Leftists and IslamoFascist sympathizers agree: Tennessee’s ‘Anti-Muslim’ Bill is an American Disgrace! LOL

The state senator behind an anti-terrorism bill that Muslims say unfairly targets them distributed a video to lawmakers that accuses Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University and a Nashville mosque of tolerating Islamic extremists.

TENNESSEAN – Sen. Bill Ketron gave his 32 fellow senators a DVD that claims to show that Carlos Bledsoe, a Memphis man and convert to Islam accused of killing an Army recruiter, was radicalized in Nashville.

The video takes aim at a mosque that has played a prominent role in organizing opposition to his bill. It also raises questions about Ketron’s statements that his legislation is not meant to single out Muslims, opponents say. The video claims that Vanderbilt and TSU have turned a blind eye to “radical ideology” being taught in classes led by an instructor affiliated with the mosque. (They HAVE!)

Ketron distributed the video as state lawmakers are considering his Material Support to Designated Entities Act, which give the governor and the state attorney general new powers to shut down organizations that they deem to promote terrorism.

Opponents of Ketron’s bill say the video raises questions about the intent of the legislation. Critics say that by passing out copies of the video, Ketron appears to be trying to stoke fears of radical Islam on the eve of critical votes. (hopefully)

“The irony is it’s supposedly not an anti-Muslim bill,” said Hedy Weinberg, state director of the American Civil Liberties Union. “He’s said it had nothing to do with that particular community, but the video is filled with( factual) information that targets Muslims and other members of the clergy.”

HUFFPO – In a matter of days, Tennessee’s state legislature is expected to pass a bill ostensibly designed to combat radical Islamic terrorism in Tennessee known as the “Material Support” bill or HB 1353. While the bill has removed direct references to Islam or Muslims at the pressure of civil rights groups such as the ACLU and others, if it is passed, it will seriously harm our security by alienating our biggest allies in combatting homegrown terrorism: our fellow American Muslims. (HAH! Muslims provide little to no helpful information to the FBI)

 Last summer, Murfreesboro was rocked by a series of protests against a monster mosque building project that resulted in two hate crimes directed toward the 1,000 person Muslim community, followed by a national media expose by CNN called, “Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door.”

It’s important we understand the agendas and ideas that compose this movement to ban sharia in Tennessee and now more than 15 other states. (Notice how they say “ban shari’a” as if that’s a BAD thing) On a national level, David Yerushalmi, an ‘self-appointed’ expert in Islamic law and its intersection with Islamic terrorism and national security, wrote the original bill that serves as the template for each of the bills. Yerushalmi’s organization, the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE) is deemed a “hate group” by multiple civil rights groups including the Anti Defamation League. SANE’s founding mission is resonantly white supremacist as it declares that historically America was “the handiwork of faithful Christians, mostly men, and almost entirely white.” (So now being anti-shari’a law is white supremacy? These liberal traitors disgust me)

Yerushalmi and his associates at the Center for Security Policy have published a recent report, “Sharia and the Threat to America,” that has served as the basis for anti-sharia bills currently under vote or review in more than 14 states. In a 2007 report, Yerushalmi wrote on homegrown terrorism in the American Muslim community, called the Mapping Sharia Project, he urged Congress to declare war on the “Muslim nation,” which he defined as “Shari’a-adherent Muslims,” and further asked Congress to define Muslim illegal immigrants as alien enemies “subject to immediate deportation.” (Most Muslims SHOULD be deported)

A right-wing citizen group called the Tennessee Eagle Forum was the first group to push the bill into the state legislature. In a recent video produced by the group, “Losing Our Community,” they conflate all Tennessee Muslims with Islamic theocracies in Iran and Saudi Arabia, and seek to smear Muslim leaders in Tennessee with radical clerics such as Anwar Awlaki, without providing any tangible evidence of this association. (MOST Muslim leaders greatly admire and respect Awlaki by their own admission)

While Yerushalmi and his associates seek to institutionalize a series of Islamophobic bills into state legislators, American Muslims are left on the sidelines feeling isolated and alienated. (I don’t see anyone stopping them from leaving if they don’t like it here)

Dr. Sherman Jackson, a respected scholar of Islam (notice how every time they mention a scholar of Islam they ALWAYS say “respected” scholar but anyone who is anti-Islam is called a “self-appointed” expert)  at University of Michigan, points out that most Muslims tend to speak not of sharia but of fiqh, which literally means “understanding” and underscores the distinction between God’s prescriptions on the one hand and the human attempt to understand these on the other. 

While the common translation, “Islamic law,” is not entirely wrong, it is under-inclusive: Sharia includes scores of moral and ethical principles from honoring one’s parents to helping the poor to being good to one’s neighbor. In most all laws, sharia prescribes no “earthly punishments” for those who violate the dictates. Reward and punishment in these areas are the preserve of God in the Afterlife. (Except for all the earthly Islamic punishments we’ve seen right here on this blog that include honor killings, stonings, limb amputations, hangings, floggings, beheadings, to name a few. Who the hell do they think they’re kidding? Oh that’s right, the Left)