do a bunch of stuff to make my God send me to heaven. I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to believe. Nobody’s perfect except Jesus.

    God bless y’all.

  77. All religions are just as useless. All their holy books written by men themselves. Later after hundreds of year they twist their own words and claim they kill for god. the world knows no peace until all people abandon religious differences. god is a loving god. he doesnt command killings, justifies it nor does he approves it. if some how you find it in that little text book of yours, just remember, senile men wrote it.

  78. Damn it
    Listen people im muslim but those people who does those gdm stuff! they make my blood cook!! In islam people may not kill PEOPLE! real muslims dont kill and terrorize!!

  79. To Barenakedislam, I am afraid you are wrong. While I agree that certain muslims sadly do things like this, the majority do not. The few muslims who do make their religion look bad should be ashamed of them selves. However, as a Christian, can people such as myself really criticise muslims? Think of all of the things that Christianity has done wrong;
    Hundreds of killings have been carried out in Christs name. Yet doesn’t our bible say ‘Thou shalt not kill’?. Do not get me wrong, I agree with christianity, and have been a follower for all of my life, but surely the reason that both christians, muslims, and many other faiths have done wrongs was just a misunderstanding, and they misread the bible, or the qu’ran, or whatever they follow.

    Many people also said that islam has to be destroyed to go forwards. You cannot see that the way forward is for people with this mindset to be removed, rather that the religion! How do you even claim that islam is leading people to violence (which it sadly does in some cases), then follow up by saying that islam should be destroyed?

    Also, Barenakedislam, before you start frothing at the mouth with racist hate, claiming I am actually muslim or any other shit you can think of, please think. Not everyone who criticises you or your website is.

    The way forward is not just to remove racist muslims, but to get rid of racism as a whole. I agree that perhaps muslims are not always right, (especially so in this case), who can say that their belief

  80. Why!? WHY!?

    What on earth did this boy do to deserve such a gruesome and horrid death? Only God knows. Now, before people egregiously take my words out of context, I believe that He has a reason for everything, even things like this. Even if we can’t understand them.

    That being said, if these men are found and caught, they should be punished; and if there is punishment, it would not surprise me in the slightest if they suddenly were found to be expired.

  81. This fucking religion is a fanatic cult.
    They are a pest to the humankind.
    Terrorist misogins, religious nazis, killers murderers, ignorant, intolerants, stupid people lovong in the dark era like cavemans.

  82. I will start by saying that it not only amazes me,but scares me as well,that people like @syd that end up finding “Islam” by way of desperation or thinking there life is hard and wan’t a way out,or for some reason actually believing the practices of the muslim religion which is forced religion and killing of non believers,and that’s right out of the quran!The people that I’ve seen that have become Muslim in america,do it because they think there life is hard and being oppressed,and actually believe that there are a good muslim and bad muslims,well I Gurantee you if you if you ask them people in Syria,Iraq even Thailand they would love to be in the USA where they can be at least free from slaughter!I will point out a couple startling facts,

    1.There are more Muslims than any other practicing religion
    2.There are an estimated 580 Million Muslims
    3.The next closest Religion is Christians at I believe is 90-100 Million

    There is 1 thing we need to be 100% Correct about There is no black or white area with the Muslim religion,They’re goal as they put it,is to Kill anyone that does not have the same beliefs and religion as them,or they will force those with torture into becoming Muslim!They wan’t too cleanse the world of all religion but theirs!There is no Good Muslims and Bad Muslims,just Bad Muslims,and uneducated people with a belief of finding 72 virgins!

  83. It is not just radical muslims, the Mexican drug cartels are beheading their rivals as well. I guess the 2 are in the same category of psychotic. They need to be guaranteen for the sake of mankind

  84. Good grief I’ve seen it all now…. sad is not the word fucked up is.

    Good people do very bad things in the name of a religion…

  85. a simple question why do Muslim people try to teach the way of living and why do they try to teach everyone they surely don’t know how to live. Never believe a Muslim and the world please get the Muslims out of this world out of Existence. It would be a favor to the world.

  86. As the life Christ lived and the things which he taught according to what is recorded the Holy Bible have set the stage of the behavior of Christians, so it is that the life of Mohamed and the things which he taught as are recorded in the Koran have decided the conduct of those who embrace Islam. A evil tree cannot produce good fruit.

  87. This isn’t true ! Something like that, is not allowed in Islam, and no real Muslim would do this ! That’s only propaganda against Islam. Read the Quran and the Sunnah and inform yourself about the true Islam. I don’t know who did this, but I’m sure, it wasn’t a practicing Muslim.

  88. They have the cheek to complain about the US Marines pissing on the corpses of Taliban insurgents yet they can do this to others. I am no fan of the US but the fanatical Muslims of this world who kill in the name of religion deserve nothing more than to be pissed upon by anyone who walks away from the fire fight the victor.

    • Wes, I agree with they deserve nothing less than to be pissed, however, you are not a fan of the US, irks me. You sit in a free socity somewhere in the world typing on computer more than likely with software developed by americans posting your thoughts on the internet that was developed by Americans. You should be a fan, because if you are in Europe you’d be a German speaking Nazi party card carrier and if not that you’d be paying your bills with Rubles and speaking Russian. Funny how people are ready to reap the rewards of the US, and the protection and security it provides but are so ready to talk shit about my country. Nobody had to come save our asses any time in history, so your comment Not a fan of the US, who are you a fan of, think it through before you answer. I in turn am not not a fan of any country but the US, so until you stare down the barrel of a soveit made Ak 47 in some GOD foresaken country, held by by a sworn enemy of liberty and freedom, be mindful, the US will be there to save your ass. Not a fan of the US, wtf!!!!! And all you muslim fuckers, go to hell, well you already are, but go to hell anyway!

      • Ha! Typical steryotypical American. Arrogent, always thinking he’s better than everybody else just because he’s American.
        Don’t get me wrong, America is a great country, and I am not criticising it, but come on. America did not single handedly win the Second World war. Britain won the Battle of Britain, with a very small ammount of American pilots. Britain held out until America joined in late 1941 (although it was very close to 1942). The USSR defated Germany in the east with barely any US or British support. The Yugoslavians freed themselves (the only country to do so without a complete allied invasion) While America did play a vital role in the war, they didn’t do everything, so please be correct in history if you will use it to argue with.

        Also, some would argue that without Europe, you would not be speaking English, and perhaps not even exist, as Europe ‘discovered’ America (Even though the native Americans had know about the land for thousands of years!).

        How about, in future, you don’t get mad at people for not singing your national anthem every 2 minutes and carrying a picture of the US flag, before you then claim a load of untrue crap and tell other people what to think? As I said before, I do not hate America or its people, I just hate stupid untrue opinions that people blare stupidly accross the internet.

        (By the way, you spelt ‘Soviet’ wrong).

  89. Who can do this to any human being, let alone children!?


    Fanatics, with whom there is no negotiation, but anihiliation!!!

    These satanists, who vow that islam is religion of peace, have got to disappear!!!

    Anyone who does anything remotely similar to this to anyone, let alone children is no longuer a human, but a beast and evil spawn, who has to be absolutely destroyed!!!

  90. Those that would use the atrocities of the World Crime Syndicate of Islam as an attack on Religion are no better then the savages that slaughtered the victims in this post. In the 20th Century alone more people have been murdered by ANTi Christian leaders then in all of history. Governments that denounce all religions systematically destroy humans at a rate far greater then any Christian acting against Gods will. Fools easily believe this tired argument. Communism has killed far more people then all Religiously motivated madmen combined. Atheists are by far the worst killers followed by cult members wrongly following liars claiming to speak for God. You will not go un answered when you use these lies to further your humanist lies…..I will not behead you but I will debate you….that is reality.

  91. @ Hannah: Here is a link to the Koran (in chronological order) by Wikiislam click on the blue link to read a chapter. It is important to know that the Koran’s 114 chapters are not in chronological order. There is a doctrine called “al nasikh wal mansukh” (the abrogating and the abrogated) which means that later chapters cancel earlier verses they contradict. Surah (chapter 9) at-Taubah is almost the last revealed and contains exhortations to fight “unbelievers” until they are subdued, especially Koran 9:29.'an

  92. Want to know what islam is about-
    Unveiling Islam: An Insider’s Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs [Paperback]
    Ergun Caner (Author), Emir Fethi Caner (Author)

    it is required reading for some military units.
    Any thought process that teaches hate, whether religon or polictical is the greatest injuctice of mankind to itself. We are given rules to preserve life, defend the helpless, cafe for the wounded and innocent. Revisiting this site has only stregethened my disgust for those putrid mothers (literally) responsible for this little boy’s murder.

  93. BurnerJack,

    I cannot help you I am afraid. I never bought an (unsanitized) English Quran 20 years ago when I should have done looking back, but spent time reading from it it in a book shop in England. ( I was not prepared back then anyway to pay a lot of money for that thing I assure you !) I remember what I read however and it haunted me ever since.
    I then began to research, reading mainly books about Islam from various authors. Since the internet, it has been easier to read Quran online too plus Hadiths and many writings. if anyone knows how or where to purchase an original in English-translated Quran, I would be very interested in purchasing now ! It is indeed imperative we read the true version and not any sanitized ones . Greetings, Hannah.

  94. Thanks BNI. What I’ve found is if I Google search “Bare Naked Islam” all I get is the WordPress no longer available thing. Same if I go to the top of this page and click on the BNI logo. Your excellent site exposes the “religion of peace” for what it is.

  95. It appears that BNI’s main page is no longer available. WordPress has heeded the complaints of CAIR it seems. When will the main page be back with a different server?

  96. Jan ‘To the person who said people will kill each other with or without religion, it’s true that things like greed will still exist, but we’ve never seen what a world without religion would be like.”

    Yes, Jan, we have. We have seen the world without religion. First it was called The Terror Then it was called the Soviet Union. It was called Khmer Rouge. It was called The Berlin Wall. It is called the People’s Republic of China, and of North Korea. As bad as some things that have been done in the name of some religious faith, the alternatives have ALWAYS been far, far, worse.

    All of which is entirely irrelevant to the proposition that one of these many religions may actually be true, of course.

  97. Jesus Christ wtf is wrong with the world
    Fuck theses terrorist why would u kill Buddhist the most peaceful people on earth

    May god send a great punishment amongst these fuckers like ghenghis khan

  98. and just think …the arsehole who chopped that little kids head off , will want to come to Australia as a fkn reffo one day, fuk that shit, but ,ur ok , heres a house and some money to help you get thru ur hard life. ha ha . fkn muslim shite

  99. Not only do Shiates and Sunnis fight with Christians, Hindus and Jews and now with Buddhist as well while fighting with each other,
    Sunnis and Shiates also attack other MUSLIMS too! Such as the Ahmadiyyas, Submitters and any other MUSLIMS who are not part of their Hadthie Orthodoxy.
    What has NOT been talked about much is the Indian-Pakistani Sunnis love for cutting off little boys ORGANS to make them into HIJRAS _second class citizen manmade woman. While at the same time making GOD made woman into THIRD class citizens,
    And Also Sunni and Shia Arab Muslims allowing and doing marriages to little girls six years old and younger. As well as having incest marriages within their own families.
    Sunni Hadithies are teaching, crazy Hadiths to Black American Sunni Muslims; such as to kill their female family members for not wearing ARAB or PAKISTANI clothes (see the Chicago story Aug.2010).
    So as long as the Moderate Muslims are not speaking out about these things then the so called Moderate Muslims are just pawns of the Islamic Terrorist
    Sign: an AMERICAN MUSLIM who is NOT a HADITHIE!!

    • OMG! THANK YOU ABDULLAH. Are you really a Muslim or an apostate? I have never had a practicing Muslim come on here and say anything even close to that. Many ex-Muslims have. We would like to know more about Indian Pakistani Sunni organ cutting thing. I hope you will come back often, especially to debate the Muslims who come here and try to discount everything here as a pack of lies.

    • @ Abdullah Hijjmen:
      While I am mystified as to why anyone would follow this belief system, I certainly admire your courage. You are correct in the point that more Muslims need to speak out against the barbaric practices executed by many in the Name of Islam. Until a large, heartfelt opposition within the Ummah is seen, the rest of the world will continue to believe “no outcry equals condonation”.
      When one forces a “sex change”, isn’t that in defiance of God’s will?

  100. If it is proven that this is being done by muslim extremists, then there will have to be a ban or a control on muslim practice, and minimise muslim population percentage. All relatives/ associates of any proven extremists need to be immediately deported. They threaten the safety of mankind. We need to find a way to turn genuine muslims against these extremists Literally and actively.

