GREAT NEWS! The Anti-Islam Movement in America is spreading and expanding

And the Muslim terrorist supporters and their liberal pals in America are getting very uncomfortable. Please note this is written from a left wing viewpoint in cahoots with terrorist front group CAIR.

WV GAZETTE – A few fanatic U.S. Christians have murdered doctors and nurses at abortion clinics — but no thinking person would blame all of Christianity for the crazed acts of a tiny fringe. However, some people try to blame America’s millions of peaceful Muslims for suicide massacres by a minuscule number of fanatical “martyr” volunteers. Accusers portray all Islamic believers as dangerous — as secret holy warriors undermining U.S. democracy.

Republican presidential aspirant Newt Gingrich boosted this alarm when he denounced plans for a Manhattan mosque, and when he said Muslims want America to adopt the “sharia” religious law that requires stoning and chopping off hands and feet.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., fanned the flames when he held congressional hearings last month into allegations that terrorists are recruited in U.S. mosques.

Currently, conservatives in 20 states are backing laws to forbid courts to employ sharia — although no U.S. judge ever considered such a thing.

In Texas, the far-right state board of education voted to ban textbooks that include “pro-Islamic, anti-Christian half-truths and selective disinformation.” Good grief — what school publisher would issue such a book?

In Detroit, two groups attempted to buy bus ads denouncing Muslim “honor killings.” When the bus line refused, the groups sued and won the right to display their message. Detroit appealed the verdict.

In Temecula, Calif., protesters picketed a high school that taught about Islam in a social studies class. Opponents called the class “brainwashing.”

In South Dakota, a Homeland Security conference featured a speech by Walid Shoebat, who claims he was a Palestinian terrorist as a youth, but was converted to Christianity. Shoebat now says Islam comes from the Antichrist, and President Obama is “definitely a Muslim.” Shoebat addresses many such Homeland Security seminars.

A Maine think-tank, Political Research Associates, issued a report titled “Manufacturing the Muslim Menace.” It says various anti-Islam groups provide paid speakers for Homeland Security assemblies, warning police of a “stealth jihad” threat in America. The report says:

• “Public servants are regularly presented with misleading, inflammatory and dangerous accurate, timely, and security-minded information about the nature of the terror threat. A vocal and influential subgroup of the private counterterrorism industry markets conspiracy theories the facts about secret jihadi campaigns to replace the U.S. Constitution with sharia law, and effectively impugns all of Islam … as inherently violent and even terroristic.”

In Washington state, Everett Community College scheduled lectures on “Islam in America.” The first session included a leader of the pro-Muslim Council on American Islamic Relations — which triggered national protests from anti-Islam groups. The second session featured Raymond Ibrahim of the Muslim-hating Middle East Forum, who says all Muslims are pledged to seek Islamic control of the world, and to hide their intentions. An even-worse national protest arose.

MSNBC said all these clashes reveal “a kind of holy war for American hearts and minds.” What a mess. Can’t we all just get along? America is a melting pot of many different peoples, and all must learn to coexist. Smearing one religious group is a formula for hate and trouble.(Getting rid of Islam in America is a formula for safety and security)