Afghan madrassas teach students to hate America

So much for winning hearts and minds. Might as well let the Taliban take over now, they will as soon as we leave anyway.

CNN – (H/T Susan K) – And they bring their sons, clutching tattered copies of the Quran, for lessons in hate at a religious school in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. It is a scene repeated day after day, as it has for centuries. The boys are following a path set by their fathers and their fathers before them. Their imam — or teacher — arrives. 

Some begin to beat their chests with fierce devotion. In this way, the imam says the boys will come to memorize the Quran until they can repeat the verses by heart. Girls are banned from their school. They tell me women should be behind doors at home. For them to go outside without a veil, they say, is filthy.

It is typical of such hard-line madrassas — schools that gave birth to the Taliban have often been a breeding ground for suicide bombers and continue to flourish today. The message of faith and God is mixed with a hatred of anything outside their own world. The boys have been raised on a steady diet of anti-western propaganda. They are taught to fear outsiders and reject anything but the strict teachings of Islam.

It’s a message they get straight from their teacher, the imam himself. “God says we can never be friends with unbelievers. What do they know of our religion? We can never be friends,” he says.

These boys, at such a young age, already have an enemy: the United States. Tomorrow at dawn they will be back to that same mosque to hear how God is on their side.

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