MEDIA MATTERS self-hating Jew bastard calls Benjamin Netanyahu a “terrorist”

Media Matters Senior Foreign Policy Fellow MJ Rosenberg unleashed a stream of anti-Israel vitriol today, calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “terrorist” and accusing pro-Israel activists of being un-American.

It’s amazing how many Jew-hating Jews love the Muslim, Barack Obama 

Obama with MJ Rosenberg

Big Journalism – As Netanyahu gave a stern but statesmanlike response to President Barack Obama’s speech yesterday, Rosenberg could not restrain his hatred. It was the latest, and the worst, anti-Israel attack by Media Matters’s foreign affairs head.

He also attacked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the large pro-Israel lobby organization whose annual Policy Conference begins this weekend, accusing it of disloyalty to the United States:  ”Saying AIPAC is guilty of dual loyalty is giving it credit for one more loyalty than it holds.”

Everyone knows that Media Matters is President Obama’s PR department, so Rosenberg’s anti-Israel bigotry is particularly telling, and troubling. Rosenberg’s statements are also an indicator of how the left will try to persuade pro-Israel voters to support Obama in 2012, despite his poor record.

They will attack Netanyahu, and use Saul Alinsky tactics to try to marginalize AIPAC, an organization very much in the mainstream. They will also try to scare Jewish voters into thinking that voting against Obama is voting against America.

Ironically, Rosenberg’s comments about pro-Israel Americans echo those of Pat Buchanan, who frequently attacks AIPAC and American Jews in terms regarded as anti-Semitic.

Will Media Matters expel the bigot in its midst? (Not in a million years)