OH, BOO HOO! Another chubby Muslim convert girl whines, ‘Americans aren’t giving Muslims the respect we deserve’

In a letter sent to Barack Hussein Obama, Kari Ansari states, “While I appreciate your encouraging statements to the people of the Muslim world (and your dissing of the state of Israel), I couldn’t help feeling that many Americans are not setting the example of which you spoke when it comes to our own Muslim citizens.”

HUFFPO  Currently, 20 states have introduced anti-Muslim legislation, with more pending (a LOT more, hopefully). Some of our country’s lawmakers and politicians have made very bigoted inflammatory (Yes, the truth always creates Muslim outrage) comments about Muslims and Islam. Very recently, Tennessee, under extreme pressure, rewrote a bill that would have made it a crime punishable by 15 years (ONLY 15?) in prison for Muslims to worship together in groups of two or more. Organized groups are staging hate rallies against Muslims building houses of worship around the country (And still, you don’t get the message that Islam isn’t welcome here?).

Local municipalities are playing the zoning game by zoning Islamic schools and mosques out of the community. (That’s right, people are so opposed to more mosques being built in their neighborhoods, they have to resort to banning all houses of worship). Mosque playgrounds are being torched. Muslim family homesproperty, and mosques are being vandalized. Children are being bullied and harassed because they are Muslim (Maybe, but that’s still 9 times fewer hate crimes than Jews are subjected to).

Shockingly, last week the Editor of the Gainesville Times in Florida published a letter that called for the expulsion of all Muslims from America. (An idea that’s time has come)  Recently, several Muslim clerics, and also a young Muslim woman were pulled off airplanes for no other reason other than they were dressed in recognizable Muslim attire. (Gee, maybe because virtually every time there’s an act of terror, there’s a Muslim name attached to it) This is all being seen through the modern technology’s “window into the wider world” that you mentioned in your speech, but like all windows, you can also look from the world outside and see what’s happening inside.

What does it say to the world when our President speaks about rights for people in the Muslim world that “include free speech; the freedom of peaceful assembly; freedom of religion” when our own people are being hindered from building mosques, and schools, and our right to worship freely is even being threatened? (It says that Americans are getting wise to the fact that homegrown Islamic terrorism has its roots in mosques)

Mr. President, Muslims in America know that you do not stand with this kind of bigotry and hatred (Except when its directed at Jews). During your announcement of the killing of Osama bin Laden you said,

As we do, we must also reaffirm that the United States is not — and never will be — at war with Islam. I’ve made clear, just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam. (And both were wrong, we ARE at war with Islam because Islam is at war with us)

We appreciated this statement, however, judging by the uptick in anti-Muslim incidents since the death of bin Laden, the words weren’t enough to resonate with those in America who feel threatened by their Muslim neighbors. (Yes, that’s because the actions of Muslims speak much louder than their words)

Mr. President, Muslims need your leadership, your strong voice, and your support in this regard. You are a friend to the world’s Muslims (He sure is, much to the detriment of our other allies in the rest of the world), especially those fighting for their freedom, but Muslims need your friendship here on our own soil. (You might be fighting for freedom, but you are putting in leaders who are oppressive Muslim  despots, ready to impose shari’a law) Anti-Islam bigotry is getting worse in America — not better. (Anti-Islam bigotry is the result of Muslims behaving badly)

In our home, we love and respect you as our President; will you show us the same love and respect as a patriotic American family by speaking out strongly against this growing trend of anti-Muslim bigotry? (The more he does, the faster the anti-Muslim movement grows)