NETANYAHU says “NO” to the Muslim-in-Chief’s genocidal Hamas-approved ‘peace’ plan

Israeli’s have dubbed Barack HUSSEIN Obama the new Yassir Arafat. Responding to Obama’s Middle East speech fiasco, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will NOT be withdrawing to the 1967 borders as part of a peace deal with the Palestinians.

YNET NEWS – The PM said that Israel appreciates the president’s commitment to peace, but added that he expects Obama to reaffirm US commitments to Israel from 2004. According to the pledges made by then-President George W. Bush, the Jewish state will not be asked to retreat to the 1967 borders and large settlement blocs will remain in Israel’s hands.

In campaign mode in 2008. the Liar-in-Chief said “Jerusalem must remain undivided.”

“Israel believes that in order for peace to prevail, the establishment of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of the State of Israel’s existence,” a statement issued by Netanyahu’s office said. “The Palestinians, and not only the United States, must recognize Israel as the Jewish people’s nation-state.”

 The prime minister also stressed that President Bush’s pledges were meant to reinforce Israel’s Jewish character, by making it clear that Palestinian refugees will be taken in by Palestine and not by Israel. “Without a solution to the problem of refugees by settling them outside Israel’s borders, no territorial concession would end the conflict,” Netanyahu’s statement said.

JPOST – Barack Obama adopted the staged plan for Israel’s destruction of Yasser Arafat, and he is trying to force it on our prime minister,” said Likud MK Danny Danon. “All that was new in the speech was that he called for Israel to return to 1967 borders without solving the crisis. Netanyahu has only one option: To tell Obamaforget about it.” 

National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari also slammed Obama’s speech, calling it “a landmine with pretty wrapping.” Environment Minister Gilad Erdan, who as a minister close to Netanyahu must be more diplomatic, complained on Channel 2 that according to Obama’s approach, the Palestinians would receive their demands on borders before negotiations begin. “Once they have everything from the start, they have no reason to make any concessions,”Erdan said.