  101. Cont.:

    The Quran I believe, has anyway, only relatively recently been translated from Arabic into all languages, ( I am not sure when exactly, if anyone knows please let me know as I could be wrong ) Before ,all non-Arab Muslims wherever, had to rely on their Iman’s to translate parts for them and under colonisation they were careful to fall into line and only preach peace ( who said colonisation was a bad thing I think now ? !) but Islamic prayers are in Arabic as allah seemingly does not understand every language. Think, it does not make sense. it is comparable to all Jews and even Christians everywhere praying and reading the Bible only in
    ancient Hebrew/Greek !
    Mohammad lived 600 years after JC.He knew parts of OT and NT and mixed it all up adding Arab pagan religions into a lethal cultish soup of truth & lies of his own making, and look at the disastrous consequences.
    Abraham and Sarah made the first big mistake. Not trusting in God and waiting for a son, they devised their own solution to the problem and decided “God must have meant ” they have a child through the Egyptian maid Hagar. Ishmael was born and there have been problems ever since !
    There is much about that story I don’t fully understand though admittedly. God allowed it but it was not HIS plan originally !
    I have been researching into Islam now for 20 years since the 1st Gulf war when I wanted to know what was really going on in the ME and there is still so much to learn and understand !

  102. Waco,

    According to many including Walid Shoebat a Christian,and ex- Muslim terrorist Palestinian, allah is satan and Islam the anti-christ. Reseach into his findings, very enlightening, ( but of course Muslims deny his story is truth and claim he was never a terrorist etc etc , what else is new )
    Some Muslims ( many are not even aware of this prophecy ) wait for their “Messiah” the “Mahdi” the sixth Iman who according to them never died ( ??!) and will return in the end-times to take the world for allah. The peaceful part of islam was in the beginning of Mohammad’s delusions & dreams of prophet-hood encouraged by his wife at the time. After his rejection, he managed to garner more followers and became brutal, power-mad, greedy and lustful.

    Muslims can choose the peaceful or violent verses, very handy don’t you think, depending upon their actions, as they always win. They can point out verses from Mo’s early life about peace so that sadly, sincere but well-meaning people such as yourself will be fooled. Be aware, we must be careful not to be deceived !
    Research for yourself about Islam, read everything you can, but be aware of false Qurans printed in English these days leaving out what they don’t what unsuspecting Westerners to read , I have heard are circulating, especially in the US.

    • Hannah,
      Thank you for your post. i have access to a sanitized, English version of the Quran.
      My question to you or anyone else for that matter, is there an English version that is verified to be complete in it’s content and intent? If one is to study the Enemy, one must obtain accurate information, if at all possible.

      • My husband found one after 9.11. The Quran Translation by Abdullah, Tahrike Tarsile Quran, New York, ISBN: 1-879402-29-7. I believe he ordered it from Amazon.

  103. I saw this some time ago – nothing changes though. Muslims are still as cruel and callous as ever. This poor young boy – just a year older than our twin grandsons…………I still feel the tears start.

  104. Islam, unlike most other religions, is not compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human rights,which Eleanor Roosevelt worked so hard to create in 1948. Most Muslims countries in UN had refused to sign this Declaration, because ALL people are treated with respect, which is an idea foreign to Islam, which promotes apartheid (for dhimmies) and death for kufr (infidels) by beheading or stoning.

    The “final” prophet, of this “most perfect” religion, Mohamed was an illiterate pedophile polygamist (who married Aisha, one of his 12 wives, when she was 6 and he was 51!) and a murderer, responsible for a gruesome murder (by beheading) of 900 Jews from Medina, because they did not accept this vile guy as THEIR prophet. How can any decent person take as a role model a guy who nowadays would be sitting in prison for rape of a minor (as that Mormon dude is) and for multiple murders. Yet, 1,600 MILLIONS of Muslims around the world take his as their role model! About 20% of them are Jihadistss, who re hell-bent on taking over and are ready to murder and die for Allahu Akbar!. That means over 300 MILLIONS of dellusional Jew-hating crazed men ready to murder and die for a bloodthirsty god.

    Islam is a supremacist ideology of hate of non-Muslims, as the promoter of misogyny, pedophilia, polygamy, and murder in the name of Allahu Akbar.and unless it REFORMS, it has no place in the family of nations. It is similar to Nazi supremacist ideology, and methods of death (by beheading). Any women who is still a Muslim is still enslaved or should have her head examined! Read Koran and Hadith to see for yourself why Islam in its present form has no place among civilized people.

  105. Anybody who had read Koran, Hadith, and the history of Islam and its illiterate pedophile polygamist and murderer “final” prophet of this “most perfect” religion, KNOWS that Islam is vile. It is a supremacist ideology of hate against ALL non-Muslims, and promotes apartheid (dhimmitude), misogyni, pedophilia, polygamy and murder in the name of Allahu Akbar.

    Its teachings are a blasphemy against humanity. and a root cause of terrorism around the world. IF Muslims in USA want to be respected they MUST reform their religion to make it compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which many Muslim countries refused to sign, because Sharia does not recognize the concept of “human rights”. Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with the US Constitution.

  106. TOMMY TOMLINSON: “Worse than what we fear?” How is that, considering none of us have ever participated in a beheading? We’re willing to learn though. I just love the way you arrogantly equate things in an absurdist manner (sarc/off). Hell, the only thing I can’t fault you for is calling us racists, but given time, i’m sure you’ll come around to it, even after you realise islam is not a race (you’re just that much of an asswipe). You will one day regret those words. If not, then your descendants surely will, that is unless we have a say in the matter. Get your head out of the sand fool!

  107. Tommy Tomlinson,
    Your post is the post of well meaning person who believes Islam is “just another world religion”.
    Before you commit yourself to such an important and wide sweeping view, you owe it to yourself to gather facts and view them with critical thinking, deviod of assumptions and preconceptions. Learn, learn, learn. If and when you do, you will see things quite a bit differently.
    I suggest you read the Quran, then learn the world history of Islam and the history of countries inundated and conquered by Muslims. Try India, for example. If we are wrong in what we post here, please post what you have learned. Enlightening others is one of the greatest gifts one can give.

    • Burner Jack

      AND all others ( INCLUDING ME~! ) who recommend reading the qur’an,,, Please, RECOMMEND IT BE READ IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER~!,,, The manner in which this terrorists manual is assembled is hodge-podge at best, and deceitful and deceiving at worst~!
      ONLY ( IMHO ) by reading it in Chronological order, and paying PARTICULAR note of the Verses of Abrogation ( Surah 2: 106 ) and The Verse of the Sword ( Surah 9:5 )
      Surah 2:106 states:
      Surah 2:106:
      None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: Knowest thou not that Allah Hath power over all things?
      Why would allah not admit to the maturation of his people, rather than refuting what had been given before??? Part of the commentary on this is as follows:
      Not all Muslim scholars agree on what abrogation covers. Briefly here was my discovery.

      Muslim scholars of old hold to the concept that some ayahs in the Quran abrogate other ayahs in the Quran, but do not all hold to the same set of abrogated and abrogating ayahs.
      Other Muslim scholars are of the opinion that the Quran may abrogate the Quran as well as the Sunnah (deed or example of Mohammad) and vice versa.
      Some Muslim scholars hold that the Quran abrogates all the previous scriptures, specifically the scriptures sent to Musa and Isa, but not itself.
      Some Muslim scholars, especially of recent times do not believe in the concept of abrogation at all.

      The Verse of the Sword, Surah 9:5 states,
      9:5 When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.

      But prime to understanding the change in the philosophy of islam is to read the qur’an in Chronological order~!

  108. most of you are xenophobic assholes.

    you’re full of hate.

    you are worse than what you fear – you make yourself worse.


    • Well said. I wonder how many people have genuinly seen any real muslim violence except for what they read on this piece of shit site. Seriously, how about the millions of innocent muslims. Yes there are guilty ones. But every race has its bastards (although it would seem that islam has the most), but that doesn’t mean we can openly call for the death of islam. If you wrote stuff like, ‘islam must end to save everybody’, then you are hardly better than the terrorists. The only difference is, they did their evil acts, while you just sat on your arse typing.

      • Ammendments for my last comment. I put ‘this piece of shit site’. I meant to type ‘some of the shit this site has on it’. Apologies for any offense caused to the creators/owners.

      • Werge,

        Apparently you are in the UK. If you are a leftie/commie/socialist, I’m sure you are happy at how fast the country is being infested with muslim freeloaders and extremists. Unless you are a muslim, in which case, we have heard all your crap before and are not interested.

        The next Crusades will finish the job the last one didn’t.

  109. The conversions are the root cause of religious violence. If I look at Islam, I feel it is a religion created by a King to protect his territory while attempting to become an emperor.

  110. Harold Land,,,

    I Like the name you tagged me with,,, I just may adopt it~!

    As for the comments on the military,,, I have to think of Lt. Col Terry Larkin, who questioned the authority of Pres. obummer,,, I DO hope that someday, he is vindicated~!

    Otherwise, I am in complete agreement with you~!

    Thank You for your response~!

  111. Grouchy Frog,

    Our Armed Forces swear alligance to our Consitution not our leaders, every member is sworn to duty as provided below:
    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    The Uniform Code of Military Justice .ART.90 (20), makes it clear that military personnel need to obey the “lawful command of his superior officer,” ART.91 (2), the “lawful order of a warrant officer”, 892.ART.92 (1) the “lawful general order”, 892.ART.92 (2) “lawful order”. In each case, military personnel have an obligation and a duty to only obey Lawful orders and indeed have an obligation to disobey Unlawful orders, including orders by the president that do not comply with the UCMJ. The moral and legal obligation is to the U.S. Constitution and not to those who would issue unlawful orders, especially if those orders are in direct violation of the Constitution and the UCMJ. So any order that would jeapordize the defence of the Consitution, the implementation of the Consitution, could not be followed and that I beleive is the check and balance between the authority over the military and the power of those serving in it. The beautiful about our our military is that it is our citizens, who govern themselves willifully serving to defend our priniciples and ideals. Rest assured the Powers of Arms are on the side of Freedom, As I beleive it is our God given duty as Americans to perserve the liberties that God has endowed all mankind with. For those who dont beleive in God, I say that it just makes sense to defend your ability to think for yourself and choose between right and wrong.
    Are all military people serving because they are patrioitic, no, just like everyone in America doesnt live here because we are free. But one thing is certain the vast majority of our military are God worshipping, apple pie loving, chevy driving, gun owning citizens. Again this is what sets us apart from our enemies, both foreign and domestic!

  112. Harold Land,,,
    I almost called you Col. Land, Because as I read your post above, it seemed fitting~!

    I Hope and Pray to G-D you know what the hell you’re talking about,,, and that the military is on the side of the Patriotic Americans, as it just may come down to that~!,,, AS WELL AS, your allusions to what is being observed in the islamic community~!

    I could die much happier, were I to know that the Powers of Arms are on the side of Freedom, and not Marxist Socialism~!

  113. Burner jack, rest assured the goverment isnt sleeping ,this administration may be, but as we,re speaking they are people out there that take the preservation of our way of life very serious. You got the spooks in the CIA, NSA and other covert agencies gathering intell, you have the military plotting and preparing for our next strike, you have para military organiztions doing their part. If everyone knew what was really going on out there, it would break some peoples minds. The terrorist may feel they are safe right now, but while they sleep there is a piloitless drone staring them in the face from 10000 feet, steered by some young airman who just got done playing Grand theft auto on his xbox for a couple of hours and now is just itchin to plant a missile in some mudhut. Our military leaders are not fools, we may follow some, and may not agree with them but are always ready to take the fight to the enemy.

    Because of the diligence of these patriots our perimeter has’t been infiltrated, but every fortess has a flaw, one lesson learned is always keep your defences mobile, one day we’re there the next day not, then WHAM they take the bait, and the result is muzzie paste on the asphalt. Now dont get me wrong I think the greatest evil is mankinds own injustice to itself. Killing people isnt always the answer, but they declared way on our way of life, our existance and our sacared values that were secured and preserved for us by our founding fathers and American lives and blood.

    With that said, I have trust in our military leaders, when we say “the goverment” I think most people are talking about the elected officials, but our goverment is not comprised of only elected officials. Those are the ones that make the rules and as a soldier, I didn’t practiced politics I just implemented it. I have faith in our patroitic critical thinking freedoom loving brothers and sisters who also wear uniforms,they also are part of “the goverment”. Burner Jack, the eyes, ears and arms of the nation never rest, never sleep.

    The biggest difference between us and them can be seen in a quote by one of Islams most pronouned leaders
    “We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two.”
    Osama bin Laden

    Just to bring this back to the victim the nine year little boy who becuase his parents were not muslim had his life extiniuished, becuase they love death, and those of other faiths love life.
    If they truely beleive this then they all should stare into the barrel of a shotgun and pull the trigger, not kill a nine year little boy. Damn!

  114. Harold Land,
    Your are the man!! I am very glad you went, did “my” dirty work and made it back. We owe you and all the rest BIG TIME. Great post! If you can, please give us your thoughts ad to why our own government wants to keep us sleeping while the Enemy continues to infiltrate the Perimeter. Critical thinking freedom lovers want to know.

  115. Islam and the Original Sin
    Muslims believe that people are born free of sin. It is only after they reach the age of puberty, and commit sins that they are to be charged for their mistakes. No one is responsible for the sins of others, as Allah said in the Quran:

    64. Say: “Shall I seek a lord other than Allah, while He is the Lord of all things? No person earns any (sin) except against himself (only), and no bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another. Then unto your Lord is your return, and He will tell you that wherein you have been differing.

