Awwww, wave of horrific anti-Muslim hatred hits Greece. Does anybody care?

“I just got back from a study trip to Athens, Greece, and it was definitely an interesting experience. Although my specialization is gender, the trip ended up being more about Muslim migration and race-relations in Greece.”

by Sara, (bleeding heart liberal Muslim-sympathizer) (via. her website: Neocolonialism and its Discontents)

Before we went there, we had no idea that Greece is having a huge immigration problem. (A problem for the Greek people who are forced to support these indigent Muslims and must suffer the effects of Muslims rioting in the streets because they aren’t getting everything they want fast enough. The only thing they should get from the Greek government is a one way ticket out of there)

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Awwww, look how what the unwanted Muslim invaders get treated in Greece. So why don’t they leave?

–Mosques are not allowed to be built in Athens, which means that there are only informal mosques in basements.
–Over the past few years, right-wing Greek people have trapped Muslims inside these informal mosques and then thrown petrol bombs inside, killing everyone.
–The second day we were there, a Greek man was robbed and then killed by 3 “dark-looking people” who were assumed to be immigrants. Later that night, neo-Nazi TV channels (yes) and blogs called for Greek people to go out and attack and beat immigrants.
–The next day over 17 immigrants ended up in the hospital after being stabbed.
–There was also a clash between the left-wing and the police, who are overwhelmingly right-wing (surprise, surprise).
–There is a huge back-log in terms of applications for legal status as a migrant, and some have to wait up to 20 years. Thus they can be arrested at any time, and they are kept in 2-by-2 cells with no toilets, little food, and no dignity.
–There are reportedly 2 million undocumented migrants (illegal alien invaders) in Athens, who are now at risk of being attacked.

While Athens is certainly extreme, these discourses can be found all over Europe now, including the Netherlands. Anti-Islam rhetoric has become so widespread and acceptable, it is no surprise that in some countries, like Greece, it has led to violence.

Some feminists criticize porn because they say it leads to violence against women, since it objectifies and dehumanizes them. The same can be said about discourses on Islam in Europe today. By dehumanizing, stigmatizing, and insulting Muslims, violence is only a few steps away.

Why must Muslim asslifters foul the streets of their every host country they are in?

And why exactly is Greece allowed to have a neo-Nazi channel if it is a member of the EU? Honestly, the EU needs to stop criticizing other countries when it has members who 1) have neo-Nazi media outlets, and 2) do not allow Muslims to build places of worship.

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7 comments on “Awwww, wave of horrific anti-Muslim hatred hits Greece. Does anybody care?

  1. This whining islamophile complains about neo nazis being allowed to have to channels etc when muslims fly the nazi emblem, wave signs with We Love Hitler on them. Talk about a double standard.

  2. wow, you poke any religion they should fight back, they mock Jesus in cartoons and Muslims stand against it while the Christians don’t do nothing when you mock Muhammad obviously they will stand up to that as well, you don’t make dumb faces and irritate the lion and expect calmness you’ll get it angry and once it angry you go “oh look how violent that lion is oh my gosh!”.. Have you studied Islam? the Quran? the Hadith? the life and teachings of Muhammad? ..You clearly haven’t. I’ve never seen so much ignorance in my life, grown men making stories.. pathetic. Grow up.

    • Yep, we have read the quran hadiths and the hate and racism, the violence commanded against all non muslims, the reason we hate islam and will fight this evil to the death, got it.

  3. These “human rights” activists would do better to go and protest against the racist genocide Mohammedans are enacting against Africans who will NOT be slaves to “Allah;” or on the behalf of women who are being abused, raped, murdered, and otherwise mistreated by Mohammedans everywhere.

  4. Thank God, Greece holds on and does not allow the asses to build their mosques!
    Strange thing – the front-line states (Greece, Spain, Italy) most severely plagued by the muslime pests have to deal with these illegals on their own. Where are all these “human rights activists”, tolerasts, multi-culti-idiots and other trash who were screaming for MORE MUSLIMS in Europe.
    Let them pay now for what they have done.
    Or is it a usual cheating – they are the first to lick muslim asses, but when it comes to kicking the same asses – no, guys, do it yourselves, and preferebly in a most polite and tolerant way.

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