GLENN BECK invites you to the ‘Restoring Courage’ event in Israel in August 2011

This summer it is time to Restore Courage. Taking a stand is not always easy, but now more than ever it is imperative that we live with conviction and do the right thing. It is time for us to courageously stand with Israel.

God Bless Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck (H/T Dr. Bonus) -“I invite you to join me in Israel this summer to stand together and show the world what living a life of faith and honor really means. I invite you to join me in my quest to Restore Courage,” Glenn said.

On radio, Glenn said, “We have gone to the capitals of our states and to the capitals of our government.  We have talked to all the power brokers.  The only power broker, the only seat of government that can and will solve this problem with or without us is God.  It is time to return inside the walls that surround Jerusalem and stand with people of all faiths, all around the world,”

“In August, whether I’m there with seven people or 10 people or there alone, I will be counted and I will stand.  I ask you to join me.  I also ask you to take this message globally, to take this to every corner of the earth.  If you have family living overseas, this is not an America solution.  This is a people of faith solution.  This is a people all over the world solution.  I ask you to help get this word out.”

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