    That came off some muzzie website copied and pasted

    So why did they murder the 9 year old? Did he reach puberty yet?
    I wish I shot more of the sons of bitches while I was in Iraq. Its because of the people who follow a child molesting camel piss drinking incest practicing epileptic that things like this happen.
    What were the two commandments Jesus gave us,
    Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” [Matt22:37-40]

    Yeah so I did the dirty work for some of the non beleiving anti religious, people out there. So I am waiting for the person to tell me I am going to hell for anything I did, I’ll just tell you ahead of time, Jesus is the way to heaven and the US military just keeps the rout secure for us to follow. But since we kicked some muslim ass there, there hasn’t been any more mass murders in the US by terrorists, just remember every muslim may not be a terrorist but every terrorist on those planes were muslims, and if any muslim lovin bastard doesnt like that statement, I am exercising my free speech right, that I fought to perserve. One last thing how many muslim us miltary members killed other US miltary members in the past 20 years, 2, Hasan Karim Akbar in 2003 a muslim, Akbar was charged in a hand grenade and shooting attack that killed two, while wounding fourteen other soldiers on 23 March 2003 and Nidal Malik Hasan responsible for the killings at Fort Hood, both muslims. Hijackers on 9/11, all muslim, peaceful religion my ass! Want to know what islam is about- Unveiling Islam: An Insider’s Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs [Paperback]
    Ergun Caner (Author), Emir Fethi Caner (Author)

  116. IceTrout,
    You just asked the
    ‘$64,000 question”. We know why the Muslims do what they do, what we NEED why the News industry GLOBALY downplays or just completely censors Muslim attrocities andbetrays it’s responsibility to report ALL the news in an unbiased fashion. I am beginning to wonder if Saudi money has infiltrated the Media or bought great influence over policy makers. Influence that supercedes their own national interests and the interests of their citizens. I could be wrong. I hope I am. As I read about Muslim actions here and elsewhere, comparing that information to what I find in the Media, it’s getting more difficult to doubt myself. Stay tuned WITH AN OPEN MIND. OBSERVE KEENLY, CRITICAL THINKING.
    Case in point: Newt Gingrich stated that “Palestinians” are a made up people. Much in the way of attacks, but NOWHERE has anyone produced any credible evidence to the contrary. Historical facts are impossible to refute. So, the idea is to obsficate, “smoke and mirrors” if you will. This is where crital thinking and keen observance is key. God gave you a brain, USE IT.

    • IceTrout and Burnerjack ! There is no daubt about if it have happend and it happends in more countries. Look how they do with egypt christians in Egypt, for example or in Nigeria, there they already have 12 states that now have sharialaws and there they have killed a lot of christian people and that is just a few example. In India and Russia they (the muslims) have also killed a lot of people and just because they are not willing to change their own religion too islam. There are so many news about these crimes and if U look through BNI´s blog U will for sure see that there are so many evidense of what they are doing in countries all over the world. I can asure U that there is not daubt about this, so called religion, what they are doing and what the quran say to their followers to do.

  117. Islam is a violent religion! Avoid it at all cost! Don’t believe in “islam is a peaceful religion” or “whoever did this is not a real muslim” nonsense! It is all bullshit! It is the most barbaric religion I have ever gotten to know and I am a muslim born person! I hate this religion.

  118. There is no good Muslim that follow the cult of the evil Qur’an/Sharia of a madman from the 652 A.D.They all have to obey when called ! To kill all Infidels or be killed themselves per Allah a name attached to the cult!!!! Don’t be fooled any longer!!!!

  119. BOBO FREESPEECH: They are true believers in Allah. True believers in the quran. True believers in ISLAM!! The peaceful muslims are quite simply bad muslims. Any muslim that is a good, decent human being is that way in spite of islam, not because of it. Why this is so hard for sheeple to grasp is beyond me, the evidence is out there for all to see, but most are subjectively stupid and dogmatic and find their explanations in two-bit sound bites by media people and spokesmen. In other words, propagandists.

  120. It’s obvious that the muslims that do this type of violence aren’t true believers. They are unclean pigeating bastards.

  121. ICE TROUT: Why don’t you ask them. I think it has to do with subjective journalism and leftist ideology. It also has something to do with major shareholders like the Saudi prince who purchased mega shares of Fox.

  122. The irony is inescapable: in the name of God (Allah or whatever) they are killing a peaceful group of people in the name of what must be a very very hateful God. Islam didn’t start out this way. the founders are rolling in their …whatever they are laid to rest in.

  123. everysingle muslim and extreme muslims are fuckin cowards!!! muslim bastards!! call this human? and all in the name of religion!! you fucking creatures all of you should burn for what you belive in and what you do!!

    i was soo happy when american soldiers burned the coran!

    your religion is shit!!

    and another thing


  124. LAUREEN, Are you Muslim? Are you a woman or a man, because I have a question for you. You know, I guess it makes no difference if you are a man or a woman because you should be able to answer the question regardless.
    The question: If you are really such a peaceful religion as you so strongly urge, then tell me this: Why are the women so oppressed? Why does your religion so HATE women??? Don’t tell me they don’t, I’m not an idiot. I might make mistakes, but one thing I have seen and seen strongly is your intense hatred of women!!!!
    You force them to hide their faces!!!! How is that not cruel???? The women have NO rights. The man has everything. How are you a peaceful religion when you can’t even show your face as a woman?
    How are you a peaceful religion if a 14 year old girl can be stoned to death for being raped: because the men say she wanted it. How many times have we heard a man use that stupid line…”She wanted it! She begged for it!!!” Seriously???? The people all laugh and cheer as they cast stones at her.
    How are you a peaceful religion if you will take a sweet little 8 year old boy into the town square and publicly run his arm over with a large truck just for stealing bread????????

    Do you agree with Sharia Law is my next question?????? If you agree with Sharia Law, then you do not belong on here arguing with us about whether or not your religion is a peaceful one. Sharia Law is evil and it is cruel, and it MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT peaceful!!!

    If you agree with Sharia Law then you answered my above question too.

    Also, I have another question: If a man dies and goes to what you guys consider heaven or paradise and gets his 72 virgins or whatever, what does a woman get? Where does the woman go, and what awaits her? More face coverings, beatings, and other oppressing things???

    What do you REALLY think of Jews…don’t be shy!!!! Tell me!!! What would you do if you saw a Jew? Would you love him and respect him, or do you want to round him up with the others and cut his head off???? Be honest now…cause I know that you are allowed to lie to the infidel…and I’m surely one of those infidels….I triple dog dare you to be COMPLETELY 100 percent HONEST with me!!!!

  125. VINCENT: Progress is good. Progressives are bad. Oh, and don’t forget that favorite, classic catchphrase of progessives everywhere, “open mindedness.” What they don’t tell you is when one applies it (open mindedness), one’s brain falls out.

    • History has shown time after time, century after century, that islam is a war machine. islam has tried to conquer the world so many times, it is mind boggling. islam is rotten to the core. Sure, there are muslims that are nice, however they pray to the devil and refuse to condemn the filth asked of them. Screwing babies, the list goes on. Islam is a sick cult for perverts, when they have sufficient numbers you can forget about life as you know it. I will never submit to this islamic garbage of hate, death and so on and so on. islam is killing in great numbers, this is current affairs, forgive them silly, they’ll still cut ya head off, just like that tiny Buddhist boy. He should still be on the planet with us, breathing, but no, the koranimals killed him in accord with their Devil’s demands.

  126. It hurts me to see such inhumane things going on still today. It is no different then what we witnessed during WWII. Sure I strongly condemn the actions of those extreme muslims who think violent act is justice. No one deserves to be beheaded. Certainly not a 9 year old.
    No matter what religion you are or what you believe in, violence should never be a solution. I do not condemn the Muslims because I respect them as human beings. I believe in God and they believe in Allah. I do think that the Bible is the ultimate truth but that shouldn’t mean I should bash on the religion of Islam. I do have the right to condemn the violence that brings to extreme islamic views. Don’t get me wrong, i think religion of Islam is actually very peaceful, but people (way too many people) interpret the wrong way. They think killing “Infidels” gives you eternal peace or virgins or whatever. i don’t really know, but it is just sad to see these people do something in the name of religion and think its justice. Those people should be ashamed of themselves.

  127. randy63ism in a nutshell:

    >Reject differing views because “I know more than you”
    >Accept all views that are similar to your own


  128. LAUREEN: Oh, thats rich, a muslima calling me narrow minded! Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me. BTW, you are correct about one thing though, the quran is not a wild assumption. It’s toiletpaper for my ass!

    “Have a nice life!” :)

  129. Don’t blame muslims, I would love for there to be peace in the world and all, but Muslims are part of the cause of lack of peace. We have idiots out there killing their own family and friends just because they are sick in the head, but the Muslim’s killings further out weigh those same killings. They kill in the name of religion. You tell me not to blame them, but they read and follow a book that teaches them to kill, and call it honor killing. No matter how you look at it, it is still killing. They do it brutally and they do it cruelly. I can not condone any killing what so ever, but this is the most detestable. They don’t care about you and they don’t care about me, they don’t even care about their own families. These are sick people. Anybody who will kill without any kind of remorse what so ever and willingly say that they did it because Allah told them to, and smile and laugh at what they did is sick. Remember, 9/11, those same Muslims you are defending got out in the street and cheered!!!! Every year at the same time to celebrate that same disaster they join at Six Flags!!! They do it because they are celebrating what they did to over 1000 innocent men, women, and children. And here you are telling me not to blame Muslims??? You say not all Muslims are bad, any Muslim who follows the teachings of the Koran is bad if you ask me. That same book TELLS them to slay non-believers! I’m a non-believer, and have to worry about being slain because I’m a non-believer. Therefore, they are bad. My bible does not tell me to kill them because they don’t believe in my God. If you can’t see the evil in that, then that is your problem. I wished that you could see the evil in it. Now, a muslim who wants out of their religion but is afraid to do so because of being slain…I can understand that one. I understand being in fear(this is why we have guns in our home.) It is hard for a Muslim in a Muslim community to escape. They are a tight nit group, therefore difficult to get out of. I can comprehend that. I respect them more when they are willing to stand up for themselves, but I certainly won’t hate them for being afraid. I pray that they may find their escape someday. If they are here in America, I pray we as Americans get better at protecting those people…unfortunately our Government is corrupt and the courts are just as if not more corrupt and protect honor killings and Sharia Law. I’ve seen it time and time again.

  130. Islam is the scourge of the earth and will be the reason for next world war which will wipe it out from the face of the earth. Those who speak of humanity and in favor of Islam here are either Muslims in disguise or utterly foolish people, who have never observed Islam and its followers from close quarters. They should be sent to live among the dirty rascals for a few days and then asked their opinion about Muslims and Islam. Having closely followed the activities of Muslims in India for the past several decades and read about their history and misdeeds ever since they invaded India a thousand years ago, I can say that there will be no peace in this world until Islam is wiped out and all the Muslims are either killed or converted.

  131. May Peace Be On Us..i am feeling very sad over here and i don’t know what to do with my life..i am a Muslim and i know my left and right..i always pray that this will never happen in my life or family..Peace Be On Anyone On This Site..Stay Bless May Allah Be With Anyone..

  132. Dear Friend
    I Will Only Say We Should Take Our Time And Find Out Things To Know Were The Truth…Please Everyone Should Come Down..Please We Should Know How We Will Come Up With Our Word..We All Know That This Is Very Sad…Please

  133. like relly why cant be there world peace i do not blame muslims some muslims are soo nice but there religon makes them do this soo please dont blame them we need them to see the truth jeses is crying over this wake up world look the end is near

  134. We, The USA, got Troops in Thailand….I cannot believe that this is happening, like ya said in a Majority Buddhist Country at that…they may be Buddhists, But The People can still Defend themselves….

    • Jimmy, muslims are causing a lot of problems in Thailand. Buddhist Women who live near muslims are arming themselves. And as they do everywhere they go, the muzzies are demanding to turn part of Southern Thailand into an Islamic sewer for themselves.

  135. Sounds to me that male muslims just hav too much testosterone! Let the women rule and see what happens…flowers, love, peace happiness maybe. If you notice, men are in charge NOT women. Hmmmmmm…….

  136. Fastest growing religion, what a joke. islam roots like rabbits, vessel women, ratio 1m:4f @ 8 instant islamics born per female. It is more than a few, approx 1 in 10 islamics mean to do direct harm to me and 1 in 10, will support that harm. Over 2,000,000,000 islamic people mean to do me harm or support that harm. Your only 1,6 billion, leaving 5 billion something to heave to and clean up this islamic mess.
    See and hear, 4,000 Buddhist have been murdered by islam in the last few years. These are big numbers, not a ‘few’.

  137. Religion or non-religion killing is wrong. You live in a country that is predominately Buddhist, let these people live their lives in peace. Im sure they could careless in what or who you believe in.

  138. Rak,,,
    Pay attention to your babbling,,, you sound like a brainless nitwit, sad to say,,, Even though it may be the truth~!

    I. The Meaning of Islam
    Islam is derived from the Arabic root “Salema”: peace, purity, submission and obedience. In the religious sense, Islam means submission to the will of God and obedience to His law.

