Palestinian ‘NAKBA’ Day? What about Jewish ‘NAKBA’ Day?

All the liberal handwringing over the so-called Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe of the creation of the Israeli State) conveniently ignores the catastrophe of the 900,000 Jews who were ethnically cleansed from Arab lands after 1948, and all their property stolen from them by the Arabs. When Jews get billions in dollars of their property back, they might have a reason to talk with the Palestinians. Until then, fuhgettaboutit.

This is the typical Muslim propaganda heard around the world yesterday.

This is the story that nobody heard. The term “Jewish Nakba” is sometimes used to refer to the persecution and expulsion of Jews from Arab countries in the years following the creation of the State of Israel, a long line of slaughters, of pogroms, of property confiscation and of deportations against Jews in Islamic countries.

This chapter of history has been left in the shadows. Irwin Cotler, a Canadian MP and former justice minister in Canada, has said there is no legal or moral basis for the Palestinian demand that the Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to Israel. The Arab League rejection of the 1947 Partition Plan and its war against the new born state of Israel was responsible not only for the estimated 550,000 Palestinian refugees but also for the some 1,000,000 Jewish refugees who were driven out of Arab countries after their property and assets were sequestered. Although much is heard about the plight of the Palestinian refugees, little is said about the Jews who fled from Arab states. In 1945, there were more than 870,000 Jews living in the various Arab states. Many of their communities dated back 2,500 years. Throughout 1947 and 1948 these Jews were persecuted. Their property and belongings were confiscated. There were anti-Jewish riots in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq. In Iraq, 

And of course, the ragheads were out in force in New York City, calling for a third intifada with the destruction of Israel and a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.” Notice the signs from the requisite self-hating Judenrats who also hate Israel.

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