US News & World Report wants to know if Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Courage’ event in Jerusalem will be bad for US policy?

Well yeah… will be bad for the current US policy of ‘Go to Hell, Israel.’

US NEWS – MSNBC’s Rachel MadCow was not thrilled by this announcement, particularly in light of the on-again-off-again peace talks in the region. “Whatever your own politics are on Israel and the Palestinians, everyone can agree that this particular moment in the Middle East is even more delicate than usual,” she said on her show. “In terms of America not helping matters in the Middle East, what could be worse than Fox News exporting its end-of-the-world conspiracy theorist who sees communists and George Soros as a Jewish puppet master in everything? What American export could be less helpful to the Middle East than that?”

Glenn Beck responds, “If our U.S. policy is to divide the Middle East or not stand with the Jews, yeah. Yep,” Glenn said. “I hope so.” Glenn said that if standing with our biggest ally in the Middle East means US policy gets disrupted, he’s all for it. Is US policy to see a two state solution? “Divide Israel up, cut it up?  Which basically will kill it?  I mean, help me out on that,” Glenn said. “I’m going over, and what is the message?  Have courage.  Stand with those Jews that are always persecuted.  Look at what’s coming.  Stand with Israel.”

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