    Everything and every phenomenon in the world other than man is administered totally by God-made laws, ie. they are obedient to God and submissive to his laws, they are in the State of Islam. Man possesses the qualities of intelligence and choice, thus he is invited to submit to the good will of God and obey His law, ie, become a Muslim.


    In Arabic, the word “Islam” means submission or surrender – however, it was derived from the root word “salam”. From this root word, you can also derive the words peace and safety. Many people feel that Islam implies some sort of enslavement to Allah, but others find it more helpful to define the word “Islam” as surrender.

    We, the followers and believers in a LOVING G-D, will NOT submit to a pagan moon god whose only agenda is the enslavement of humanity and the removal of all G-D given Freedoms and Liberties~!

    “For ye shall know the Truth, and the truth shall set you free~!” John 8:32,,,

    But you see, Rak, you serve a god that cannot be satisfied nor satiated with the blood of those whom he did not create,,, but is addicted instead to the horrors of the vilest acts conceivable by any being, incarnate OR discarnate,,,

    and those who LOVE and HONOR TRUTH will NEVER submit to filth.,,, NOR do we need to “drama”, for islam does quite a fine job of that, itself~!

  139. Very well put, Kirk. Couldn’t have said it better myself!
    Rak, nobody is going to listen to you or any followers of Islam here. We aren’t idiots! Heck, the way you worded your little speech wasn’t even peaceful. So, blah blah blah blah whatever.

  140. Atheism is a religion. Any belief that requires faith is a religion. It takes faith to believe that there is no God. Islam, or muslim, is also a religion. Some choose to believe the verses they read, just the same as Christians, but nowhere in the Bible does it tell you to force your belief on anyone, or act in violence. I choose to believe in Jesus and have my faith in him. True followers of islam, MUST force their belief on others, or kill them. Just as we have Christians who don’t actually follow their faith fervently, there are muslims who are the same, they also will be killed by true followers of islam. This religion is filled with hatred for those who do not believe and follow the teachings of their prophet, Mohamed. This religion is a cancer for the whole human race and will test whatever our faith is, in the coming future. People…seek the Lord while He may be found and be strong in your faith…you will need it !!!

  141. This is just a drama ….just to create a bad impression for ISLAM, THE REALITY IS THT ISLAM IS ONE OF THE fastest spreading religion,,,do u knw the meaning of islam it means PEACE OK

  142. Randy63ism: Thank you for your narrow minded opinion, and your random decision that I made that statement on based on a wild assumption. The Quran is not a wild assumption. And all of you claim to have studied Islam and re-read the Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, I’m sorry but I truly find that hard to believe, unless you are a bunch of people who are mentally challeneged to have understood those books in a way that makes you still believe Islam preaches this kind of violence. I have nothing more to say.

    You want to respect people’s opinions and respect the true meaning of the Quran and the teachings of Islam (WHICH BY NO MEANS WHATSOEVER PREACHES KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE). Those verses that seem to do so only are telling the stories of past wars, and for the record, that verse 8:12 that was quoted earlier was talking about the War of Badr, and that is what was told to the Muslims at the time.

    Its not Islam’s fault that some people are too stupid to misunderstand it and run around beheading people and killing innocent people just because they are of a different religion. I by no means ever agree that is the way to go, nor was I taught that way in my upbringing, nor did I learn that when I studied Islam at Al Azhar University.

    To Istanbul_Chick, I say to you that i clearly stated in my previous comment that the lost in translation falls onto any translation you find that isn’t from a sure source. The most correct translated source you can find is called Sahih International. When you find a verse in the Quran you want to understand, please find this translation and it will give you the surest meaning. You can get it on this site.

    I am not here to fight with you people, I am here to make it clear that the verse quoted up there (8:12) that seems to justify the news in this article is talking about a whole other topic. People who did this crime either misunderstood the verse and acted upon that, or they are of some sort of non vaild derivative of Islam, which is any other than the Sunna teachings.

    Have a nice life.

  143. It’s not so islam but rather individuals who pervert or reinterpret their religion to fit and justify their own designs.

  144. Oh please, it IS islam. Pure islamic believers cut off that dear little kid’s head. All in accord with Mo-man’s confusing, insane Koran. Banish Sharia Law and Halal food.

  145. It’s not so much Islam, but rather individuals who pervert or reinterpret their religion to fit and justify their own designs.

  146. Their down fall = their inability to keep from showing their ass on the internet, because they are camera whores, who cannot keep from displaying their cruelities to the rest of the moslem world. The more moslems they have cheering them on, the more convinced they are of this moon/pedophile allah. They’re making a fast move before they run out of oil, because after the oil runs out; islam is going to get the fight they think they want.

  147. @Laureen

    Let’s assume that your claim that mien kuranmpf can’t be translated “without losing meaning” how is it that non-Arabic speakers can BE musloids? How is it that the “lost in translation” doesn’t apply to those who embrace mien kuranmpf? How can those who can’t understand it because the meaning was “lost in translation” properly understand it if they become musloids?

  148. Hard to believe some o the fools on this site that want to blame religion in general, as if secular huminists don’t slaughter people. Over 100 million people died just this past century because of state-sponsored terrorism from despots, tyrants, Marxist dictators and civil wars. People are even now sent to gulags in North Korea and are executed daily just for speaking out against the Communist Party, and the media is silent. Disgusting.

  149. LAUREEN: Boy howdy! You are one arrogantly stupid person to make such a subjective statement based upon that wild assumption, unless of course you, yourself are a muslim! (convert?) In that case you would still be a stupid woman to even take on a subservient role as a hajib wearing muslima. Most here have studied islam for years, myself included. We have read the quran, many times over, studied the hadiths from Al-Bukhari to Muslim and back and then, thru the middle! I myself have spent considerable time in muslim countries (three) and have known many, many muslims, Shiite, Sunni, even a few Turkish Alevis. I find your ommission of abrogation quite telling and I’m sure quite a few Hindus and Parsis would take issue with your “No compulsion in religion” lie. Hell, they aren’t even “peoples of the book!” Their only choice when muslims were at a demographic advantage was to convert or die, unlike the Christian or Jew, who could opt out and pay the jizya and accept dhimmitude status. Take your cheap taqiyya act and shove it up your ass before you invite more ridicule and verbal evisceration! Martyrdom doesn’t pay off for muslima, for there are no 72 virgin “stud muffins” for females to enjoy in Jannah and no, those pre-pubescent “boys, beautiful like scattered pearls” are off limits. They’re for those rabidly “self-proclaimed, homophobic” male martyrs too. Gee, methinks they doth complain too much!

    Thus sayeth the Cloven Hoof Posse!

  150. Ok first off, you can’t just randomly choose verses from the Quran and decide thats what they mean according to your interpretation. You should know that every chapter in the Quran is filled with different stories that occured far before the Quran was revealed. And when you read ‘commands’ in the Quran they are either direct commands to muslims, or they are the commands that were being set or given at the time of the story which the chapter is revealing.

    The chapter from which you quoted is called Al-Anfal, which is arabic (the language the Quran was revealed in) for ”The Spoils of War”. And from the very first verse in this chapter, Allah is telling the story of one of the many wars fought when Islam was first being introduced. Also I would like to point out that there are many translations for the Quran, but none give the true meaning since the Quran was revealed in the arabic language, there is only one true meaning, and so like they say, a lot of the time, the true meaning is ”lost in translation”. A correct and sure translation is that called Sahih International, and this is the translation of this verse. The same verse you quoted up there in quite a horrific manner, this the translation according to Sahih International:

    “[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

    Every verse in the Quran has a story, and its important to look to he verses before and after the one you are looking into the meaning of. In this verse, Allah is commanding the muslims who were at war at the time to remember what He had said to the angels, and was commanding the angels to give strength to those at war against the non believers. ‘I will cast terror” refers to the punishment non believers will be getting on the day of judgement. It does not mean Muslims should ”cast terror on any non muslim and decapitate them’. Like seriously, look closely into the meaning first.

    ”Strike them upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip” is also the command they were given at the time of war. Not randomly run around and kill people.
    And since you enjoy randomly picking up verses and interpreting them the way you like, how about this verse.
    {2:256 }
    “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.”

    There shall be no compulsion in acceptance of the religion means you can’t force people into becoming Muslims or accepting Islam or punishing them because they don’t accept it.

    Ok, so how about this whole chapter. Its chapter number 109 made up of only 6 verses and its called ‘’Al-Kafirun’’ which is Arabic for ‘’The Disbelievers’’

    Say, “O disbelievers, (1) I do not worship what you worship. (2) Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. (3) Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. (4) Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship. (5) For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.” (6)

    I don’t see any verse in that whole chapter that says to kill people because they’re not Muslim. To get the real meaning behind anything in the Quran you need to get it in Arabic, which is the language in which it was first revealed.

    • @ Laureen,,,
      Rather interesting that you choose a Meccan Chapter to teach us that all is well and there is no compulsion in religion,,,
      But you see, at that time, Mohammad was fearful of his life, as he was still gathering his forces, before his journey to Medina,,, Whereupon, he decided to break every connection with Mecca, and destroy the Jewish inhabitants there,,,
      Rim-Shot, Laureen,,, Sorry, No Goal~!,,, You must realize that the Hadith,have their purpose, the kuran is NOT assembled in chronological order, and even some of the Surah are written in two places, which ones escapes my memory at this time,,, My bad.

      Please study the CHRONOLOGY of your kuran, and also relate it to the times and places for which it was written,,, but also realize, that MOST of the most violent ( toward non-muslims, apostates, hypocrites or “lazy” muslims ) verses are OPEN ENDED, and with NO TIME LIMIT UNTIL THE EARTH BELONGS TO allah~!~!

      And it is for that reason, among many others, we detest your ideology of hatred, violence, torture, dismemberment and death~! Your own Muslime Brotherhood says it in this manner; ” The Brotherhood’s credo was and is, “God is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.”

      An ex-muslim named Muhammed Kernel made a succinct statement as to the “secret” agenda of islam, in an interview in 2008,,,
      Ex-Muslim reveals secret goal of Islam
      Cites behavior of ‘moderate,’ ‘peaceful’ members of faith

      Posted: September 23, 2008
      9:12 pm Eastern

      Kemel said the truth is that the events of Sept. 11, 2001, were the actions of those who were following the Quran closely.

      “Sadly, I heard some of our American leaders and church pastors state that Islam is a peaceful religion, and what happened on 9/11 was done by fanatic Muslims,” Kemel said. “These individuals ignore the fact that the main goal of Islam is to rule the world.”

      End Quote – See the link above to read the rest of this article – WELL WORTH the time to do so,,,

      Please use your intelligence to see the truth of what it is you believe,,, What you believe is not what it seems to be, by any means, nor by any measure~!

  151. To Pseudonalatus and Jan: In response to your saying the world needs to not have religion.Without a belief in God we are all as animals. There would be no law and order, the strong would dominate the weak and ignorant. God created all animals, plants, etc by speaking the word. But when he made man he breathed into him the breathe of life and man became a living soul with a conscience. All these people going about killing and calling themselves Christains is not right. Islam is not a religion, it is a belief. Muhummad chose one of the 365 gods of the Arabs to be their so called God. Allah was chosen over the other gods, thus being created by a man’s belief. What the Muslim belief teaches about treatment of women, killing off others who will not convert to Islam is all wrong. So called people who go about killing is wrong. Belief in the God of creation and belief in redemption through the blood of Jesus is beautiful. His followers are peace loving people with a goal to show the world there is hope in a Savior. There is hope for all mankind to turn away from evil thoughts, evil ways and all this chaos in our world today. There will never be peace on this planet but everyone who desires can have peace in their spirit.

  152. Mr. Friendly Cares…AHO…I am Cherokee and Lakota..with a little Scottish and Irish thrown in..LOL People do not realize..They are here now, “honor killings” are happening in this country (USA) I as a Native woman have been taught to protect myself and loved ones. To turn the other cheek is no longer an option. The Muslim in the White House will see us all dead if he has his way and anyone that doesn’t believe it should read some Native American Prophecy….

  153. I am sorry, but this has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam. People dont undertand Islam properly and run around doing shit acts like this and then the blame gets placed on Islam. I repeat, this has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam. These people are twisted and sick, and in the Quran it clearly states that they will be punished in hellfire for taking someone’s life.

    Islam and the Prophet Muhammad teach that you can never force someone into religion, it clearly states that in the Quran. So anyone who does brutal acts like this for that reason or tries to show it that way, will be punished.

    Dont just read the title people, read between the lines and get a correct ”background check” before you go around pointing figures and coming to irrational conclusions.

    • Laureen, this has everything to do with Islam:

      Qur’an 8:12

      “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.”

  154. ISLAM IS A CULT!! Lets not get this all mixed up….I will continue to love and cherish my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ but COME ON THIS IS NOT LOVE!!! This is just WICKED AND EVIL!! How could anyone want to convert to Islam? SERIOUSLY You much have been forced/persuaded and that is not GENUINE.

  155. Listen, meatza: I know that ‘per se’ atheists can be as good in this terrestrial life – or as bad – as anybody else on a personal basis. I’ve met not a few: some of them are my friends, one of them has been my father (God Knows what he now thinks given his dementia, past the point where he’s in a nursing home – no surprise at age 95).

