HOORAY AUSTRALIA: Government rejects Muslims’ demand for “a little” shari’a law

Yet, the Obama Regime is in court fighting every state that is trying to pass anti-shari’a legislation.


Australia says NO: Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told to get out of Australia, again, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. Australian Muslims are angered that some Australian government officials support spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques. ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT.. Take It Or Leave It.

AU NEWS – THE GILLARD Government has quickly moved to block calls for sharia law to be introduced in Australia.

In its submission to the parliamentary inquiry into the government’s new multiculturalism policy, The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has called for Muslims to be granted “legal pluralism”. It argued a mild brand of sharia should be allowed in family law and divorces, promising it would fit in with Australian values. (A MILD brand of shari’a is like being a little pregnant)

But Attorney-General Robert McClelland stomped on the request today arguing there was no “place for sharia law in Australian society” and that the government strongly rejected any proposal for its introduction.

“As our citizenship pledge makes clear, coming to Australia means obeying Australian laws and upholding Australian values,” Mr McClelland said. He also argued Australia’s brand of multiculturalism promotes integration. “If there is any inconsistency between cultural values and the rule of law then Australian law wins out,” he said.

Mr McClelland is keen to assert Australia’s position as a “stable democracy” where “rule of law” underpins society. “People who migrate to Australia do so because of the fact that we have a free, open and tolerant society where men and woman are equal before the law irrespective of race, religious or cultural background.”

 The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils had in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the government’s new multiculturalism policy argued that Muslims should enjoy “legal pluralism”.

In an interview with The Australian, the organisation’s president, Ikebal Adam Patel, who wrote the submission, nominated family law and specifically divorce as an area where moderate interpretations of sharia could co-exist within the Australian legal system.

In the submission, the AFIC acknowledges some Muslims believe Islamic law is immutable, regardless of history, time, culture and location.  The AFIC argues this is not the case and sharia can be applied in a way that fits in to Australia and is not extreme. (Nah uh, give then an inch, they’ll take a head)

“This means most of the regulations in Islamic law may be amended, changed, altered, and adapted to social change … Islamic law is changeable according to the requirements of different places and times, and therefore suits the values shared by Australian people,” the submission says. (CRAP!)

A hardline reading of sharia confers unilateral divorce rights on men, while women who initiate divorce are stripped of their property and financial entitlements. A more moderate interpretation and common practice in Islamic countries is to recognise divorce by mutual consent. (The is no moderate Islam. Period)

In the interview, Mr Patel said: “I’m saying that instead of letting the extremists within Islam take over the agenda, we are saying there is a path whereby it will work for all the communities in a moderate way.(Islam is Islam, in all its extremism, according to honest Muslims  when you can find one)

“It is important for someone who is Muslim or a practising Jew that aspects of our religion which can be incorporated within the greater legal system are introduced.  This is about personal issues about family, and won’t affect any other Australian,” he said.(Not yet, anyway, give it time)

In its submission to the inquiry, the AFIC says criticisms of sharia as being biased against women and treating them as second-class citizens are wrong.  “It is important for Muslims to seriously consider this criticism,” the submission says. “But it is also important for the Australian government to respect the rights of Muslim women who want to keep and maintain the way they dress, eat and interact with others, as long as such behaviour does not inflict harm to others … It takes two to tango.”

Mr Patel says the AFIC, as the peak body of Islamic organisations in Australia, “strongly supports that multiculturalism should lead to legal pluralism . . . and twin tolerations”. (Throw this bastard out of the country, he is a traitor)

The submission cites regulations governing Islamic finance and halal certification in Australia as examples of how legal pluralism can work. (Bite me)