OBAMA THUGS disrupt church group speech on the importance of supporting Israel

A sermon by Pastor John Hagee, of San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church, recently came under attack by left wing Islamic terrorist-sympathizers as he preached on Christians being united for Israel.

A group of community organizers entered the Texas church prepared to disrupt the service, as Hagee spoke about the moral imperative of supporting Israel. In an uproar of chaos, the protesters cried out such questions as “how many acres of land have you stolen?” and “how many children have you killed with your tithe?” Glenn Beck says the answer would be “none.”

In total, 11 people — claiming to protesting in the name of free speech — received criminal trespassing warnings. But on today’s Glenn Beck program, Beck disagreed with their claims, saying that he believes they spoke out not in free speech but rather with the intent to bully and prevent the free speech of others.