    The thing relative to atheism being tied to totalitarianism, particularly communism, is the absence of any morality, and particularly that of Judæo-Christianity. Like it or not, our morality comes in the end from our Judæo-Christian civilisation and its morality, its values and its beliefs. Denying them for all too many people can be like “cutting the branch upon which we’re sitting.”

    If you read “Tortured For His Faith” by the late Haralan Popov, you can see how it’s those who deny the existence of any sort of Higher Being that are then the likeliest of all to think that because they don’t need to answer to anybody such for their deeds, they can get away with whatever they please – as happened indeed in the end with both Hitler and Stáljin. [Reading the twin biographies of the latter (“Young Stalin” and “Stalin: the Court of the Red Tsar”) by Simon Sebag Montefiore has been very revelatory in this regard – and horrifying!] It likely could also account for the atrocities of both Mao and Pol Pot (I’m no expert, especially with those two monsters – there’s much to explore in so little time amongst what else one has to do in life – though even here I remember how Pol Pot’s brother disowned him!!).

  156. “Raven Wing”….My great grandmother was full blood Creek Indian (Native American) also, I could not say it better. The respect and turn the other cheek days are long gone. If they came to learn how to fight like real men at last we can teach them well!

  157. It WILL happen, just like the sun comes up in the East! It’s a matter of time and there have already been many so called “honor killings” More like racist killings. Wake up sheeple your genocide is in full force. There is a genocide blueprint in their hands and as one mosque sent at least $53,000 to the taliban in pakistan from Florida, USA with the support of CAIR as they pretend to be here to better muslim/American relations all there doing is supporting terrorist’s here and they have ties to hamas. When will the government and the sheeple wake up? The imams we’re caught sending the money so who are they preaching to. who gave them money to support terrorist from the USA. My first guess is CAIR the terror group soon to be shut down and and it’s evil members jailed!

  158. Chappy,
    I am not Catholic, but I have MANY Catholic friends,,, and you saying they are not Christian is a bit much~! ” two biggest killers have always been the Muslims and the Catholics…..neither one of them are Christian ” Really, Chappy, I think this is a subject worthy of apology to those whose faith is the Roman Catholic Church,,,

    I would also remind you, that The Christ was a Jew, and NEVER betrayed His Jewish Heritage,,, and in THAT respect, and in that respect only, I would consider all who follow the Christian faith to be honored and honorable toward the Jewish Tradition~!

    I do submit that there have been errors in ALL religions,,, but ALL religions, save the islam, have a commandment, if you will, called “The Golden Rule”,,, the ideology of islam rejects that idea, by precept and by action~!

    Randy is so wise and perceptive, as well as being a strong warrior for the rights of Humanity,,, And in his own way, is a stronger believer in Spiritual Reality than MOST religionists of whom I am aware! ( and he’ll probably be the first to deny it,,, but I know WHAT he is,,, and I’m proud of it~! ) Listen to his teachings well, Chappy,,, and take them to heart~! You won’t be regretting having done so~!

    NOW, let’s face our mutual antagonist, and determine a plan of action, eh?

    • GrouchyFogie, Not to antagonize, but please enlighten me, was it not the Catholic church that was behind the Crusades ? and if I understand it correctly, Islam was their target. If that IS true, then we need to enlist the help of the Catholic church Once AGAIN !

  159. When we leave the true God out of our life this is what happens. People who love God only want health and happiness for others. God is love, at least my God is love. He is full of mercy and grace. Without Him these are just some of the things that heathens do. God will
    punish anyone who hurts a child or attacks the Jews and Israel.

  160. CHAPPY: I’m an agnostic but I take issue with your statements. The vast majority of BNI readers and commentors are from people of many faiths be it Judaism, Christianity (yes, incl. Catholic Christians), Hindus, and others. I comment here frequently because we all agree on one very important issue, the spread of islam and sharia law. We pool our resources, share information, joys, and sorrows. In short, we support each other in a true ecumenical spirit, and we don’t knock each other’s respective faith traditions or lack thereof. Our work is too important for such trivialities when one realises the staggering implications of the reality that there are 1.5 billion followers of islam worldwide and growing. Now looking at the pictures in the feature above, and other muslim attrocities, it paints an imminently soboring image that speaks forcefully about the gravity of our task, and what must be done. Finger pointing, name calling, and other distracting divisiveness is not in the least bit helpful here. We are not supremacists, or racists here despite what our enemies, the muslims and their useful idiots on the left claim. It is highly frowned upon here. Recently Spain, a Catholic country, voted out the socialists and elected a conservative government. A large reason for this no confidence vote was a growing apprehension towards a growing muslim demographic with an increase of violent crime being commited by the aformentioned group. This is to be encouraged by all decent people concerned about the spread of a totalitarian religious entity, not stymied by devisive comments by people who may or may not lack a proper grounding in the dynamics of resistance to islamism. Please take note of our concerns regarding this matter, and by all means, take up your Cross and join us at the barricades, you would be most welcomed.

  161. Wake up America, it could happen here too. THIS is why you ALL need to protect the 2nd Amendment and have a method (gun) of protecting yourself & family. You could shoot someone before they can reach you with their Rambo knife. If these people had owned an AK with a hefty capacity mag, you’d be seeing some terrorists laying in a pool of blood – and terrorists getting shot is called justice, not gun violence. We don’t need to end religion, we all just need to tolerate each other – and have some friends set aside named Smith, Wesson, Kalashnikov and Walther to protect us from the knife-waving terrorists who are obviously too selfish and stupid to act like decent human beings.

  162. What I see in the majority of replies here are calls for the end of all religion and the finger pointing from those who choose not to believe in any god. A call to end all religions and that we should all be forced to believe that same way that they do! The only difference between them and the Muslim monsters who committed these murders is that these anti religion spokes people have not shed blood yet…..give it time and they will. To lump all religions in with one that tells the world to believe or we will kill you is a sign of ignorance. I am sure most of the people who have posted here calling for the end of all religion have no clue about all of them, or there history’s, Yes some religions have been violent in the past and the two biggest killers have always been the Muslims and the Catholics…..neither one of them are Christian but both of them have declared Holy War and killed millions, Christians don’t go on crusades and murder, it was the Pope who ordered the crusades in the name of the Catholic Church just as Muhammad ordered the crusade that Islam is still engaged in today…Christians soon will be killed off in large numbers by those serve Allah and man!

  163. Sharon Johnson Miller is a disingenuous conjob. No point in even parsing what she is ranting since it is devoid of truth, or logic, or purpose. Did she learn this from some 70 IQ crackwhore in a women’s penitentiary, or is she the said CW?

  164. They’re not real muslims and it’s not the real Islam…They’re psychotic,militant & wild people that do this as Islamic rule or Islamic Task to dominate the world…
    unfortunately for these Extrimist people and their inhuman activities Islam has been known as a hateful religion and Muslims has been known as terrorist people around the world…I hope it won’t continue

  165. @Randy63ism A very good response. Religions — which are akin to superstitions since they operate with scant palpable evidence — can come in all stripes. Those that seek to comfort one’s own existential doubts with hope, but ask no questionable duty of faith to be performed upon others not sharing the philosophy are benign. Those that imply their god has dirty work to be performed, and need followers to perform it as an “act of devotion” are pernicious cults. We can see that Talmudic Judaism was evolved away from into more benign forms. We might think a parallel exists in the Catholic Inquisition, except that there it was in fact a secular political response to Izzlamic geopolitical inroads and hence without spiritual motivation. We might find Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons as overzealous and sometimes obnoxious recruiters with flaky messages of folkloric origination, but not actually pernicious in their worldly pursuits. Yes, I remain agnostic to all these but not hostile to anyone’s personal piety.

  166. I am a Christian, and it hurts me to see people put the blame on all religion. I understand that a lot of atrocious killings happened in the name of Christianity, but in all honesty it wasn’t the Christian religion that did said killings. It was greedy, power hungry sick people using their religion to justify those said killings. The bible does not teach people to go out and murder for any reason. The bible in fact says, “Thou shalt not kill”. We are told not to judge. I will not judge you for the color of your skin, I will not judge you for your sex, I will not judge you for your religion even. I was taught that through my religion and through the bible. However, the muslim (which is really just a twisted version of us…the Koran is just a twisted version of the bible written by someone who was just as sick as the religion he created himself) “religion” does slay in the name of their religion and they do it because the Koran tells them to. The things these people do to other people of other religions and their own religion is just plain sick. The way the treat their women and children just sick. I still don’t understand why the women are even willing to take this treatment here in America. They should just all gather forces against the men and stand up for themselves and refuse to be covered! Even more sickening is how they are fighting to get Sharia Law here in America! I am telling you this, and I’m telling ever Muslim who think they can just walk all over me and my family and impose Sharia Law on me…OVER MY DEAD BODY!!! I will fight you if you mess with me or my family, so don’t try it. You will not succeed!

  167. Innocent in the eyes of Muslim is another Muslim…dont go there with they dont kill innocent people-they only believe you are innocent if you are muslim. The quran specifically commands to kill Christians and Jews. I am so tired of people saying we all worship the same God-my God is Jesus and He has NEVER condoned the killing of especially children. Murder is not acceptable in any form. Killing in defense has been allowed by God but never murder. Muslim denies Jesus is God Christians worship Jesus as God —how is this the same???? Evil religions DO cause death God does not-do you see the Jews and Christians running around with swords and slashing off heads? Do you see the baptists and the methodists suicide bombing the synagogues and mosques or setting them on fire? No because OUR God does not condone that. If someone did it its because they went against God. Wake up people! Islam is the antithesis of Christian-read the bible and the quran concurrently. The end times prophesies are exactly the same but opposite each other. This religion is evil. The names used to describe allah in the quran are some of the same names that satan is given in the bible ex God of war, father of lies….LOOK IT UP. Dont fool yourself to thinking these people worship the Hebrew God of the bible because they do not.

    the only unforgivable sin in Christianity is to deny Jesus is God and was begotten of the Father, the only unforgivable sin in Islam to to admit God has a Son and His name is Jesus—does not sound the same to me…..


  169. Islam is most the disgusting and vile so-called religion that lurks this world.


    WHY ?? WHY ??? WHY ???

  170. As a Native American, I follow our teachings..which is to respect all things and peoples, untill it’s time not to, then it is time to fight back…I believe the time is now.

  171. I am seeing so many posts comparing other religeons to the islamic faith, and I truely don’t see how that corresponds to anything at all in this post. It’s like condemning handicapped people because a blind man once stepped on your foot. THERE IS NO CORRELATION!

    The islamic faith isn’t “misunderstood” exept by those poor misguided souls who have only read (or in many cases, BEEN TOLD, because many followers of the quran can’t read it’s native language, so only read the translations offered in the common book stores) the parts that promote peace and love. It is a bloody religeon that promotes the destruction of all those who do not follow thier belief. It is a religeon that promises rewards in the afterlife for those who kill the most “non-believers”. It makes no distinction on age, sex, or temperament…if you don’t follow the Islamic faith, you die…simple as that. These people are born into a culture that follows this faith and they spend thier lives having it drilled into thier psyche until it is not just a part of thier beliefs, but a part of thier reason for being. Placing the morals and beliefs of your own religeon on them will never change anything except your own life expectancy.

    In many parts of the world, children are taught to follow the religeon of thier parents. Once they gain adulthood, they are free to learn of other ways and even to adopt a different religeon. The Islamic religeon allows investigation into other religeons only as a means to learn a way to destroy it’s followers. Make a sound that causes others to doubt your faith and your own family is commanded to strike you dead as an infidel. Yes, they will shed tears for you…and they will chuck your body into the desert for the vultures to feed on.

    Some have called this a “Satanic Religeon”…You know NOTHING! I was once friends with a Satanist. We went to a small cafe for coffee one night. I ordered us some snacks and we sat talking until very late. The next day, VERY early, he called me. He had been very bothered and was kept awake all night because he realised that he had forgotten to THANK ME for buying the coffee and snacks. NEVER decide that a certain belief follows what your own religeon claims…study and look at the examples in the world around you.

    Are all Muslems evil? No…but the Islamic faith is of the most Evil, destructive and genocidal belief systems ever brought into the light of day. Elighten the “Lost souls” of Islamic tradition who truely follow the peace and enlightenment doctrine…and destroy utterly those who follow the quran

  172. Its time for a secular crusade against Islam? Hell, I’ll take the guise of any other religion to carry that out if need be! Its just that on this planet ther are more people of one religion or another than thare are secular atheists.

  173. I’m a muslim,but I hate my religion so when someone asks my religion I say I’m humanism.
    I’m ashamed to say I’m muslim

    • Then either GET OUT of the religion or change to one that has your personal ideals at heart, YOU are the only one who should determine whether you follow any religion or none at all, The bottom line is, are YOU strong enough to determine Your OWN path in life? or will You be led to slaughter By a group of individuals that are blindly following the rantings, of what Most consider to be a criminal ?

  174. “you can see how it can contribute to injustices that are committed today, such as rape”

    Oh yeah, when I said “it” in my previous post above, I meant religion.

