Want ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT 2012? Perhaps you can help.

Allen West for President 2012

A message to all members of Allen West for President 2012

Help Draft Congressman Allen West to run for President.

Allen West has stated that he needs the blessing of the people that hired him in November of 2010, before he will consider running for higher office. Because he is a man of honor, he will not simply cast his constituents aside. His word means something to him, and we would not have it any other way.

Congressman West is not the one we need to convince to run, it is the people that hired him in 2010. We have come up with a plan to reach out to his constituents. And this is where you can help.


Volunteers will be doing the following…

1. A list of names and addresses will be sent to you (these are people that voted in the Congressmans district last Nov).

2. A short letter to his constituents asking them to release him from his obligations to them, and further instructions, will also be sent to each volunteer.

3. Each Volunteer will run off copies of the letter. Then address envelopes, insert letter, seal, and then mail to each recipient.

4. Each Volunteer will decide on their own how many names they receive, and therefore, how much they are willing to invest in this campaign.

Since each volunteer will have to invest their own time and a small amount of money, it is up to each volunteer to decide how many names you can send. We do not want to put an undue hardship on anyone. If you can only do 15-20 names, that’s fine, we simply will have to find more Volunteers.

The list of names that we have purchased are of people that voted in the last election, and they are names of people that are only from Congressman Wests own district. THESE ARE THE EXACT PEOPLE WE NEED TO REACH OUT TO!

Let’s get the people of Florida’s District #22 to release Allen West to run for President!

We have 54,000 names and addresses to reach out to. We can make this happen. We can draft our modern-day George Washington.

If you want to Volunteer for this historic project, simply email david@americasteapartynews.com Put the word “Volunteer” in the subject line and state in the email how many names you want to receive. We will get back to you with instructions.

God Bless.

David Swanson

Visit Allen West for President 2012 at: ALLEN WEST 2012