‘CHRISLAM’ – Self-hating Christians invite the devil into their churches

Churches are offering use of their churches to Muslim congregations. Apparently, some Jews are doing the same thing in their synagogues. Can everyone say, cutting your throat to spite your face?

FOX NEWS – Two Protestant churches are taking some heat from critics for opening their church buildings to Muslims needing places to worship because their own facilities were either too small, or under construction.

Heartsong Church in (Cordova? How fitting), Tenn., let members of the Memphis Islamic Center hold Ramadan prayers there last September. And Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Va., allows the Islamic Circle of North America to hold regular Friday prayers in their building while their new mosque is being built.

The U.S. Christian community is divided over whether or not to allow Muslims to use their churches as prayer space — something that two Protestant churches have already done. But Dr. Alex McFarland, a Christian theologian and radio talk show host, charged these churches “have crossed the line from respect and tolerance, to … affirmation and endorsement.

lsanousi is National Community Outreach Director of the Islamic Society of North America. He says “allowing people the freedom of worship is respectful and strengthens the relationship.” Elsanousi says there are many churches and even synagogues in America where Muslims share space with Christians. “We feel good about it,” he says. (And so much easier to push out the non-Muslims when you’re ready).