  175. ADHD, don’t equate atheism with communism. That’s saying Hitler was a blood-thirsty dictator simply because he had black hair and mustache at the very same time. If you can drop the persecution complex, you can see how it can contribute to injustices that are committed today, such as rape, child abuse and murder. Muslims in Thailand have beheaded a preteen boy and are attacking other buddhists because they feel any belief systems other than their own is unacceptable and they also want to create a settlement in 3 provinces of that aforementioned country.

  176. Silverbullet749, I have come to the conclusion, being a student of World Religions and History, that Islam is the “Unnecessary Reliigion”. It arose in an area where Jews and Christians co-existed in relative peace save for Nomad Arab tribesmen who fought each other like tribes usually do. Mohammed (undress his Holy Name), decided to unify some tribes and kill all the Christians and Jews for monetary gain. He knew enough of the Hebrew/Greek scriptures to mimick them and write an incoherent book called the Quaran. Islam is essentially a Woman-subjugating excuse for a violent Male dominating culture which can only grow by the use of force or fear of death by the sword. The Roman Empire was “conquered” by example, suffering and peaceful co-existence 3 to 4 hundred years after Jesus was crucified–only Christian Blood was shed. Much of that Empire was annihilated 250 to 300 years later by Mohammed’s blood-thirsty followers. What did Islam contribute to the world other than a subjugated and poor populous (compare Europe and North America to North Africa and the “Middle East”). Was it Female Genital Mutilation which according to the U.N. happens to over a million young girls every year? Does it explain why, according to very recent studies by Stanford and Emory Universities, that up to 90% of the “Freedom Loving” women of Egypt are without their Clitoris’s (10% of Egypt is Coptic Christians)? Just imagine what Europe and North America would be like today if the Moslem hordes had not been stopped at the battle of Tours in 732 A.D. in southern France? Cutting off heads and Clitoris’s– a bloody, cruel and Unnecessary “Religion”.

  177. you all wanna bitch and complain get involved and do something instead of standing by shamefully watching it is disgusting true but only because you/we all let it keep happening

  178. Religion is definitely not the problem, People are the problem. Religion has never once killed anyone, only people have. God is about love and peace and harmony. Ignorant people are the downfall of this world. Tragic….

  179. Islam is only peaceful for those that submit… then they live the rest of their existence following rules set down by a pervert and pedophile.

    It’s time to just say “HELL NO” to Islamand if it comes to wielding arms to ensure that Islam is forced back and contained.

  180. OMG how horrible!!!! And those people just standing there taking pictures? I have a 10yr son & the last thing I would be doing is taking a picture & making it a spectacle. WTF is wrong with those people & the muslims who commented the crime?

  181. To Jules: officially China is without religion – and in fact, the Communist Party is militantly anti-religious! Furthermore, they openly persecute Christians and others who don’t accept affiliation in the sterile, state-controlled religious-factions that spurn the Pope (in the case of Catholicism), Falun Gong (in the case of Buddhism), etc.

    You’re right in saying however that the PEOPLE are religious – something that has the government extra-angry because, much as they try to persecute them (even by turning whole villages – maybe towns – into prison-camps, in addition to harvesting the body-organs of those who dissent), the religion is STILL present. To boot, all the spies and informers can’t ALWAYS be present for every last single place where some observance, “Bible-factory” or other thing is happening. Still, it doesn’t mean that the nation is religious – as opposed to its people.

    As to Ms. BNI: indeed, if Obama or the Clintons get to lead the USA another 4 years, I could definitely see where eventually true Christianity WILL become illegal: once they enforce one-party rule and/or martial law, “poof” go all the Americans’ freedoms – and they only need a very slim excuse. [Presumably they’re hoping to use a heck of a lot more “Occupiers”…]

    I’m glad to hear, Wendy, that apparently the Vietnamese persecution of religious people isn’t as bad as I thought – other sources chronicle systematic and brutal, state-sanctioned, persecution of Christians, notably Catholics.

    Sometimes one needs to live more than just one month in a country and touring all across it to REALLY see what, if any, religious freedom is truly present. MANY Communist countries had all sorts of Potjómkin churches, synagogues and temples where they’d bring tourists to “prove” their propaganda. The late Haralan Popov saw matters for himself in the early 60s and wrote about it in his autobiography “Tortured for His Faith” in the case of his native Bulgaria; while my parents saw what Serbia endured in the earlier years of Tito (both cases of how Eastern Orthodoxy faded and tried to blend with what the Commies wanted.

    Thus, IF I be wrong re. Vietnam, I would be quite positively surprised. However, recently we’ve also been hearing about persecutions arising also in Ecuador and Bolivia under recently-established Commie governments there.

    Likely the PUREST example of state atheism (where the ruling Leader is made to be “god”) is North Korea. There, it seems that absolutely NO religious freedom exists and atheism IS king… [So, under Enver Hoxha, was Albania, which used to be another true example of pure Stalinism.]

  182. Alright, to any one with a doubt against religion. Yes… I’m not going to lie. Religion has been shamed upon by the people that kill and enforce killing in it’s name “So long as their has been one God, there has been killing in his name” a small line from a small movie that to this day shakes religious views and erupts disputes.

    The fact is this. They were wrong to kill an innocent child be he of Buddhism, Islam, Christian, or of no faith (feel free to list your own religion here). Personally I am Methodist and I’ll admit it. Sure, bash me for my limited intellect and tell me I’m wrong. I don’t care, it only will bring forth pity because despite everything, I’m happy. I don’t believe killing other’s is right, I don’t believe that what people have done in the name of my God and Faith is right. I don’t agree with every little thing that is spewed by the Bible thumping tyrants that claim to be of good faith. But I believe in what I believe and despite what others say, it’s not going to change that.

    What goes around comes around and it will be He who judges them, not me. Call it karma, call it the golden rule, call it what ever you so please. But they’ll get what’s coming to them and it’s of none of your concern.

  183. Ban Sharia Law & Convict these inhumane animals in other countries under international laws. We need to protect the Buddhists because they’ll come for you next. If you’re not their religion than you’re an animal & they get points for killing you.

  184. OK, so WHEN are the Buddhists who “far outnumber the Muslims” going to stop this extremist violence with a civil war against the muslims???? HUH? WHEN???

    It’s time to “sack up”!!!!!!!

    • Bruce, couple things here,,,

      The Buddhists are a pacifist faith, but that does NOT mean they are wimps, by any means~! But they do believe in the right of self determination for every living Being, human or non-human,,,

      That Said, your question is best answered by this post by Bare Naked Islam some time ago,,, April 28th of this year, to be exact:

      Two things that the moochits cannot control is the human MIND, and the human, G-D – given SPIRIT.
      NOR does the entire world yet realize that allah is NOT the Arabic Equivalent of G-D ~!~! They are two completely separate entities,,, One is of shaitan / satan ( same difference ) and One is THE ONE who Created all of Creation, as stated in Genesis 1:1

      The Crusader’s Dawn is nigh,,, are you prepared???

  185. As I keep saying – when they develop the new Planet Keppler 22B, to make sure it will be a paradise up there – Leave the Muslims behind – That’s all you have to do. The planet is double the size of earth.

  186. @Khalid the liar.

    Wrong. You “misquoted” and “took out of context” surah 5 ayat 32.

    The entire ayat is:

    For that cause We decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah’s Sovereignty), but afterwards lo! many of them became prodigals in the earth.

    So, allah the impotent makes it clear that the order is for the Jews. You also to quote the most important part of that ayat which is “for other than manslaughter of corruption in the land.” The “ayats before and after” make it clear that “corruption” (mischief in some translations) means simply not beliving in allah or that mo the putrid is a prophet. The entire chapter is devoted to allah’s hatred of infidels, Jews and kaffirs and contains explicit instructions on how to deal with them: kill them.

    Nice try at obfuscation, naik, but we’re on to your bullshi’ite and “taking out of context” tricks and have started to read mien kuranmpf for ourselves. You’ll have to come up with some new lies to defend your indefensible ideology of arab savagery.

  187. The Islam problem really needs to be dealt with from the Un and EU and all countries Governments need to work together with the Islamic Clerics and Imams and the moofties to come to a peaceful agreement, this needs to happen quickly as there are to many people dying due to Islam.

    • Tracey,
      The mozlem horde will not coexist with any other religious belief system, and will not integrate into any democratic political system,,,
      All the facets and aspects of islam demand superiority, whether it is religious, cultural, societal or political,,,
      EVERY culture and civilization that islam has infiltrated and overrun had degenerated to the point of savagery and unspeakable barbarity – and this is what allah, who should be termed otherwise, demands of his / its adherents,,,
      There will be one survivor – islam, or Freedom,,, there are no other options~!

  188. islam is a disease and should never be allowed on the shores od any country outside arab lands. It is dangerous. Islamics deceive, ;ie and al sneaky and should never be trusted. Australia will never tolerate this behaviour and myself and my organisation the APDM will never back down on Islam.

  189. I am from india and i follow islam.if the above mentioned news is true then i will just say only one thing: islam doesnt allow the murder of children and inncoents its sinful to kill children even in war its not allowed.. The murder would have been done by some perverts they are just muslims by name…

    Allah says in quran.. If someone kills an inocent he has murdered the whole humanity and if someone saves a life he has saved the whole humanity… This not the teaching of islam the people wjo are doing this have done a henious and barbaric and it needs to be condemned in strong words i will try to share this news in every possible way i am a muslim and my religon teaches me peace

    may allah bless u all

    • Khalid, you muslims stole that line about killing an innocent is like killing the whole of humanity….etc. from the Old Testament. You are repeating Jewish scripture and you don’t deserve it because all you do is kill innocents, most of whom are muslims. Islam is not peace and you are a liar. Get the hell off this site.

    • @ Khalid

      I imagine that you are just trolling, now,,, but let me explain to you your own taqiyya, from your own “Holy Book”,,,
      Go to Sura 9:5, ”
      Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the jizya (a tax for non-Muslims), then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”
      This verse has caused the deaths of over 270 MILLION non-muslims and “wimpy” muslims alike,,,
      Mohammad had a treaty with Mecca, and he broke that treaty, and ever since then, any non-mozlem has been “fair game” for the unleashing of violence against the “unbeliever” also known as “infidel”,,,

      Khalid, read your book in its chronological order,,, then you’ll realize how dastardly it truly is~!,,, and don’t come back with this, “out of context” crap,,, just listen to the current crop of imams, mullahs, and Friday prayer service preachers world wide,,, EVERY ONE of whom demands the death of the Jews and the Western way of Life,,,

      Hopefully, you have the courage and the bravery to do so,,, but I seriously doubt that you’ll believe the evidence of your own eyes and ears~! IF YOU DO, then get out of islam as fast as you can~!

    • So islam doesn’t allow the murder of children eh? I live in Canada. Have you heard of Canada, khalid, know where it is? Do you know what happened here? Does the name Shafia ring a bell? Your hate filled quran does indeed allow the murder of children! Honestly, you muslims lie faster than a horse can gallop!

  190. WORDS, WORDS. Is that all that is being done here? Time for ACTION. show how you feel. Say GOD BLESS you in a crowd, say Merry Christmas to people. Only if you really feel it in your heart. One thing we have to do is if we love this country fly your American flag.Be proud to be an AMERICAN. Become a flag waver. Do not let the muslims forget where they are and they are in for a fight. BO to needs to know that he is working for us we are NOT working for him.

  191. SCOTT: Insanity is in not seeing the forest for the trees you moron. Evil is in being a willing enabler to the madness and obsfucating the evidence. Stupidity is in trying to present yourself as some kind of expert on things you have little comprehension of. Tyrrany is in trying to criminalise and suppress the freedom of people to express themselves when they simply express the truth, you smug, politically correct bastard. Let me give you a lesson about what fear does to cowards. It causes them to stick their heads in the sand…or up their asses, you pussy!

    Denial is not just a river in Egypt, some people live it, as you so clearly demonstrate.

  192. @ scott — December 10, 2011 at 9:14 AM ,,,

    First, let me concur with the reply of BurnerJack.

    You call our statements ” Sweeping Geenralizations ” which tells me you know zip, zilch, Nada and NOTHING about the philosophy or ideology of islam,,, IF needed, any one of the posters here can go to chapter and verse to prove the BASIS of the actions of mozlems, whether it is kuran, hadith or sunnah,,, and the embellishments provided by the current day ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood, or any of the imams, mullahs and ayatollahs currently extant or recently deceased, in the case of the ayatollah khomeini,,, and his successor is as evil as he is,,,

    So, you say ” This site is a hate crime in progress.”,,, what about the CAUSE of this particular post? I would say that is a pretty fair example of hatred against non-believers by muslims,,,
    How about the over EIGHTEEN T H O U S A N D acts of violence since 9/11/2001??? No hate there??? How about Surah 8:12 – 14, as noted below:

    8:12 When thy Lord inspired the angels, (saying): I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.
    8:13 That is because they opposed Allah and His messenger. Whoso opposeth Allah and His messenger, (for him) lo! Allah is severe in punishment.
    8:14 That (is the award), so taste it, and (know) that for disbelievers is the torment of the Fire.

