As Obama forgives $1 billion in Egyptian debt, New York’s Coptic Christians beg him to make Egypt stop slaughtering the Copts there

The plaintive cries of “Stop Killing Christians in Egypt!” “We Need Justice” and “Why, Why Must we Die?” were heard from the UN to the Egyptian Mission on east 44th street. WHEN will the killing stop? WHEN will the media & President Obama admit that the Copts are being murdered, their churches burned? WHY? Because they are Christians. No other reason.

The Silent Majority – This is a not a clash between two faiths…the Copts are at the mercy of the Islamic thugs . They are being driven out of Egypt, murdered BECAUSE they are NOT Muslim. Kafirs. WHEN, President Obama, will you demand that this genocide of the Copts END!? WHY, WHY MUST THEY DIE!!