Liberal Eurotrash handwringing over Denmark’s decision to tighten its borders against influx of African Muslim freeloaders

Germany and Sweden concerned over Denmark’s steps to implement stricter border controls, calling it a “scandal” that the government was ready to chip away at the Schengen Agreement in order to win the DF’s support for its welfare reform.

Copenhagen Post – The Liberal-Conservative government yesterday came closer to making a deal with the Danish People’s Party (DF) to increase border controls around the country in exchange for DF’s support for its 2020 budget reforms.

Under the Europe’s common border agreement, people are allowed travel within the so-called Schengen area without passport checks at national borders. “It’s a scandal that we in Europe are beginning to lock down our borders,” said the German Social Democratic MP Ulrike Rodust. The news that Denmark was ready to tighten its borders was also met with dismay by Swedish politicians.

Italy and France have proposed a return to passport checks – in defiance of the Schengen Agreement – in reaction to the influx of refugees from politically unstable North African countries.