    For your information and the information of the rest of the group here, I am only going to list part of what I have found, as I researched this,,, ( use the search term, “Islam on Infidels” – the facts are terrifying,,, )

    Islam …

    1) Is a mind-control and information-control cult founded by a murderer, torturer, brigand, rapist and pedophile called Mohammed. The mind-control and information-control aspects require that all criticism be silenced.

    2) Is Mohammed’s personality cult. Has no foundations other than Mo’s murderous rantings (Koran and Hadith). The Koran consists of two conflicting parts – Meccan and Medinan (peaceful and violent respectively). The Medinan stuff supersedes (‘abrogates’) the Meccan stuff. Muslims act Medinan, but quote Meccan verses to the gullible infidels.

    3) Claims to worship the same God as Christians and Jews, but in fact worships Allah – a demonic channelling through Mohammed’s psychopathic ego. The Death Cult mixes garbled versions of Christian and Jewish scriptures with pagan practices such as moon and meteorite-worship, and cut-throat blood sacrifice of animals and non-believers.

    4) Has no rational, philosophical nor theological basis, and the whole belief-system is contradicted by science, philosophy, commonsense, human decency and internal inconsistency.

    5) Cannot withstand rational criticism. Can only spread and maintain itself by ignorance, illiteracy, war, terrorism, and intimidation. Islam has bloody borders and cannot co-exist peacefully with other belief systems. Winston Churchill said that Islam in a man is as dangerous as hydrophobia (rabies) in a dog.

    6) Has a superstitious dread of images of pigs, crosses, Buddhas, Saint George (and his flag) and of course Motoons.

    7) Regards Islamic women as semihuman. Wife-beating, incest and child abuse (including mufa’khathat or ‘thighing’ – the ritual abuse of infants) are encouraged.

    8) Regards all unbelievers (Kaffirs, Kuffar, Kufrs, Kafirs) as ritually unclean subhumans to be killed, subjugated, enslaved, exploited or parasitised. Kafirs are described by the Arabic word ‘najis’ – literally ‘filth’. That’s why Muslim hatred of Kafirs is intrinsic to their ‘religion’. A Kafir doesn’t need to DO anything to offend a Muslim, his very existence is enough of an affront.

    And there are 12 more points here, scott,,,

    You might want to do a comparison check before you start condemning those who are trying to educate you and save your life at the same time,,,

    But you strike me as one of those who would rather condemn than learn, who choose to burn, rather than LIVE and KNOW THE ENEMY,,, and islam is the enemy of all infidels, or non-mozlem disbelievers, of which I am one, as are those on this blog.

    • Beautifully said and I may paraphrase your words when trying to spread the truth myself…one good thing will come out of this- we really will stand tall and strong with our fellow beings to overthrow these barbarians!

  193. i feel sad with this,and no comment. i just pray for their souls and hope that everyone respect life…..
    Have blessed and peacefull sunday to all…..

  194. Scott, you really are a fucking dipshit. The only hate crimes committed are by the Muslims in question, but somehow you can’t see that. The only reason people here are venting their feelings towards Muslims is because of the acts of said Muslims. It has been THEIR actions which preceeded the responxes here and elsewhere. These responses are dangerous? Really? So tell me dipshit, what caused these actions BEFORE these comments? Get a fuckin’ clue will ya?! This site is not a “racist, biggotted” site as so many allege. No, it is merely commentary about an evil ideology masquarading as religion. If these animals acted this way in defiance of the Quran, that would be one thing. They are acting in accordance with the Quran, which is quite another. Are all Muslims evil like this? No, probably not. Not all Nazis killed Jews and nonGermans either. But that does not mitigate the evil the idiologies embody.

  195. LOL ADHD, I can see you have done your research to claim that China is not a religious nation, in fact it is extremely religious, just not Christian. They are mostly Buddhist with is allowed by the government, in other words they have a “state” religion, which is forbidden in the US. But even with this, there are many who are Christian and the number is growing despite the government’s attempt to limit the numbers.

    • REALLY??? Ask the Falun Gong (which IS Buddhist)!!!! Ask those Christians who refuse to join the “Patriotic Associations” dedicated to subverting their faith and churches!!!

      Also, the Chinese Communist Party has always been – and IS!! – MILITANTLY anti-religious!!!! The “state religion” of China, like it or not, is ATHEISM!!!! That many Chinese are religious (I’ll NOT deny that) is at GREAT personal risk (though not quite as bad as in North Korea, where IDOLATRY of the SUPREME “Leader” is the official ‘religion’ – just as it was in the USSR!!!) – those people are at the minimum risking their income, job and career prospects (and not only themselves but their relatives and friends, even acquaintances!!), travel privileges, &c.

      I’m only sorry that I didn’t spot this LIE of yours much earlier…

  196. With the exception of Jenni, the responding remarks here are nearly as insane as the acts of the murder. The sweeping generalizations are manifest with ignorance. The pictures, acts of the murder and most of the comments made here are in the same Venn diagram. Justice is to be understood on a case by case basis. The inflamed generalzations are as dangerous as the acts of madmen. Just stop it. Evil is evil. Condemning a billion people for the acts of some is evil. Ignorance causes fear and fear leads to hatred and hatred fuels evil. This site is a hate crime in progress.

    • Scott, You’re right Evil is evil and every part of the book THEY ALL study is full of hate, just like Evil is evil, so Truth IS Truth, If Telling the truth is a hate crime in progress then Send in the Feds, it’s about time we clear up THAT misunderstanding as well.
      In the mean time, if you think this site is a hate crime, why on earth would You want to be associated with it ? Go fond some mindless liberal site to bother.

    • If you stand by and say nothing then you are just as guilty as they are. By being muslim you are supporting a political Ideology that is causing violence and hatred to be spread. Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and Palestine are muslims who produce terrorist and if a billion muslims do not denounce these groups then they are paramours with them, like it or not but muslims are terrorists. A billion people who say nothing are slaves to evil. All I see from muslims is signs that islam will rule and other sick remarks. They act all nice and friendly while stabbing you in the back. Peace to all non-moslems do not think this is a hate site.

    • Its my humble request to all of u,please go and read about islam,then only u will find the truth.those who have said islam is wrong,later on they only accepted islam why ??? bcoz they read about islam and then they come to know that this is not that islam which was shown in media and tought in schools. i want to ask u why scientist r accepting islam,islam is the fastest growing relegion in the world why ??? why millions of americans,uk,asians all over the world accepting it and living peaceful life, go and search the history u all will find greatest enemies of islam accepted it why why why ??? just go read the islam u all will find the ANSWER. one more thing,in every relegion u will find some bad people,it doesn’t mean u paint all good people and bad people with the same brush.

      • Brainless people accepts islam thanks to muslims’ lies and deceit.

        And the image portrayed on the media is the REAL face of islam. But you think we are stupids who don’t know what happens to non-muslims in muslim countries, or what happens to non-muslims in non-muslim countries when islam is near.

        “islam is the fastest growing relegion in the world”

        That’s because muslims procreate like cockroaches. It’s not because people is accepting that abomination known as islam. And if non-muslims play with the unfair rules that islam imposes, you can’t grown: Muslims can brainwash people in non-muslim countries but, non-muslims can’t spread their beliefs in muslim countries (well, they can do it, but if they get caugth they could die).

        Games muslims play — “Islam must be true, because it is the world’s fastest growing religion.”

        They give a better explanation.

        “…one more thing,in every relegion u will find some bad people, it doesn’t mean u paint all good people and bad people with the same brush.”

        But bad people in islam can be count by millions, and they do things that no one is doing rightnow. More than 18000 terrorist attacks in 10 years it’s anything non-muslims aren’t doing, much less, motivated by religion.

  197. The people being effected by muslim murderers need to arm themselves and retaliate. Buddhism practices peace, which is fine, but they should also defend themselves. If they don’t. they have noone to blame but themselves for their predicament.

    The sooner we rid the world of Islam, the better off we will all be.

  198. Chris,
    God IS almighty. In His wisdom, he endowed each and every person born with two gifts:
    1) The ability to recognize right from wrong.
    2) A free will two choose one or the other.
    In this way, Saints will be separated from demons. We shall all be held accountable for our choices. Our choices depend on what is truly in our hearts. Without these two gifts, there would be no way to see the true soul. Yes, people suffer, people die. I believe that if there is balance in all things in the Universe, those which suffered without just cause will be redeemed. Those which chose to cause such suffering will pay the price of seeing The Glory of God, and yet not to be included in that Glory. An unimaginable sadness which will accompany them for all eternity.

  199. ROCKO: You are correct. Islam is no religion, just a sick, murderous, dominating, male power cult that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  200. Let’s all go to the stoning, argwh crap, there’s a good shooting at the sport’s stadium at the same time, deserves it to, damn slut, the religious police caught her with infidel nail polish on. Oh me, oh my, which to choose? I loved the hand cutting off yesterday, that’ll teach those ‘abeh’ for daring to fight against us.
    Yeah, let’s all go to the stoning. I’ll have a bag of stones please, no, no, medium’s okay.

  201. The problem here isn’t religion, it’s people within the religion who misinterpret it or even use it as an excuse to commit disgusting crimes just because they can. This story is truly terrible and I’m sure 99% (or even more) of Muslims would agree, and also be shocked and insulted that these people claim to be part of their religion.

    • Jenni, save your crap for the liberals. Readers of BNI can point out the sections of the quran and hadith which call for the smiting of the necks of unbelievers. Good Muslims agree with this kind of torture.

    • I can asure U that this is the real and true about islam and what queran sais that a muslim should do wit other people who has other religions. It is the true and I think U should take a careful look about what the quran tell is people.There are much more and the same digusting things. Keep on reading and U will se for Urself. I did and I´ve also seen with my own eyes how muslims can do with others and how little they bother if they hurt or kill people in their way. Its sad but true.

  202. Gee! You sound like you could have been on our tour 7CBoots!!! (I’m an Aussie too!) We started in Singapore…Muslim everywhere, looking down on you..didn’t feel overly welcome there, but that was just me maybe. We then flew to Saigon, and I agree, – a happy, on the go town, where everyone embraces you- and tries to sell you everything they can! LOL! (Ben Thanh Markets)…gotta love those motor scooters with 5 people on the one bike! LOL!…and I found quite safe at night- gotta love that humidity tho…We went to Cu Chi, great photography out there, again, a now very peaceful place, even the retired Viet Cong were respectful of us, and helped us with tunnel tours and the like. Tay Ninh was very hot, near Cambodia, alot poorer, but again, Temples everywhere, including the Cao Dai sect…stunning temple…We then went up to Danang, and Hoi An…..super shopping, more amazing people, much less on the go compared to Saigon, but the food, oh the food! So fresh! There is however a huge US military base with massive amounts of Dioxin still stored, that makes some areas unsafe to live on still. But the land in Hoi An is worth millions now! Did you see all the resorts going up? And the amazing beaches? No-one but tourists go there, as like you said, they don’t like the sun colouring their skin…

    I loved Hai Van Pass, going through the mountains..more great photography…amazing in fact..and when we got to Hue…oh gosh, what an amazing site. The men in their cyclo’s worried me a bit…can’t put my finger on why, but they just did..polite, but watching you most of the time…but the Imperial Citadel made for great photos. (We took a cooking class too).

    Heading North, I agree, the skin gets darker. We went to the tomb of Ho Chi Minh, and thats where I saw the only strict side of the Socialist movement. We went in to see his body, and it was very strict NO cameras at all alllowed. No photo’s of the guards..(not that that stopped me *wink*), but I agree, down South was much friendlier. Halong Bay was stunning…but the people to me were not as chatty. Our cruise on the Bay was breath taking.. That puppet show was amazing- how are those girls singing voices!? The music was so romantic…and only $3.00 USD entry!!! My hubby liked the beer at only $1.00 a can over there too! LOL…(When you wrote “same, same, just different” hubby bought a t-shirt with that on it from there! LOL!)

    So back to the Muslims…..why have they not entered Vietnam and taken over- or tried too…I am still scratching my head on that one…I hope they never do…seems as though they have over run Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore….it would be a terrible if they do the same to Vietnam…..I’d hate to see all those amazing temples gone…Maybe Muslims are scared of Vietnam…dunno…

    (In case you were interested, here is a link to some of my Vietnam photo’s…)

    May we all live in peace and one day wipe Islam off the map……

  203. Hi Wendy, my husband and I stayed in the ‘Old French Quarter’. (very romantic). A person, when asked by us, explained what it was saying and added that the people would like to throw rocks at the speakers, but are not allowed. I also eye witnessed batons raised a couple of times in the hands of the traffic police, aimed at hapless road law offenders, in 2 seperate incidents.
    Yes there is an incredible amount of building, Japan, America, big corporations investing in Vietnam. It is good to see the barges up and down the Mekong River hauling earth for new building projects. It is sad to see, villager’s homes crashing into the river, as the trawling, caves in the sides of the river.
    I noticed, in Hanoi, a higher level of desperation by some of the people I came in contact with, to leave, to escape. (The grass is always greener on the other side.), some even went as far as to lobby for sponsership from my fellow companions.

    Saigon, I experience a happy, clean, cheery, bopping city. I’ve been a couple of times, and would love to visit again, so much to see and do, the food divine, and so’s the wine, the service, a delight.
    My tour guide told me, “We will treat you like God’s, for that is what you are to us.”
    (We’re Aussie tourists.)

