UK MUSLIM says, “I’m gonna send that kaffir (infidel) bitch straight to hell.”

And he did! White teenage mother stabbed to death and dumped in canal after having baby with married Muslim.

This girl was a slut, but let her be a lesson to any other white girl thinking of getting involved with any Muslim man.

UK DAILY MAIL (H/T to all who sent it in) -A white teenage mother was stabbed repeatedly and her body dumped in a canal after she clashed with the Muslim family of her lovechild, a court has heard. Laura Wilson, 17, had a brief relationship with Ishaq Hussain, 22, who lived close to her before giving birth to their daughter in June last year.

Sheffield Crown Court was told that Hussain failed to acknowledge the child as his own and did not offer any support, leading to friction between Laura, her family and Hussain. Things came to a head last October when she went to Hussain’s house and told his family he was the father of the child, prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC said.

Hussain and his friend, who also had an affair with her and was said to be her first love, plotted to kill her, it is alleged. They adopted the language of the cult British film ‘Four Lions’ about Islamic terrorists and mounted a ‘mission to kill Laura Wilson’, said Mr Campbell. Asghar allegedly sent a text message to Hussain which said: ‘I’m gonna send that kaffir bitch straight to hell.’ ‘She was a loose cannon and they had to get rid of her,’ he said.

Hussain, of Ferham Road, Rotherham, and Ashtiaq Asghar, also from Rotherham, deny murdering Miss Wilson some time between October 8 and October 11 last year.The teenage student went missing from her home in Holmes and her body was found two days later in a canal. Mr Campbell told the jury: ‘The two defendants are jointly responsible for her murder.’

Rotherham, Yorkshire canal in which her body was found

 Mr Campbell said Hussain continued to ignore the daughter as his. ‘Laura Wilson wasn’t seeking a relationship being in love with Asghar she was seeking some support for her daughter.’ . He was also annoyed that Laura had threatened to ‘grass’ him to his family. Laura then took matters in to her own hands and went to see the Asghar and Hussain families to tell all.

Laura told Asghar’s mother she loved her son and ‘wanted to have babies’ by him but the mother became angry and hit Laura with a shoe. She said he would never have a baby with a white girl and called her ‘a dirty white bitch who opens her legs.’ Laura then saw Hussains’s family and told them she had given birth to his baby.

In the language of the film Asghar said: ‘I will make a show and make some beans on toast’ – a reference to the carnage after a bomb blast, said Mr Campbell. It was clear the references to ‘unbelieving kaffir b*****ds’ referred to the ‘mission’ to kill Laura.