    A beautiful Vietnamese lady summed it all up for me, “We are different, the South and the North, we in the South have lighter skin, the North have darker skin. We in the South like sweet food, the people in the North, like salty food. The people in the South, like dogs, the people of the North, eat dogs.”

    Like myself, she also did not feel as comfortable, or as well treated in the North, Halong Bay was worth the trip, and the water puppet theatre was entertaining, still, we could not wait to return to the South, where the party lights and smiles are.

    I have so many stories and adventures to tell from my time in that magnificent country and some lovely photographs as well.

    Still the above is about Thailand, and from what I’ve heard Thailand people are beautiful people, same, same, but different. I love the Buddhist religion, and I am so angry at islam for teaching hate, hate is evil, hate is about as bad as it could ever get. I’m glad my mum told me when I was very young. “It is not okay to hate, you may ‘dis-like’ something. Hate is a very strong word, try not to hate.” she said.

  204. NIRVANA: Islam has been a curse to the good people of India, a curse to the Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists, Christians, and Jews. A curse to all non-muslims, and yes, even a curse to their own kind.

  205. I have never liked religion in my whole life. Im very sure that humanity will se that Islam is a threath to this world, special Jews.

  206. Sorry! Ammendment to my last post……

    I wrote..’but unlike Muslims, they threaten to kill westerners for not BEING communist…’

    Should have said – “But unlike Muslims, they DO NOT threaten to kill us for not being of the same belief….”

  207. 7CBoots….Hmmm…I was in Hanoi for a few weeks…didn’t hear that? I have seen the banners waving, but they didn’t effect me, they caused me no harm….its just banners and if there is stuff said over loud speakers, its just their Government crap, like we have here in Australia and everywhere else…someone is always pushing their Goverment party… I guess they just do theirs differently…but unlike Muslims, they threaten to kill westerners for not BEING communist, like I said, I was there for just over a month, and never had anyone pressure me, I was free to photograph wherever I wanted, I could move about wherever I wanted, and was greeted with smiles everywhere I went! Try getting that from a Muslim or from a Muslim country….

  208. ADHD…with all due respect…Vietnam is very highly religious. Every where you look they have Buddhist temples..some within feet of one another. It IS communist, that is true, but the country is very lay back, not like Russia for example. You can freely walk the streets with no repecussion,(Sorry if I spelt that wrong) no snide remarks etc.. They are more free to do as they please than ever before, the place is a building hot spot, US has bought stacks of land in Hoi An, and multiple Estates, Hotels, are going up through out the region. The land is worth millions. But, as I said, they have no time for Muslims, or, Muslims just don’t see the country as ‘good enough’ for them, because i didn’t see any Muzzies at all!!! – and I went from South, through the middle, the mountain region, and up North, and not one :) THANK THE HECK FOR THAT! I see them everyday here in Australia, so whatever Vietnam is doing, it certainly is keeping them out! LOL! 😉

    • Wendy, thank you for answering me – sorry that I haven’t spotted your reply here for such a long time.

      However, I STILL DO hear of severe persecution of Christians (notably Catholics) – the Catholic News Service has been publishing cases of property being taken away from churches, of their being damaged, of people being imprisoned on a fairly regular basis, alas.

  209. SHARON JOHNSON MILLER: Whitey hater huh? I didn’t know the name Sharon Johnson Miller was a pseudonym for Maxine Waters. Nor did I know Haliburton was a Chinese firm. It does sort of make sense though if you consider the trade deficit. Gee, thanks for your revisionist enlightenment. I feel so much better now.

    “Happy Kwanzaa,”
    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ “Some people are just so stupid you can’t even slap it out of ’em.”

    “Whoop! Whoop!”

    “Don’t Mess With Texas”


    • To Rodney Boone,
      A true religion gathers more insight and philosophical epiphanies to present to future generations than any one person can attain on their own. A spritual evolution if you will. Moral guidance is a byproduct which fosters harmony in one’s life. Islam is not a true religion. It is a tyranical, oppressive ideology masquerading as a religion, I suspect because when one presents a dictim as “God’s Will”, it goes unopposed, providing an easy path to power over others. A true religion proposes a path to enlightenment. Islam is about as enlightening as the Dark Ages. Power for a few. Abject misery for the rest. I have always considered Earth a “neutral place. Not Heaven. Not Hell. People have the power to sway it one way or the other.
      It amazes me how many choose Hell.

  211. Every morning and evening, in Vietnam, Hanoi, the communist propaganda is meeted out loud and clear on speakers hooked up through the city, “You live in Vietnam, Vietnam is a good country, you are happy.”
    I love the Vietnamese people, I love Vietnam.

  212. You guys are so full of shit on this blog. I’m a devout Christian. I love Christ, I detest his fan club. More beheadings have taken place under the guise of Christianity than any other religion. There have been more wars in this world under the guise of Christianity. This is dishonest and disingenuous. Killing is wrong. Yet you will have the same Christians cry for beheading of Americans with whom they disagree. These same idiots will push to execute innocent people around this country by denying them due process under the law. Heck Rick Perry’s Texas which is lauded as one of the biggest bible thumping States behead more innocent people than others. Perry recently bragged on it. Blacks were hung, beheaded viciously beaten etc with the Bible being used as their guide.. There is just a lot of hate, inhumanity and revenge in this World. George W Bush killed and maimed more people in his short 8years in Office than all the people killed by Islam. Who will resurrect the 1million Muslims murdered in Iraq for no reason.. Oh I forgot so Halliburton could get its hands on the people’s oil.. THIS IS AN EVIL ACT PERIOD. TO READ MORE INTO IT AND CASTIGATE AN ENTIRE RELIGION BASED ON IT IS DISINGENUOUS. SHOULD WE START POSTING THE VIDEOS HERE OF ALL THE VICIOUS KILLING BY AMERICAN PRESIDENTS…SANCTIONED BY THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM IN OFFICE? smdh!

    • Sharon, like HELL you’re a Christian. We can smell a muslim baghead paedophile prophet follower a mile away. Sorry to burst your taqiyya bubble, but there were only between 50,000 and 100,000 killed in Iraq.Not to worry, Iran will finish off the rest.

      • Well said Barenaked!! And as for ‘Sharon’, not another one dumping on George Bush! Listen, George Bush was right! There WERE weapons of mass destruction, and the reason you haven’t read of it in the mainstream media is because they prefer the: “we were taken to war on a lie” nonsense. The WMD’s were smuggled out of Iraq in 2002-2003 in a 747, some 727’s and a fleet of trucks and 18 wheelers. This might have presented a problem for observers to notice but for the fact that in June 2002 a large dam collapsed in Syria, and caused great devastation; Syria called for help, and Saddam’s prayers were answered–he sent lots of “aid”. And that’s why the naiive, blind western “observers” saw nothing, and why leftist so-called “unbiased news media” still haven’t reported it. As for the crap about Christians having beheaded more people than muslims-only muslim scum behead. And talking of Rick Perry and Texas–they might execute murderers, but they do NOT behead people. I agree with Barenaked; you sound like muslim scum.

    • Where in the Christian Bible does it teach and endorse death and atrocity?
      You are missing a huge fundamental point: Islam TEACHES THESE THINGS AS DOCTRINE!
      Charles Manson did not commit the Tate/ LaBianca murders but he coerced others to do them.
      Some of those that were there are now free. Charlie, on the other hand still don’t surf.
      THIS is the evil of Islam. Do Christians or others from other religions commit these acts ? No doubt! But, they do so DESPITE their faith(s) not BECAUSE of them. Get it?

    • Sharon Johnson Miller I hate to say this, but, I think you may be delusional. You really might want to try and get some help for your issues. Try a therapist or call a mental health center in your area, now, please… do it today. And don’t carry those sissors in your hands anymore when you’re running down the street screaming Bush did it! It’s Bushes fault!! It scares the neighbors. :)

  213. BRENDA SEARS: It is most unwise to render these kinds of judgements when one so obviously understands little of what they’re talking about. What makes you assume that islam doesn’t teach it’s followers to hate and kill others? (non-muslims.) Have you extensively read the quran, the hadiths? Is it because your muslim friends tell you so? You know, the so-called “religion of peace” mantra? The mainstream media? Or are you just projecting your own theological notions and context onto muslims by assuming the majority are just like us in their core beliefs? These kinds of naive assumptions have fatal consequences, they get people killed. Innocent people. How does one defeat an enemy when one does not properly define that enemy (war on “terror”) and instead operates by the dictates of political correctness? Do you really think “peace, love, and flowers” has a ghost of a chance at defeating radical islam? How utterly naive. Now, regarding any surviving members and relatives of that murdered Thai farm family, do you not have any understanding or empathy for them if they harbor a hatred of those who took the lives of their loved ones in such a brutal, horrific and depraved manner? Are you even human? Or, are you simply being condescending on some deep, primal level?

    If you’re not willing to do your homework, then please stay out of the discussion.

  214. Forget Vietnam: a Communist country that has virtually NO religious freedom (promotes atheism and persecutes Christians!), still is very Ljéñinist and likely is out of the headlines because the media and governments are happy with it!!

  215. WOW! Some of these post about religion. You people are way off! It’s not religion that makes people do these sick & disgusting attacks on another human being. It’s HATE! Only HATE could make someone commit these kind of acts. Hate does not come from religion. Hate only comes from SATAN! (The Devil ) Some of you here need to understand what hate really is. If people only knew what Hate is, what it stands for, & where it comes from, you would not use the word so freely. There’s LOVE. And there’s HATE. Which one do you want? Can’t have both. Love & Hate DO NOT mix. To Hate is the lowest one can possibly go. It’s really sad why so many would rather be unhappy with all that Hate, then to Love, & be happy, always smilling, laughing. Damnit… It feels good to laugh. I Love to laugh. And I love to make others laugh. I cannot stand it when some hatefull person says something bad, so stupid & hatefull just to piss me off. There’s really no reason for it. It’s really UGLY to Hate. GOD! It really is UGLY!!!

  216. There is no freedom of speech in Vietnam and of course no elections. If you like North Korea then Vietnam is a nice place. People can go to prison for long stretches for any kind of criticism of the regime. For instance, this: if Odumbo gets re-elected. Couldn’t be any worse than the US is going to be.
    …would easily get you 10 years in the Hanoi Hilton.

  217. Since the US Federal District Court of Appeals (7th Circuit) has held that Atheism is a religion, I guess we can start by getting rid of Atheism, itself responsible for the most violent and atrocious terrors in humanity’s history.

  218. recently spent a month in Viet Nam doing photography….Viet Nam has religion…Most are Buddhist…… is a very happy, peaceful country. No war, no hate…they are never in the headlines, and while I was over there, I saw NO Muslims at all…thank god for that!! :)….(just saying…..:)

  219. SORRY YOU’RE JUST MAD: I hope you realise you just gave a piss poor lesson in Soviet era Russian history to an ethnic Russian (ADHD). Brace yourself for the impending Slavic onslaught.

  220. ZEE: I’m an agnostic, but your comments betray an appalling lack of historical knowlege both recent and distant, as well as being emotionally driven rather than based on cold, hard facts and logic. They are at best ineffective, at worst, obsfucating and logistically unrealistic in terms of any kind of ecumenical, joint resistance towards confronting islam and it’s encroachment upon the non-muslim world, not to mention it’s treatment of it’s own indigenous non-muslim minorities. Considering all the current attrocities being commited by muslims all over, your comments seem to suggest the existence of correlating numbers of violent acts of terror commited by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Jains, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. Where are they Zee? Killers of abortion doctors don’t count because they are a mere drop in the bucket, and one can tally the total deaths attributed to that with the fingers of one’s own hand. Indeed, send us links. The problem with attitudes like yours is they’re not helpful. They end up being excuses for doing nothing at all. So the evil continues over and over because we do the politically correct thing and play games with moral equivallence. Get your moral compass in check, you and some of the other commentors on this particular topic. You all know who you are. You all are the enablers, and along with the muslims, you all are the problem.

  221. To ADHD. No we haven’t. There are very few examples of atheistic nations over time. The USSR itself promoted atheism and tried to eliminate religion, but religion was still a centerpiece in their culture. Citizens just practiced their religion behind closed doors (hence why the culture lived on and modern day Russians are usually very religious). They were not at all successful in their elimination. Majority of Russians are Orthodox Christian and it has been that way before the USSR and after. Just because a government identifies the country as being an atheist country, it doesn’t mean there is no religion in their country. This applies to most of your other examples. State atheism is rarely successful. People hang on to their religious beliefs and rarely ever let go, they just cease to openly practice it.

    • How many, many LIES you’ve written above!!!

      People had to be EXTREMELY secretive to practise their religion – they knew how much they were risking, especially if some “friend” or blood-relative denounced them to the authorities – and such stool-pigeons were (and STILL ARE in places like North Korea) EVERYWHERE!!!!

  222. To Jan: we ALL have seen what a country without religion looks like. Many countries in fact: the USSR, all of the nations of Eastern Europe aside from Poland and Hungary (there, thank God for Catholicism!!!), North Korea, China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam…

    NO THANKS!!!!